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Discussion in 'How To' started by Nytefall, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. Nytefall Member

    I had offered to write a walk through on how to use the services provided on that site but honestly I can't write them any better or clearer than Steve provides himself.

    DCOMbobulator, Shoot the messenger, Unplugnplay, are all software I would highly suggest anyone look into.

    As far as services provided there I suggest making use of or at the least taking the time to read through everything that he presents. Some of the more techie types will start off thinking 'Ya I know this' to find out that there's details he presents that you might have forgotten or simply didn't know. The NewsGroup Discussions are a treasure trove in and of themselves.

    ShieldsUP is a very detailed service. If you don't get a result of Perfect TruStealth you can click on the boxes that are not green to get a walk through on how to fix that problem.

    All of which I've just suggested are completely free. There are a couple of things on there that there is a fee for however for security purposes they are not needed.

    If you question his knowledge he even has his resume there for you to take a look at.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, you're an "Old Schooler" and you use Windoze. Just... LOL.

    Try again, cuz. You ain't schooling anyone here.
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  3. Nytefall Member

    lulz @ the windows. info provider is for all platforms, yes I use windows currently because I have to for school :(
  4. Anonymous Member

    I swear I clicked that link yesterday - is this a re-post?
  5. Nytefall Member

    No I had asked in support if it was already present or if it would be appreciated to be added. That might be where you saw it. I was told to add it here so I did. Was going to write a walk through, but like I said it's Steve's info and he's the old schooler not me sorry if the topic is misleading there.
  6. Chaos Magick Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    Back in my days, ShieldsUp and were the laughing stock of many security-related newsgroups. Has anything changed since then?
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  8. Anonymous Member

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  9. Nytefall Member

    hrmmm considering shieldsup isn't security but simply a whitehat op.. does thou really know what they are talking about?
  10. Anonymous Member

    Anyone who has the knowledge can do anything that's offered on that site themselves (without the "help" of that site). For those who haven't the knowledge and can't do it themselves this site lulls them in a false feeling of "having done something to be more safe", i.e."Stealth".
  11. Tangerine Member

    OP: We actually have a few Security Specialists here, so like legal matters, if anyone in the community has a problem and needs advice, it is pretty easy to get. For those who do need help of one kind or another, members usually start a thread asking for whatever kind of help they need. I appreciate your thoughts of being helpful. But I would respectfully submit that GRC will not resolve anybody's Security needs, and that requesting help on specific concerns or needs is more effective and brings better and quicker results.
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  12. Nytefall Member

    true if they don't read everything presented there would be a false sense of securtiy, which is why I pointed out to do the reading. IE: simply running the scan only covers the primary service ports, you have to continue to do it for the other 65k. and yes if you have the knowledge yourself then you don't need it. it wasn't added for those that do
  13. Anonymous Member

    One last time: Those who have the knowledge, don't need that site, and those who don't, put themselves at risk when they trust that site. Risk because they believe in a security that doesn't exist.

    People who really want to get an understanding about internet security should begin here: and those who know but want to truly expand their knowledge, can go to After having what's there, true understanding and even an understanding about security and the net can begin. grc is just pulling wool over your eyes and isn't helpful.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    How can an 'old schooler' still actually be at school?

    Are you retarded and got held back 20 years?
  15. Anonymous Member

    Seriously? You necro'd this thread to say that? WTF?
  16. anonymous612 Member

    In his defense, Nytefall was always pretty retarded.
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