[Sep 24, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (Austin, TX)

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    "When injustice becomes law resistance becomes duty"

    When you look around at the way the world is today, do you find yourself thinking “This is not how things should be!” ?

    Do you find yourself haunted by the fact that we as the people of this world can do better but that the vast majority of the human race seems to be blinded to what is going on around them?

    Do you just know that governments worldwide continuously (and maybe even purposely) fail to live up to their promises to we the people?

    If you have begun to question these things and realize that they are true , then you are part of a growing number of others who feel exactly the same. You are not alone. Those of us who know the truth are growing in numbers. We realize that we can no longer just sit back and hope that the constant failure and corruption of governments worldwide will change because we are voting for a good politician or a good senator or a good president or anyone else because the unadulterated truth is that WE must be the change we want to see.

    We are ANONYMOUS.

    Anarchist, Socialist, Libertarian--- whatever political belief you hold true doesn't really matter because if you can longer sit back and pretend that the world as it is right now is okay, then you are already a part of the idea that that true global freedom and unified humanity can exist.

    You are ANONYMOUS.

    Paperwork is being filed for a rally in Austin. Once approved, the times and dates for the rally will be announced. This is our chance to gather and speak the truth---- to let our numbers be known to our local government and to potentially open the eyes of our brothers and sisters who are blind to the truth around them.

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