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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Foisse, Aug 19, 2011.


Do you think cacert root certificates have to be natively integrated into browsers ?

yes 0 vote(s) 0.0%
no 1 vote(s) 100.0%
  1. Foisse Member

    I'm new here and hope my thread is in the right place.
    To me "freedom of information" can't be detached from "secure information" to avoid disinformation or hijack for example.
    The common way on internet to enforce security is to use SSL certificates.
    As a certificate cost nothing to make, it would be accessible for everyone but as it has become a business, it cost more and more.
    CACERT community provide free and secure certificates, but as they are not natively supported by browsers common users don't trust these certificates.
    I think we should support this community (that seams sane) and the aim of this thread, is to find people interested about that and who can help to have cacert root certificate natively integrated into browsers.
  2. Dude, wrong place for marketing.
  3. Anonymous Member

  4. Foisse Member

    there is two actions in my sense :
    - promote
    - lobby to have it adopted by "free" project first (like mozilla, or webkit) and hope lesser free projects will follow ;)
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous is busy right now; please call back later.

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  7. Foisse Member

    That's not my war too.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Please take a number; Anonymous will be with you shortly.

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  9. Foisse Member


    Sorry my english is really bad and I have some difficulties to explain correctly the idea.
    So it must be clear that :
    -> I've nothing against businesses on certficates, but as they have no interest on securing individuals (only businesses can pay for that), it has a side effect that consist in preventing a security technology to be adopted by usual poeple.
    -> I'm not waiting about an anonymous wizard to do the job, I just want to discuss and exchange on a way to improve privacy for common poeple by helping a standard to evolve as it may help to preserve liberty.
    ( I'm new here and search only a way to give a bit of help on a thing where I can do some work )
    -> I've suggested cacert, because it's a non profit organisation, human and community driven, that don't have any contender and have proven it reliability (in my opinion but it can be wrong, that's why there is a poll).

    Otherwise, you may ask why doing that.
    There is two ideas behind.
    The first is that if an organisation want to manipulate people, it's easy to take their mail account for example, and use informations to abuse of them. I'm not paranoid (I hope :p ), but the better way to manipulate someone is to separate him from others and it's easier when you know who are its friends and the relations he has with them. (I can develop if it's not clear) People and organisations who have things to dissimulate, already use and know technologies that improve their security.

    The second idea, follow the different actions that "we" has done and that give to "we" in some closed mind the false image of "pirate". Maybe I'm wrong (and sorry for that) but "we" can't reject his membership on the hacking movement. Hacking in a global sense, include the social change that hijacking technologies provide. If it's a reality that some people do that for fun, power or everything else, others just want to share progress. By having actions like that, we can reaffirm that "we" are not "pirate", our goals are people oriented and we don't just use technologies only to do forbidden things because it's fun. So I think it may be good to attract new followers.

    Conscious there is bigger matter, I would not insist more if nobody here is interested.

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