[Sep 10, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Chicago, USA)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Strong Strength, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Winds of change


    A lot can change in a year. Last September, we were right in the middle of the legal debate about whether people have the right to demonstrate at the Scientology building in light of their "all-day every-day religious services. Some police were grudgingly shooing protesters away.

    This September? Different story. We're coming back to the org and there isn't a damn thing Scientology can do about it. Even their endless whining to the police has some cops openly calling their bitching a waste of taxpayer dollars. And Millennium Park is still good, clean fun. Feels good man.

    Please use this thread for the planning of the demonstration on Saturday, September 10, 2011. Questions, comments, bad jokes, and new people are all welcome.
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  2. Sooo... same plan as last few months? Org from 11-2 and the park from 4-7?

    Tunak Tunak Tun at 1:15 sharp at the org too? I say anyone who refuses to participate has to relinquish their Anonymous membership card.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Do you plan on doing both the org & Millenium Park?

    If so, times for each plz
  4. AIN Member

    How about a sign that says "We are back."
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Paladin Member

    Xander and I had a nice chat with the folks at the Chicago Commission on Human Relations this morning. This meeting was a result of CO$ accusations about our protesting at their org. I think we did a good job of letting them know that we are not hateful or angry protesters. I believe CCHR is planning on having a meeting with CO$ about what was said. I am looking forward to hearing the results of that meeting.
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  7. Dunno yet... that's kinda what this thread is about, trying to finalize that. We've been doing the org from 11-2 and the park from 4-7 the past few months. I'm happy to do it that way again, but we'll have to see if the others have any opinions on it. If nobody says much of anything, I assume we'll be doing the status quo.

    What did they say they had been told about you guys? Why did they send a representative to Xander's court hearing? Why were they so worried about bigotry and prejudice in the first place?

    Well, hold that thought - I think you should just make a new thread for this stuff, like in the Fair Game & Personal Experiences subforum. Even if it's just a few short anecdotes, people will find it interesting, and I don't want the juicy bits to get lost or mixed in with this thread.
  8. Darth Xander Member

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  9. Soooo... same plan as last month, then? Org 11-2, park 4-7? Cuz if you wanna do something else, I suggest you start campaigning fast before we get settled on something.

    Let's do something new and creative this month for fun, too! We could make it karaoke month! I want to do a team-style version of Still Alive with someone:

    (Person 1) Now these points of data make a beautiful line
    (Person 2) And we're out of beta; we're releasing on time
    (Person 1) So I'm glad I got burned
    (Person 2) Think of all the things we learned
    (Together) For the people who are still alive

    Is there a song that YOU would like to sing karaoke to?!?!?
  10. Anonymous Member

  11. Anonymous Member

    inb4 Domenic flies a remote-controlled plane into their building on the eve of 9/11 and tries to blame it on us
  12. Paladin Member

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  13. Like any of the others of us can sing either.

    Anyone wanna make another Mentos commercial this month?
  14. Calypso Member

    Strong, I'll do it but we'll have to work around the mask.
  15. take off your masks cowards. the entire neighborhood had been alerted about you now. your numbers shrink every month as more of your so called anonymous legion fade away. meanwhile we are expanding and help more people everyday.
  16. [IMG]
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  17. Darth Xander Member

    Can I raise a practical question at this point? Are we going to expect FreedumbCrusader at the September raid?
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  18. Calypso Member

    Nah, his bravado is false. He wouldn't dare show and reveal himself as being the individual that participates on our message boards.
  19. You have no idea how happy that made me finding out you know about that.
  20. ^ Dance it with me then, either at the org or at the park. I don't wanna be the only one, although I am fully prepared to solo that shit if necessary. 2ymukab.gif

    Re: Mentos, it'd be tricky to commercial with a masked lead, because I don't know if the viewer could identify with the main role very well. Doubly so since the Mentos themes are silent and heavy on the facial expressions and gestures. I'll have to give it some thought.

    Re: double event, this might be the last month for a while in which I feel like doing it. It started out as a one-time thing I was planning on doing for only a month, but I was having too much fun. I feel like it's a lot more doable in the summertime when there's more daylight, but that's gonna start changing. Plus, I worry about people burning out. Just my 2 cents.
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  21. Maps for any new people (cuz I guess we know the plans now):

    Event 1: Scientology building, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. This is at 3011 N. Lincoln Ave., towards the northwest part of the city. It's near a 6-way intersection of Lincoln/Southport/Wellington.


    Event 2: Millennium Park, 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. Right in the heart of downtown Chicago. We meet at the western edge of the park, at the intersection of Michigan Ave. and Madison St.

  22. Anonymous Member

    Will there be guitars for sing-along?
  23. vct3y0.jpg

    Serious answer, though, is no. Not unless you're planning on bringing one or something. Just a mini-boombox, but that's more than enough to have fun with.
  24. Darth Xander Member

    Hey guys, recognize anything in this vid? What are the odds?!?!?!

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  25. Needs more Wacky Cats and Right-On Futon!
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  26. BailOrgasm Member

  27. Darth Xander Member

    Thanks for posting, but our Scis are relatively sedate. Its the Anons you have to worry about. Especially Paladin.
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  28. BailOrgasm Member

    That is sort of the topic I was broaching. What sort of protocols are expected? What do we talk about, do we wear masks, do we print fliers? I am new, like I said, but this is a very important cause to me. In what way are the Chicago Scilons sedate? Do they just not care?
  29. Paladin Member

    Actually, some of us enjoy being filmed and answering questions about our protests. I believe in answering people honestly. I'm not going to concern myself about how they may twist my words. The truth will win in the end and their deceptions are a 'house of cards' that will collapse one day.

    But Xander is correct. The people at the Chicago org would rather avoid us than confront us.
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  30. Paladin Member

    Protocol? Be peaceful and obey the law.

    Talk about? Whatever you want. We believe in free speech.

    Masks? That's up to you.

    Fliers and signs? Don't worry. We have extras.

    Sedate? It's a cult. They don't want their members to hear the truth from us.
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  31. Calypso Member

    Welcome Bail!

    To gain a better sense of what the event will be like, check out the following links. If your time is limited, pay attention to the longer posts that recount what occurred and watch July's attached videos of the protest in action.

    This should give you a taste. If you want more, do a search on this site (with post game or follow up in the key words) and on youtube under e.g. "Scientology Anonymous Chicago" or skip the latter and just go to:

    See you soon!
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  32. Oh, I think they care a lot more than they would like to admit. As evidence, I give their constant attempts to harass us with frivolous or outright false calls to the police, or trying to paint us as hatemongers to the Chicago Committee on Human Relations.

    I wouldn't expect a lot of interaction with the actual Scientologists at the event, though. A lot of the lower-level ones have been fed a stream a lies about how we're dangerous ("spiritually", if not physically), and sometimes they're worried about getting in trouble if they talk with us. If necessary, other members will come out and herd them away from us ASAP, lest they hear something the cult doesn't want them to and risk having a seed of doubt planted in their minds.

    As for the higher-level Scientologists, I guess most have figured out that their expensive super powers are worthless in the real world and they can't "handle" us or "shatter suppression" or whatever.

    As you've probably figured out by now, these demonstrations are very open-ended in terms of setup. Don't do anything illegal or be a massive douchebag. Do have fun and define your own experience. We have plenty of resources in terms of signs and fliers and stuff, just could always use more warm bodies!
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  33. BailOrgasm Member

    Well that is a thrill to hear. I will see you guys there, with at least 2 friends. Thanks!
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  34. Mr. Shankly Member

    Hello, everyone. I am Mr. Shankly and I will be at the protest later today. I'll be the one in the mask.
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  35. Glaiveadder Member

    Wow it's late...

    Anyway, am hoping someone has a spare sign! Tried to make a "$cientology, it's worse than you think" one but it turned out really ugly.
    See everyone tomorrow, I will also be the one in the mask.
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  36. Dra Member

    Welcome to the new people! Yes, we have extra signs & there will be cookies :)
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