Sean Carasov's cat campaign

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by anon5754, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. anon5754 Member

    Sean Carasov's cat campaign

    Now we have confirmation about the murder of Sean Carasov's cat from a respectable source, I propose we push this as far as possible.

    This is fucking dynamite. Don't let Mudkips have died in vain.

    Some ideas:

    Internet campaign.
    a) Make propaganda to rally the troops, shoops, jewtube videos, etc
    b) Spread the message far and wide: The chans (anon loves cats), PETA, animal rights activists, everywhere you can.
    c) Call every "church" and Scientologist we can and ask them what they think about it. Record every call and don't stop until we either get people on tape saying they agree with it, or we start getting the same response from everyone (as in, they had to react to it)

    IRL campaign
    a) Call for a boycott of all scientology related material. Leave notices in copies of Dianetics in your local bookstores.
    b) Bill sticking. Bring this shit to the streets. Let Joe Public know that this is what they do. We can put them up faster than they can take them down.
    c) Dig up dox on the PI's that gathered the info on Sean, and make sure they never work for Scientology again.

    Moar ideas?
  2. UnknownEntity Member

    Re: Sean Carasov's cat campaign

    I like it!
  3. Re: Sean Carasov's cat campaign

    PeTA won't be of much help - they kill feral cats under the guise of stamping out animal domestication, although they try to keep that part secret. However, run to every ASPCA, Humane Society, no-kill shelter, animal rights group, vegan forum/community (yes, they will rise if you simply give them the info - they're used to protesting and many that I know are good at it) you can get your voice out to.
  4. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: Sean Carasov's cat campaign

    Allow me to be Devil's Advocate.

    One cat does not an issue make. In fact, it runs the risk of trivializing our cause, if we start sounding like a collection of bag ladies. IMO, the appropriate place to bring up Mudkips is when people ask about Fair Game, preferably coupled with some of Tommy Gorman's testimony on Fair Game (available off and examples of other pets that have been killed. Obviously, if you have a sneaky way of hitting people who love cats (e.g., on a cat lovers' forum thread title = "Man, how could anyone murder a cat?!" and OP = photo of Mudkips, brief description of how he died, note of other pets that died this way), you might consider that, but use it only as a thin wedge to get people to look more seriously at Scientology.

    I'd be more tempted to look at how CoS got Sean jailed for talking about his guns. THAT is going to be dynamite to the NRA and gun-lovers. These guys tend to be much more politically active, IMO, and this is an actual political issue where the CoS has just taken a hardline stance against them.
  5. AnonymIceland Member

    Re: Sean Carasov's cat campaign

    IF Sean indeed got jailed for that gun pic, the NRA MUST be brought into play.

    Someone just showing their guns and talking about legit home defense? Music to their ears.

    Plus, they have major, major suction in most halls of government. If we can direct only a fraction of that towards the CoS, it would definately be Epic Win time is Epic.
  6. Mister BS Member

    Re: Sean Carasov's cat campaign

    But what would happen with the NRA getting involved? Would they turn their (pardun teh punz) guns on the Co$, or would they instead target the government on a local/national level for allowing this to happen?

    I'd hate to see our complaint, and Sean, and Mudkips, get swept under the rug if the NRA decided to use this as a springboard rather than a focal point.
  7. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: Sean Carasov's cat campaign

    Doesn't matter. If the former, we get friends with big pockets and organization. If the latter, COS gets slammed for frivolous litigation and Sean Carasov has his legal bills covered. Win-win.

    Any newscast or article covering this case will have to cover this case, period, and part of that will bring up Anonymous and Fair Game, and win. The problem, of course, is to GET THIS OUT THERE.

    You, sitting on your keyboard. Find an NRA email address. DO ET! DO EEET!

    Sean Carasov was charged under this section of California law:

    And this was the picture he posted, AFAIK:

    So it WAS for articulating the "castle defense". This is NRA-bait if there ever was some. Sean's legal future might depend on how well we buzz them about this!
  8. anon5754 Member

    Re: Sean Carasov's cat campaign

    okay so where's the best place to kick up a stink about this? are there nra newsgroups? what about a public web forum? any prominent spokespeople from CA that deal with the news?
  9. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: Sean Carasov's cat campaign

    The official NRA website is farking useless - no way to contact them, no forums, nada. You can sign up for their spiffy email list, though. Google "NRA Los Angeles", though, and you get a number of interesting results, including something that looks like the Westside Council (?) NRA Club, or whatever. I'd advise waiting until tomorrow and start making phone calls.

    "Yes, I know about a case where 2nd Amendment rights are being violated, and I think the NRA needs to intervene..."

    You have just as much Google-fu as I do, so start looking up your own numbers.
  10. Re: Sean Carasov's cat campaign

    I'm not sure if Usenet talk.politics.guns is all talk / no action but it is there.

    and crossposted to 5 other Usenet too. yeah usenet is a cesspool, I been swimming in it for 12? years

    I will look in the current issue of America's 1st Freedom (NRA membership includes a subscription to one of 5 magazines they publish and thats the one I picked) and see if it has better [ contact / submit legal ] than the website.

    tis only the letters section, but its a start
  11. Blu Aardvark Member

    Re: Sean Carasov's cat campaign

    I honestly wish there was more I could do, but I'll definitely be informing people - as many people as I can - about this.

    To poison an animal in an effort to intimidate your ideological opponent is a very serious matter. The courts might not be able to do anything about it, but the people - they will.

    I can understand the point that A_nonchalant made above, that we don't want to put too much attention on the cat, but it is an issue nonetheless, and an issue that people can identify with.
  12. kingler5 Member

    Re: Sean Carasov's cat campaign

    Cool idea but just caution that you can only take it so far, we do run the risk of sounding trivial, lisa mcpherson, even tho old news, still carries more weight than the cat... but the cat death is nice cause its recent and has happened to an anon.... use it wisely...
  13. Blu Aardvark Member

    Re: Sean Carasov's cat campaign

    Yeah, I know.

    It carries a lot more weight with me because this particular anon bailed me out of a really tight spot a while back, and I really wish there was a way I could return the favor.

    It's fucking personal now.
  14. Akopi Member

    Re: Sean Carasov's cat campaign

    If you can post links to all the info you have on the cat story I will send them to all my local animal rights clubs, there are a few down here that could make the news if they pushed it.
  15. Anon453453 Member

    Re: Sean Carasov's cat campaign

    Remember, it's not about his cat.

    It's about his right to bear arms and defend himself on his property.

    'sides, posting the picture was really a warning to whoever might break in, better than just shooting with a warning ;)
  16. downstat Member

    Re: Sean Carasov's cat campaign

    "we have confirmation about the murder of Sean Carasov's cat from a respectable source"

    Sayz who? You have confirmation scilons or PIs are involved? If not then GTFO. You know jackshit about this cat. Stay on target and ignore the namefagged person who REALLY doesn't need any moar involvment as he will be going to court to face criminal charges. Are you going to help his court case by whatever plans you are making?

    WTF does this have to do with scilons? It's like making signs about Lonsdale. (could be true, but so what, prove it). NYPA faggots.
  17. Akopi Member

    Re: Sean Carasov's cat campaign

    Of course it isn't about the cat..

    When you attack someone who insults you religion it is one thing, however, when you retaliate by killing an animal or family member who is completely innocent... that will get the attention of the media quicker than an OJ trial.
  18. downstat Member

    Re: Sean Carasov's cat campaign

    Then change the thread title FFS. You can't prove shi- (has anyone even found a cat corpse?) This is a waste of energy and attention.

    Didn't this cat get SC in enough trouble already.
  19. Akopi Member

    Re: Sean Carasov's cat campaign

    I'm not the OT
  20. Edges Member

    Re: Sean Carasov's cat campaign

    I wouldn't explicitly get into the issue, but there's no harm in adopting cats as a common theme. People see a recurring cat theme they'll wonder what the deal is and find the info for themselves. That works alot better than making accusations.

    Accusations like that can quickly backfire in the public sphere:

    (It was a ridiculous accusation but nonetheless it was too easy to turn it on its head ... the pic in that article for instance ... btw the guy blew away the opposition in that election, got a huge majority)

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