[Sep 10, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Manchester, UK, M3 4BG)

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Skinnies, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Waffle~ Member

    huh? I'm sure skinnies would be happy to let you stay in my cage for a while.
  2. cfanon Member

    That's horrifying. Srsly.
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  3. Christfag Member

    Ok, seeing as I've never been to any type of protest and I can't really imagine it, I have a few of questions.

    The first of which is: What exactly happens? I've really no idea, will we stand around talking and occasionally shouting? I just wondered, that's all.
    The second is: (I know I've asked before but I'm being pressed for this answer so I need something to say) When will it end, roughly, any time between 2 hours will do! Or even better just around an hour!
    The third and final question is: When do we put on our masks? Starbucks? Just before we get to starbucks? When we walk down?

    Thanks in advance :3
  4. KiRiku Member

    1: we stand around hand out flyers, get cars to honk, shout random slogans
    2: idk around 4ish
    3: Starbucks a we walk to the org
  5. Christfag Member

    Brilliant. Wow, that's quite a long time! Is it considered rude to leave early?
  6. Fuckeye Member

    I'm going to assume you haven't been there when I have before.

    We'll be in the pub well before then.
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  7. KiRiku Member

    nope and quite possibly i have absolutely no idea. I have only been to one main raid and i was "intoxicated" so i had no idea what time we finished
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  8. Fuckeye Member

    Come whenever, leave whenever, take breaks whenever.
  9. Christfag Member

    That sounds good. The newfags that I'm bringing are half-hearted about the entire idea, so I thought if we left at the time that they wanted and walked around manchester, they would appreciate the experience more, especially seeing as they are doing the curtosy of giving me company.

    Also, sorry for the likely spelling mistakes I've made, I'm on arch linux and I haven't installed Chrome yet, so I don't have the luxury of being told when I'm supposed to go back and think for a minute.
  10. EightMachine Member

    A week left and we're only 7 pages in? Shit, dragon, you've been slacking.
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  11. Christfag Member

    I keep stumping him with my epic posts.
  12. SwordofTruth Member

  13. Waffle~ Member

    What do Christians think of furries? - Could be an interest conversation... Nope.
  14. cfanon Member

    I'm torn between the need to mock Christians and the need to mock furries.
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  15. SwordofTruth Member

    Noah's Ark ?
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  16. cfanon Member

    Oh man, the furries let onto a big boat of animals? Yeah, that'd certainly set off dragon's "animal cruelty" alarm...........
  17. Fuckeye Member

    Why choose just one?
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  18. Christfag Member

    I'm really glad to hear that instead of hating me for who I am or what I do, you'll hate me for my religion. Makes me feel warm inside.
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  19. Waffle~ Member

    Could be worse, at least you aren't a Jehovah's Witness....(Well, I'm hoping you aren't...)
  20. cfanon Member

    I realise you're trolling, but imma have to correct this anyway.
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  21. Christfag Member

    Fuck, of course I'm not, those stupid cunts. Beats being jewish too.
  22. Profanity Member

    I'm glad that you're glad. :D
  23. Christfag Member

    Thanks for the correction. Only half trolling anyway. You know what I mean.
  24. Profanity Member

    Half a reason for us to continue. ^_^
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Has anyone else noticed Cf's hand reaching for pew pew's ass in prof's picture?
  26. cfanon Member

    Reaching? I full on grabbed / spanked it after that photo was taken.
  27. True Leveller Member


    seeing as CF has stopped posting all the random stuff he stumbles across while brousing i'll take up the position
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  28. Profanity Member

  29. Waffle~ Member

    I blame call of duty multiplayer having no achievements. (And the fact that the other 17 of my accounts are suspended until the year 9999)
  30. cfanon Member

    I'd kick your ass at CoD multiplayer. Trufax.
  31. EightMachine Member

    Too bad the game sucks.
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  32. Profanity Member

  33. cfanon Member

    Profanity is just agreeing because she can't play it :p
  34. Profanity Member

    This is completely true. :D
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  35. Christfag Member

    Same with me. I like tf2, but you don't need to be even remotely good to be epic at that. xD
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  36. Waffle~ Member

    Orly? (Depending on what call of duty, if you mean blackops, skinnies will just fuck us all.)
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  37. cfanon Member

    Any. But I've not played any recently apart from blackops.
  38. Waffle~ Member

    Blackops is shit, I also just noticed that the anon post saying I fuck my dog, which skinnies denied was him.

    >Skinnies is the only person who knew I have a dog.
  39. cfanon Member

    lolol. It was me.
  40. Waffle~ Member

    How many people know I have a dog and that I have 4735 Gamerscore now?

    Also, skinnies seems to think that changing his steam name will hide him from search results, but your profile headline/bio or whatever they are are included too.

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