[Sep 28, 2012] AGAINST BANKERS PAY (London, england)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by theA3591, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. theA3591 Member

    The bankers of Britain are corrupt, our banking service's fail and they still get there enormous pay check, what we are paying for using OUR taxes!
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  2. Anonymous Member

    there their

    They're all having their lunch over there. Not too difficult is it?
  3. Anonymous Member

    I fixed the grammatical errors in your post for you.
    Good luck with your plans to disrupt the City of London by protesting at the Bank of England during the London Olympic Games.

    I hear lemon juice helps to neutralize the effects of pepper spray.
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  4. theA3591 Member

    hmmmmmmm maybe go to the olympics instead but the security there seems a little intense
  5. Anonymous Member

    Yes, I'd be willing to bank on it.
  6. offtheflow Member

    The Olympics.. yet another distraction in the form of entertainment.
  7. Hola que tal a todos, saludos
  8. Random thought - the nice thing about the WWP changes a few months ago was that it inadvertently cleaned up a lot of the event clutter. You'd get these moonbat "events" that people would set to "repeat every month", and they'd sit there near the top of the screen for month after month with 0 responses and 0 participants. That shit was cluttering up the events list big time.

    I'm hoping there's some sort of way mods can take down events after they've finished running their course (if there ever was one). Like this thread... ogeyoj.gif
  9. anonymous612 Member

    SS, I think they said they were trying to fix it atm. I've noticed the same problem.
  10. Anonymous Member

    i say expose all corruption in government were suppose to be able to trust them and if one thing we need to stop voting for the Pearson and instead for what we want done
  11. ghost typer Member

    its not the bankers of Britain its not even the banks its the government and politicians they corrupt the government they take our money and don't give a shit about what its meant for all they care about is their ipads and holiday homes
  12. ghost typer Member

    i agree with rallying the banks because the newspapers might take notice and even if 1 person reads it and decides to research it their will be 1 more person in anonymous making the knowledge expand.
  13. Commercial first bank evicting black family with mortgage arrears on 5/12 at 9am at 42/44 kingsland road shoreditch
  14. Commercial first bank evicting black family with out mortgage arrears on 5/12 at 9am at 42/44 kingsland road shoreditch

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