[Sep 28, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Day of silence)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Dämon, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Dämon Member

    I had this thought when I was sitting in class today. Why don't we have a day of silence of those who have been killed by the Co$? This could be effective for students in either high school or college, but anyone could do it. You would simply walk around campus during class changes or lunch with a small sign. One side reads "I am observing a day of silence for the for the individuals who's lives have been destroyed by the Church of Scientology.". On the other side it has a QR code to It seems like a good way to reach out to the younger generation and inform them of the atrocities being preformed by the church.
    I am open to criticism and suggestions. This is my first time posting an event so I may not know how this works.
  2. Why on a Wednesday?
  3. Dämon Member

    Idk I was looking for a specific date like the day of Lisa McPherson's death but that is in December. If you want to suggest a better day I would be fine with changing it.
  4. In my locale, Saturday is a typical choice for a protest day. This in respect to the fact that many anons have Monday-thru-Friday responsibilities with work etc., IRL.

    Also, would it perhaps be more productive to examine the WWP forums in order to discover what a particular date might collide with?

    Most Anons are involved with at least a monthly protest in their locale. If too many protest dates show up for the same day and/or month, some Anons may not have much time for them all.
  5. Dämon Member

    See I had this planned so many Anons didn't have to go to the orgs and protest. They could simply go to work or school(more practical for schools) and not talk the entire day. They don't have to associate themselves with Anonymous they can just have a note that says you are observing a day of silence.
  6. What about the people that have jobs that require oral-verbal communication while they do their job?
  7. Dämon Member

    I am not forcing anyone to do this. I was basing it off of
    If you have to talk during the day for your job then it is better you keep your job by not participating.
    If you want to participate but have to talk then why don't you only talk when you have to. If it is your job to answer phones then don't talk unless you are answering phones. But when you are on break have something saying you are observing a day of silence.
  8. HellRazor Member

  9. Anonymous Member

    Wouldn't a day of speaking out be better?
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  10. vaLLarrr Member

    Lets have flyers with QR codes so folks can print them and hand them out at events Scilons will want to target.

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