"Selling the Girl Next Door" - CNN Documentary on Child Sex Trafficking on the Internet

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, May 15, 2013.

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  2. anonfly Member

    Child sex traffick is a worldwide problem, abusers are free, kids are in jail to be protected and families are desperated. The county DO NOT want to pay 700,00$/year to help victims in a facility home...As human we should be working on solutions for the kids and voting laws to punished the childs abusers...
  3. Anonymous Member

    Old fail. Prostitution abolitionists want to close down Backpages again?
  4. Anonymous Member

    Prostitution abolishinists ? U missed the part about child sexual abuse and trafficking. There is a huge difference. Back pages of almost evenly weekly are filled with prositution ads.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    What part of fail do you miss? Backpages is still there. If you fail too many times, there must be something fail about you. Go figure. Don't just shout the old slogans and prop up old videos.
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  7. FloGold Moderator

    There is a HUGE diffrence between regular olde Prostitution and child trafficking.
  8. FloGold Moderator

    Trust me, if you know me a long time, then you know where I livw and I can tell you the streets of my town are filled with adds from "escorts", strip clubs and people handing out prostitute "bingo" cards.

    And even those amoral people who run those things know the difference between their things and child trafficking and abuse.
  9. FloGold Moderator

    That video is not about that, its about a victim of child trafficking.
    Usually when young girls get kidnapped and trafficked to other places it is pretty much so they can become some pimps work horse.
    It just a coincidence that all three of these things correlate so well with each other.
  10. whitesand Member

    Thanks for the link, I watched the whole thing. One thing I think was a major factor in this young 13 year old's problems is that the mother has another child, an infant, with a man not the same father as the 13 year old. This is a working mother, with a new husband and a newborn baby. She is stretched time-wise and emotionally as it is. She obviously loves her daughter, but can't spend 24/7 watching out for her. She is also a middle school teacher, and her daughter is a middle school student. She's probably getting the side eye from her coworkers.

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