[Sep 10, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Manchester, UK, M3 4BG)

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Skinnies, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Jinuu Member

    I know, I'm just saying that whatever the happens, if your outlook on life is lulz, then it's all funny. "Mum, there are cyber-terrorists on the phone, lulz!"

    You can't go wrong when you feel good about anything.
  2. Waffle~ Member

    Yay, I'm bringing a newfag too, hopefully skinnies will swap him for me (they are both practically the same size).
  3. KiRiku Member

    well newfags and youngsters but yup, there is me, true leveller, jinuu, there was some newfag with like 5 people who missed last month, i'm bringing someone, jinuu says he is bringing people, and then there is waffle and skinnies who are young :. newfags
  4. Skinnies Member

    With a name like puddles I think not.
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  5. EightMachine Member

    Every raid is 80% newfags.
  6. Fuckeye Member

    You're all newfags.

    Are we done now?
  7. Skinnies Member

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  8. cfanon Member

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  9. SwordofTruth Member

    GH gut lol
  10. SwordofTruth Member

    District 13 films for parkour !
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  11. Skull Member

    y u no copy paste the established advice to give newfags ? o_o

  12. Jinuu Member

    Because he's an inventive dude, what's wrong with that, sorry if he/she is a she.
  13. Skull Member


    Lets try again:

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  14. Jinuu Member

    At least I haven't been completely corrupted by you all yet.

    *Looks at the dome.*

    I take back my previous statement.
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  15. strobe Member

    Completely corrupted means further corruption can't take place.

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  16. Jinuu Member

    I wasn't being literal.

    That double meaning was just epic.

    EDIT: Realized that the crazy rapist pedophile is liberal, not literal. Close to the most epic double meaning ever.
  17. SwordofTruth Member

  18. cfanon Member

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  19. Skull Member

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  20. cfanon Member

  21. Faggots!, Faggots! all around! D;
  22. Jinuu Member

    Because I joined.
  23. Waffle~ Member

    There you go, he can be your new bitch as well as your sock. (That means I'm free, yay.)
  24. cfanon Member

  25. Waffle~ Member

    rcqbtd.jpg - Dragonymous, do you happen to like bears?
  26. cfanon Member

    Camera make and model is an acceptable variable. So long as it works the same as in that video.
  27. Jinuu Member

    An indestructible bouncy camera. [trollface]
  28. Waffle~ Member

    *take photography, break my camera, have to use phone camera for rest of the course because parents won't buy me a new one*
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  29. Anonymous Member

  30. SwordofTruth Member

  31. SwordofTruth Member

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  32. cfanon Member

  33. cfanon Member

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  34. cfanon Member


    This is old, but relevant to protesting. Although more to do with governments and a big brother society. Also by my favourite comedian, she makes light of it in times but makes some really good points that I personally have similar views on.

  35. Circus Fag Member


    I can't ride a unicycle just yet, but I can juggle balls, clubs, rings, knives, and fire.
    I also do diabolo (my main discipline), devil sticks, contact juggling, a little bit of staff juggling, and a few other things.

    What kinda stuff can you do? I always like meeting fellow circusy people :D

    Also, you part of the university by any chance? Come over to the Circus Skills Society! I can PM you the where/when ^.^

    edit: also, sorry for the late reply :p
  36. Skull Member

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  37. Jinuu Member

    You can juggle FIRE?! What the fuck man, it isn't even a physical object, that's fucking cool. /troll

    Well, unicycling is pretty easy, I can only do 9/10 passes in juggling, and I can also do diablo too!

    I've never heard of the CSS, but sure, I'd love to, if you can when you're 15.

  38. cfanon Member

    You're a Christian. This puts me in a position more likely to dislike you.

    You just mocked circus and put him down by saying there is stuff you can do that he can't when you're years younger. This makes me like you a bit more.

    Not sure if want.

  39. Jinuu Member

    Seriously, you can ignore that I'm a christian, in all truths, nobody I know has ever been able to tell. It's a belief, not a personality.

    Grins at me being an epic uni-cyclist.
  40. cfanon Member

    If you do circus tricks at the raid lemme know and I'll film them.

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