Senator - Anonymous Meeting in Ottawa, Canada

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Intelligence Member

    What a wonder, beautiful sleep I had. Was up working for 54 hours straight preparing documents, skype conference calls across the globe, travelling, and meetings. Only the adrenaline pushed me on,..., but we dit it! It was a very lovely, sound sleep.

    For more than a year, I have not slept well,..., waking up from nightmares. Nightmares of being back at Narconon; held in a room against my will; threatened; interrogated; and harassed contiually. Living in a Military Like Narconon Compound is hell. Horrible nightmare dreams of what happened to others there! Sexual abuses, slave labour, working with not a penny for pay; some staff really suffered. The patients sufferred deeply. (details will come out in court)

    Some of these people will be physcologically affected for many years to come. It's hard not to trickle tears when I talk to these poor souls,..., and it's usually weekly. Woke up to email boxes and Facebook messages full today. Incredible.

    I think this trip to meet the Senator has stirred the pot indeed. Received a message from a Narconon FSM today. I know this person from NNTR. They completed the NN TR program over a year ago and became a spokes-person and FSM for Narconon. Here is his message to me:

    Hi David
    How have you been doing? I just saw a couple things on you tube! What is going on? What are you exposing about sciencetology. I can't spell.. Is it a cult? Fill me in, be interested in it... Thanks xxxxxx

    The message is getting out. Canada Media are pressing hard for a story again, but we'll wait for a couple more things to happen this month. The timing is important. Stock up on Popcorn; this meeting with the Senator will seem small compared to what's coming :) :) :)

    An Ol' Irish Quote:
    “You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?'”
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  2. Intelligence Member

  3. Of all of the Scientology / Front Group scams I consider Narconon to be the most insidious of them all.

    Once again taking advantage of the vulnerable, lying AND promoting about 75% success rates for their outrageously overpriced $30,000.00 course (paid in full in advance) Narconon program which is nothing more than the medically dangerous Purification Rundown and Scientology training routines.

    Narconon is 100% Scientology and has been since its inception, Narconon is secular, my ass....plzzzz........

    Families of addicts pool all their resources for this "last chance" that works in reality less than 20% of the time and they simply blame the addict for getting booted out after the addict finds out Narconon is actually Scientology BS that does not work.

    Blame the addict, Keep the 30 grand for course materials, license fees, etc......scamming, bastards.........

    Ty, David GL

    Narconon is 100% Scientology.
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  4. none given Member

    Ya know, I'm pretty sure I could beat 20%.

    PHASE 1: C'mon dude, yer a mess.
    PHASE 2: Look; stay with me, get your shit together, take some time to think. I'll be there.
    PHASE 3: It i'll be fun, we will do X-box and shit.
    PHASE 4: You want pizza?
    PHASE 5: Where are your folks? When was the last tiem you saw your folks?
    PHASE 6:Damn dude, you really need to shower.
    PHASE 7: I made you a job monster account; here's some shit you could probably handle.
    PHASE 8: Look, if you are here on the 1st I'm gonna need some rent.

    I think that is good for at least 30%
    Seriously, some number are dying to clean up just need a low temptation enviroment for a little while.
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  5. ^^^^^Exactly, the success rate for opiate addicts in particular is under 15% with all treatment centers.

    Most who do stay off drugs do so because they have finally decided to give it up for good after countless relapses, certainly not becuse of Scientology processing by untrained, underpaid workers for Narconon.

    Narconon does not provide treatment at all. The 30 days in a sauna of 5 hours every day with absurd amounts of Niacin and vitamins ("Dr." L. Ron Hubbard's Purification Rundown) is insane and medically dangerous.

    Toxins exit the body through the liver and kidneys, NOT the sweat glands.

    Hubbard's Quackery is useless and the outrageous $30,000.00 price for this Scientology scam and the harm done to addict's families is outrageous.

    Blame the addict, keep the monies and promote the scam some more, the Scientology way.

    Go David.........
  6. Intelligence Member

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  7. Intelligence Member

    New EXPLOITATION complaint will be filed this week with the Human Rights Commission.

    It's a huge file which has taken months to prepare. Will send for Edit, then Courier before
    meeting with Ministry of Health and Social Services.
  8. Anonymous Member

    That is why you fail.
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  9. eddieVroom Member

    They still play hockey there? I thought they all bought pantsuits and maxi pads and switched to curling...
  10. Intelligence Member

    And Snow Surfing:)
  11. Anonymous Member

    Not to mention the glorious game of Canadian football :)
  12. peterstorm Member


    They beat the U.S. for the gold medal.
  13. Intelligence Member

    Just left meeting with government health care person. Narconon costs our health care system huge sums. How much? Investigation/Inquirey will supply numbers asap. The pressure is on.
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  14. Intelligence Member

    Lost under City of Montreal,..., LOL. Part of Montreal is under the downtown area. About 10 blocks of maze. No daylight, no mountains or any other landmarks. Just signs in French are no help to me. An underground city to once again test this Irish Lads patience. Geeezze,.... Ah', yes; above ground now with internet access on my wee cell browser. "Never sweat the small stuff, the big ones will come soon enouph". For my Montreal comrads,..., "Are we there yet?"
  15. Intelligence Member

    And we inventf basketball and gave it to them. Air is too cold here to keep ball round. Hockey pucks for Canucks:)
  16. MSAnon505 Member

  17. Intelligence Member

    Seriously; we are blessed to be good friends with the USA. Hope the FBI does a thorough probe up DM'S arse:)
  18. Optimisticate Member

    Are they going to work on the numbers and tax issues, or are you still looking for someone?
  19. Anonymous Member

    David, the wonderful work you're doing is only going to serve as a sledgehammer to drive that probe deeper.
  20. Intelligence Member

    I have some gov person looking at health costs. Still need a tax person asap before next gov meeting. Mmmm,..., I'll bet NN TR and the COS are inundated with Flap Meetings this week. I suggest they invest in more comfortable chairs; they may be sitting in them lots for some time yet. Next week will be huge. Will make Senator meeting look small. March is looking awesome too:)
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  21. eddieVroom Member

    I'll drink to that!
  22. moarxenu Member

    Well done, beloved faggots!
  23. Intelligence Member

    They are Not Afraid now!

    Email Leak just in a few minutes ago:February 7 at 11:56am

    On the wall in the comm center was a list of where the money goes each week. It was interesting to figure out the initials for each payment. COS, was of course on the sheet. Around 3 grand bi-weekly. Time for them to get a little more honest.

    We were waiting for this to happen and it has begun. Now that certain, well placed individuals from NN ex-staff
    can see that our government is not only willing to listen, but are taking action, they are now willing to help expose
    the entire organization. Some of the dox this person is forwarding to me, could potentially lead to criminal charges.
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  24. Anonymous Member

  25. Intelligence Member

    Mmmmm, ..., Football. Why do Canadians only need three "downs" as opossed to the USA needing four downs
    to go ten yards. Our Gallon is Bigger than theirs, but our feet/yards are the same size? ....., LOL

    Ok, enough answering emails and posting here for now.

    We have only a short window to compile dox for next Gov meeting; file Human Rights Complaint RE: Exploitation; and prepare new Civil Law Suit to be filed in Trois-Rivieres, the day we meet with the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services.

    When I say "short window", I mean shorter than DM,..., LOL.
  26. Intelligence Member

    We are forunate here in Canada that the different Federal, Provincial, and other
    Government agencies are communicating with each other.

    Except for sensitive medical records, there seems to be a free flow of info sharing
    which helps us a lot.
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  27. Intelligence Member

    Additional documents being sent off Monday or Tuesday, to Senator Celine Payette's Office in Ottawa;
    the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services; and the Quebec and Federal Ombudsman to process
    a request to the Canada Competition Bureau for Civil or Criminal charges.

    Another trip to Ottawa and Trois-Rivieres is imminent. Will interview additional persons of interest in Trois-Rivieres
    and obtain statements for the Human Rights Commission RE: Explotation of a Handicap.

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  28. Anonymous Member

    love needs to be send to the Senator
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  29. Intelligence Member

    In contact with Senator's Office today. Good things are happening :) :) :)

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  30. Intelligence Member

    WOW! Just went to one of my email accounts and found this among 52 other emails:

    To keep this person's identity confidential, I can't post anymore. This person was well placed in the ORG.

    This gives me a lot of encouragement and I am grateful for the info. I promise to use it well for Exposing
    this destructuve and exploitive Cult.

    Thank you.

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  31. Intelligence Member

    Just read through this old document - interesting stuff, from over 2 decades ago.

  32. Anonymous Member

    Yeah! WOW!
  33. Intelligence Member

    We don't "play" hockey in Canada; we "are" hockey. We make baby cribs out of broken hockey sticks:)
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  34. Intelligence Member

    A scilon executive asked about a week ago, "David, I don't understand why you are trying to destroy us?" I replied, "I don't expect you to understand, but perhaps you will after my lawyer and the Judge explains it to you in one of the upcoming cases that you are going to lose." The exec didn't say another word.
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  35. I'm glad you are corresponding with a Senator in Ottawa. I understand they beat the Panthers yesterday.
  36. Sometimes, silence is golden. Other times, silence can resolve a Golden Era. Listen to your lawyer, and take care. :)

    As an aside, do they call them "lawyers", "attorneys", or "barristers" in Hockeyland?
  37. Intelligence Member

    LOL, we call them all of the above and add a few adjectives when circumstances dictate:)
  38. Intelligence Member

    Yes, silence can be golden, and no doubt my lawyer will have a spanking for me
    next time we talk. However, my intention in the conversation with the exec, was well planned
    and thought out before it began. Their Flourish and Prosper strategy and comments are LRH Tech
    and they have used them on more than one occasion when communicating with me over the past
    year or so.

    They must think and quote from within the LRH Tech box or face a PTS interview.

    Ironically, Narconon Canada didn't do very well with Flourish and Prosper; they are now dissolved
    in shame.

    The Game they play and the Tech they use, is out-dated from the 50's and 60's. In my opinion,
    this is why they are facing so many attacks and problems today. They are not allowed to change
    and adjust to the 21st century technology, widely accepted and proven in society today.

    Dinasours! Soon to be extinct.

  39. I'm not a lawyer, but my guess is any good attorney would tell you to refer all inquiries to them if contacted by an opposing party. A small win now is not worth the possibility of an epic fail later, and it's certainly not worth missing out on an epic win. The wheels of justice, they grind exceedingly fine. Let that justice be your source of lulz. That, and old John Candy movies and Kids In the Hall. :)
  40. ParanoidCT Member

    This is pretty awesome. Seems like a lot of effort was put into this. Good Job

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