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  1. 4Dlulz Member


    all the dianetics and scientology books at my local library have been seeded with yftc. I did it faggot.
  2. Re: seeded

    Damn good idea. I'm going to my local major city library this week. I'll be sure to make and bring some yftc cards to insert.
  3. Random guy Member

    Re: seeded

    Good one!
  4. webkilla Member

    Re: seeded

    YFTC = You Found The Card = our usual anonymous calling card, with a link to... well... either this place, or (not sure if thats a good idea anymore though, dunno if its that updated)
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: seeded

    Cool story bro. You want a cookie.
  6. 4Dlulz Member

    Re: seeded

    yes, yes I would like a cookie.

    places to seed
    right behind the cover
    the "How to read this book" page
    the direct middle IE the place the book will fall open to if dropped on a desk.

    I purposefully used the vague cards with just the link to yftc, because natural curiosity will take hold and defeats any premeptive warnings from the scilons to their brainwashed members
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: seeded

    Now go do every LRH book in BN, Borders, Daltons, ..
  8. 4Dlulz Member

    Re: seeded

    that is next week, also plan to hit my school library next

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