Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by Relyt, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Relyt Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    Patty seems more and more grumpier each time we raid. This time, she would raise her "Welcome" sign in front of her face whenever someone wanted to take a picture/video of her. They [handlers] were all holding huge welcome banners across the sidewalks by the crosswalks so people had to all go around them. A guy with balloons came over to block our signs, and would follow the sign holders around, trying to block them as best he could. The banner holders would raise the banner to block a sign, then the sign holder would bring the sign down, only to have the handlers lower the banner again. Got some of that on video, pretty funny... reminds me of last year when Magoo had people moving back and forth in front of her sign all night.

    Tim was getting as close as he could to just about everyone with his camera, especially me. At least until AGP came by, then Tim was completely interested in boning AGP. He showed signs of this a couple of globals ago when he would do nothing but follow AGP all over the place with his camera.

    Pictures now, video later.

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  2. Relyt Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    Also, unexpectedly as we exited the 7th street metro station, there was a couple stress tables set up right at the intersection there. Got some video of that as well.

    Stay tuned :)
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  3. Kuusi Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    Well the raid, decent. THAT'S RIGHT I SAID IT DECENT!
    Well I met up with relyt at the pizza parlor in front of HGB, and anti then smurf showed up. So we decided to go to HGB, another femanon showed a couple of mins later then another anon, and hero showed up. HGB was dead so we decided to head over to the Auditors thing at downtown.

    Coming out of the subway entrance by the Macy's Plaza, an anon pointed at a stress table that was near the entrance. We all got happy since Xenu blessed us with this and quickly ran over there.

    I gave my stuff to an anon so it would look like I was a nobody and your average joe, and decided to take their stress test. So I asked what was this all about and the person at the stress table said "come on sit down relax, I'll tell you all about it!". He seemed so extatic for me to sit down. So sitting down, I introduce myself (of course with bogus info and background) and he also introduced himself. He handed me the tin cans from the e-meter and told me "grip them hard, just like you would grip the handle bar from a rollercoaster ride" Which I knew what would happen if I do grip it hard (for those that do not know, if you grip the cans hard, the E-meter arrow will go all the way to the right. Basically meaning you are stressed and need "help", grip it faintly and meter arrow just drops horribly fast) after asking me questions he told he was surprised that I was not stressed. Then started noticing anons video taping me and other people, he started to break a sweat. He explained the dianetics book and then I asked him "so on the cover of the book, why those it have a volcano on it?" and he said "oh dont worry about that" I reacted odd, and he took notice. So I decided to leave and decided to give him a flyer about the stress test and he just looked at me with glaring eyes.

    Walking towards the Auditors event, a movie was being filmed. We got there and no anons where there except hero. We went towards a bridge on top, but there was security telling us to get off the property. So we had no choice to join up the handlers downstairs. A couple of minutes later, they showed with the most awesome tech, BALLOON TECH! and started following me around trying to block my sign, it made the anons chuckle since I made the handler walk around in circles. After that a femanon showed up and we saluted her.

    So about an hour or so I decided to have a sit down with hero, and he got up and I asked him were he was going, and he said "I'm going to go to that stress table that you guys mentioned earlier" I asked him if I can go with him and he said "sure!". We showed up and they were packing up :( SO we went back to the hotel.

    After texting an femanon how everything was going, I got a heads up that AO was inside taking pics of the event, and AGP was in front of the Hotel. Then the tustin Anons showed up brought some music and more signs which was very fond of them! (btw thanks guys! :) ) then AGP showed up screaming his lungs out like always. Then AO showed up, with a shirt saying "SOCAL <3's ME" and I asked him what it was about (which I knew what it was about but I was playing dumb). Then he got all defensive saying "OH ITS A JOKE JUST LIKE THE "I RUN THIS" SHIRT! DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO, I DO THINGS MY WAY AND IT WORKS!" I just told him "relax, im just asking what it meant, I dont want you to give me a life story about how you and why did you make it" and he just glared at me. Later on a femanon was holding up her sign and Martha and another handler blocked her with their own sign. She tried to go underneath the handler's sign and the Patty said "Oh Tim get that on camera, that is harrasment." Which was total bull since the handlers where there blocking her sign.

    Later on, AO was telling us to go to the front of the hotel, thats where all the action was at blah blah. Well after that little discussion, everyone was getting weary and decided to pack, a couple stayed behind and their side of the story yet needs to be told.

    TL;DR: not much happened just got handled, and AGP and AO bullshit was all

    Nite yall
    PS: pics and video should be posted up soon :)
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  4. amaX Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    Sounds like the protest was cool except for the usual crap from the A&A Bullshit Train. Can't wait to see more pix!
  5. RaddaRadda Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    It was fun protest...just wish knew more ahead of time. Hard to get a lot of people to downtown (note: Downtown in LA is not like downtown in normal big cities. )

    The regular handlers were present and Patty was her old loud gesticulating self...not the shrinking violet she has been for the last few months.

    Thank Jeebus Tustin anons came by! They added signs, attitudes and snazzy faux ideal org outfits.

    They made the raid a hell of a lot funner.
  6. the anti Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    i was entertained by this raid, better then last month. and i was being so mean to patty but not like i care anyways. i tried being cool with her before and she just became more a pain in the ass over time, so thats why i'm mean. she was also saying "you're all just going to get to WWP and just make fun of me more" in which she is right, HA!

    anywho, working on photos, video was also taken but that will be a while till its online
  7. the anti Member

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  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    Noticed the same thing @ bigBlue-Tim is hot for AGP vid. Sci lawyers desperate to build a harassment case against him, thinking that will cripple protests, lolol.
  9. Smurf Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

  10. suz1948 Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    Good videos Smurf, lots of bull baiting with Patty, she was in good form. The rest of Scieno's looked pissed off.
  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. XenuPhobic Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    The blonde looks hot...also the dracula outfit turns me on.

    Also AO looks like a creeper oggling the ladies.

    That is all.
  13. Relyt Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    Actually, I think he was disappointed that there weren't any girls under 18 there.

    Also, he got himself kicked out of the hotel for looking creepy by taking pictures of people :)
  14. amaX Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    LOL Was she really holding the welcome sign upside down? What's up with Scientologists failing at sign tech? Signs that don't even come near covering up doors and windows. Signs put up with not enough scaffolding so they say "Welco" not "Welcome". Signs held upside down because a Scientologist can't even be bothered to notice if they're holding it right side up.

    Failing at sign tech has got to be a sign that the end is near for this cult.

    The Anons in Ideal Org outfits are once again gorgeous and hilarious!
  15. Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

  16. Bob Loblaw Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    God yes.
  17. the anti Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    i don't think he was, just happened to be standing there at the time


    also i had what i think was a funny encounter with one scilon, lets call her dirty mouth because the bottoms of her top teeth had what looked like bad coffee stains. she was waiting to cross the street and i said to her "hey, your PC folders aren't confidential" and she just turns and yells at me "FUCK YOU!"
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    I think that he was mostly on really good behaviour. Sure, he had his silly shirt on, but he wasn't making a big deal about it, nor was anyone else. He did go onto private property a few times, but hotel security didn't seem to care and otherwise he was just a guy with a sign.

    AGP was also on pretty good behaviour imo. He was yelling, but it was the normal stuff "Scientology is a Cult", etc, not a big deal at all. In fact, I think he did something pretty excellent tonight.. we were told that we couldn't be on the sidewalk in front of the hotel because it's owned by the Hotel (they even have little plaques on the sidewalk proclaiming this). After a guard threatened AGP with arrest, he demanded to see a cop who explained that if we walked on the outter edge of the sidewalk we were fine.

    Thanks to AGP we got to walk around to the back of the hotel and enturbulate some of the scilons that were being bussed in (plus generally annoy the sci staff and hotel security). Kudos to him.

    The event was pretty tame, but we did a great job of getting our message seen to all of the cars pulling in to park. Thanks again to the fabulous Tustin anons for bringing extra signs! It woulda sucked without you. :)
  19. Relyt Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    Enough back-and-forth about AGP and AO, here's my video:

  20. Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    Get this thread back on topic, please.
  21. i'mglib Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    Still waiting for the photo of Smurf briefly holding the "Scientology Event Parking Sign" so the anguished Scilon could take a long overdue piss.

    PAC Base Security guard Jason True told Smurf if he held the sign for the guy, he'd let him relieve himself. Smurf took the sign while a nearby anon filmed away.

    It was only for a minute, though. Buddy Richardson, CC Security Chief flipped out & Jason freaked, and the anguished Scilon was forced to go back to holding his sign.

    Photo, please.
  23. Anon1720 Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    Can someone comment on the number of scientologists attending? Thanks
  24. the anti Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    gahh, can you use a different preview image please, thank you
  25. Donny Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    (also, please just dome the fail thread and all references to it. Thanks)
  26. amaX Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    Awwwww, the poor old balloon tech guy was so proud of himself at first. Sadly, he failed as all Scientologists eventually do.

    Good job, guise!
  27. Relyt Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    It'll change eventually, if you're talking about what I think you are.
  28. Smurf Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    He tried to block one of my camera shots and hit me in the face with his balloons. I informed him if I used Patty-tech, I would have had him arrested for assault and a hate crime, but I wasn't going to do that because he wasn't a retard like Patty.

    I watched him grimace & roll his eyes at Patty's pontifications, but he wouldn't comment. It's a sin to natter about another handler in Scientology, ya know.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day


    This gentleman looks familiar....
  30. Donny Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    At first I thought it was a different language, but then I realised it was just their fail tech
  32. Smurf Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    Thanks for that. I sent the link to your video to Tommy D. to inform him of the fine PR that Patty is giving the cult.

    I suggested to him, perhaps, if someone were to hold Patty Melt upside down, passerby could read the sign and blood nutrients would have a better chance to get to her brain.
  33. amaX Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    LOL too funny.

    have a couple of laughs on me.

    failed sign tech no. 1 from our protest on saturday sept. 12. as ClearwaterAnons jump on it in front of the coachman building the cult puts one sign up to try and cover the double doors.:


    here's lulzy failed sign tech no. 2 from our raid at ruth eckerd hall for blubtard's birthday 3/13/09. nudeanons are an added bonus here. it was a lot of fun yelling, &quot;Welco, Scientologists!&quot; while pointing at failed sign as Sci's sat in their cars waiting to turn. captive audiences are always fun. david &quot;shorty&quot; miscavige attended this event. i hope no one got smacked around for not putting up enough scaffolding for the sign.:

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  34. Smurf Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    Angry Gay Pope's video:

    Pretty good video until 3:12 then I went blind...
  35. bastet Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    The pope is back! AGP is sandpaper in the face of this fucking cult. Seems like the security guard has a problem speaking correct english.
  36. Relyt Member

    Re: Sept 12 - Los Angeles - Auditor's Day

    Here's some more stuff:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Auditor's Day "B-Sides"[/ame]
  37. AnonLover Member

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  38. RightOn Member

    Patty will prolly get in trouble for that classic move.
    handling again for her was brief

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