[Sep 5, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (Everywhere)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Anonymous666the5th, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Anti-Police day, or 'Plead the fifth' day, will be a way for all people, everywhere possible, to take back the power from police, even if they have nothing to hide. Starting on September 5th (or 11th, haven't decided.) my friends and I are going to swear to say NOTHING to any police officer under any circumstance, even if we have nothing to hide. These pigs need to learn who they work for, and remember that they aren't shit but a gun and a badge.

    I strongly urge everybody to make the 5th of every month a holiday of insubordination.

    Tell your local cop 'No, officer. I'm sorry, but you may not search my vehicle.' and 'No, you may not come inside.'... why? Because you have the RIGHT to, and why have a right if you never use it?
  2. HOC Member

    Hmmm not sure that will turn out too well for you guys, but yeah be safe. Dont do anything illegal! :)
  3. That's the point. You don't have to be doing anything illegal, and the police aren't gonna spend millions on getting a warrant for ever car, house and property they find. It will be a huge statement, if nothing else.

    I wanna know if anyone thinks it's a good idea?
    Peaceful protest right?
  4. Anonymous Member

    First off, What's the point of this? "to take back the power from police, even if they have nothing to hide." stupid

    Secondly, You have always had a right to say no, as long as the cop has no probable cause, the police officer will think litterally nothing of it.

    Thirdly, Are you telling people to go out and commit crimes/raise suspicion in order to be confronted and possibly searched? If not how do you plan to get their attention?

    In a nutshell, this is a pointless and dumb plan.
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  5. Can you just not read?
    First off, to tell a police officer NO is not illegal, nor is it 'stupid'.
    In fact it is EXACTLY what every Anonymous member is doing by claiming the name and right to be Anonymous.
    Of course we have always had the right to say no, but how many people actually DO it? Think not in wishes, but in realism.
    People are afraid and intimidated of people who WORK FOR THEM. The thousands of people randomly saying 'NO', getting their cars searched, and being found innocent will do a LOT of time, money and confusion damage to the police force, who would have no idea how to think or react to a situation like that. Why would you hide your personal property from your government, if you have nothing to hide? Right?

    I'm pretty sure that if it costs the police force money and time, it's as good as any other DDoS hacker's idea.

    And who the fuck are you to come on and talk shit, dude?
    At least I'm trying to do something.
    Throwing out ideas.
    It's a movement, after all. Revolutions take sacrifice. If you can't sacrifice to tell a pig 'No, you can't do that.' then don't call yourself a fucking revolutionary, or a freedom fighter.

    Besides, if you have an ounce of pot on you, and you're getting pulled over, it's not like saying 'No, you may not search my vehicle.' is going to be any better than 'Yes, officer, search my vehicle and find the pot so you can arrest me and abuse your power some more.'

    My bad, I forgot. If it doesn't work for someone who can't read properly without spewing a bunch of ignorant bullshit hate, without offering a better idea, then it must be pointless and dumb. Why don't you go take your judgement and high horse and go ride on over to the elite's side, since you're such an avid member... Mr. Anonymous.

    How do uh... most of those videos and stories start?
    Cops being told something they don't like, over-reacting, and being caught.
    Pull out a camera as soon as you get pulled over and say 'Officer, I'm going to be recording this entire conversation.'.

    And how many times have YOU told a cop no? Honest?

    We aren't a group, we're an idea, right?

    So if you don't like my idea... change it, help it grow... hivemind.

    Fuck, and you've been here since 2000?
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  7. Lenuxor Member

    Yeah I'm from Spain and i want to do this work okay i need propaganda for advertising this movement ;)
  8. Lenuxor Member

    I do not think is a stupid plan need only sit in front of the police station and you're holding signs saying "enough of insubordination" or something of the sort;)

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