Self Defense Law (Argentina)

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonymous, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Here in Argentina the self defense law is not very good the articule 32(line 6º) says:
    So you may hurt/kill the aggresor BUT only if he damages you first and if he is in your property. If your in the street you can't do anything... I think people should be able to defend themselfs you can't wait to somebody to hurt you, beacuase maybe you won't be able to give resistance

    Im saying that WE should do something, it can't be that you go to the police and they don't do anything they don't even search for the criminals. The law here is really fucked up, and I can't stay in silence anymore, we have to do something, you can't defend yourself and the police doesn't defend you

    LET OpJustice begin....
  2. Anonymous Member

    Butthurt begins in 3...2...1...
  3. Anonymous Member

    No one in argentina deserves human rights cause they derive from mexicans.
  4. Anonymous Member

    What are you saying? damn you don't deserve to be anonymous....
    And people argentina dont derive form mexicans, some of us yes but mostly, derive from italians, spanish, french and other european places (Im italian)... I thought that Anonymous was about people fighting for what was right... people that knows what they do, but even dumb people have the right to be free and be anonymous if they want... i guess
  5. antianonymous Member

    U mad? XD

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