Senator Xenophon Questions Fair Work Ombudsman

Discussion in 'Senator Xenophon And Scientology' started by TinyDancer, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. TinyDancer Member

    The biennial senate estimates hearings took place last week in Canberra.

    The estimates hearings are an opportunity for senators to question senior executives in the government departments.

    Nick Xenophon took the opportunity to question the Fair Work Ombudsman, Nicholas Wilson, about issues relating to contracts of the Church of Scientology. The transcript became available today.

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  4. CarterUSP Member

    Any chance of TLDR version?
  5. xenubarb Member

    Bureaucrats trying to evade hard questions by spewing a lot of bumf.
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  6. Also, Xenophon is a pit-bull who has no time for their faggotry
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  7. tippytoe Member

    When Sen. Xenophon grills people, I get a warm and fuzzy feeling all over!

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  8. TinyDancer Member

    My interpretation of his "non-answers" is that he is being very careful not to prejudice any administrative decisions that he must make in relation to this investigation. If he were to express a view before hearing from both sides, that would be potential grounds to appeal his decision.
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    Bump, because this is buried in a sub-sub-forum
  11. greebly Member

    differentiate between an employee and a volunteer

    hmm i like this theme.

  12. Ann O'Nymous Member

    TL;DR Public officers refuse to present principles and criteria they intend to use. Law-makers are expected to trust their expertise and ad hoc judgement. Law-makers usually prefer principles and criteria the officers would then apply to specific cases.
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  13. I like what Nick is doing here. Scientology has been having their cake and eating it for a loooong time because there has been no politician asking the tricky questions.

    Are they volunteers?
    Yes. We don't need to pay minimum wage.
    Also no, they are paid enough to be granted a visa.

    Is Narconon secular?
    Yes. It has no connection with Scientology.
    Has Narconon been subject to clinical trials?
    No because it is religous.

    Is Scientology a religion?
    Yes, my local taxation authority, it is a religion.
    No, my Zionist brothers, in Israel, we are secular.

    If Nick is able to knit together a strategy with Fair Work and Immigration and get themon the same page, the Sea Org in Australia is potentially not going to be able to operate. No Sea Org, No Orgs in Australia. Just little missions. And then... a clear continent.
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  14. Anonymous Member
  15. Anonymous Member

    I love you, Mister Nick Xenophon!

    ((i can't thank you enough, you good guy))
  16. RolandRB Member

    I wish there was a Xenophon MP in the UK.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Hell, we wish there was a Xenophon in the US.
  18. xenubarb Member

    Anonymous Labs just needs a little core sample for the cloning vats...Xenu's Army of Xenophons ftw!
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