Sea Org berthing buildings (photos), Clearwater FL

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  1. Sea Org berthing buildings (photos), Clearwater FL

    Photos of the Hacienda and Sherwood Gardens as driving past on Keene Rd in Clearwater FL. Photos taken early March 2010.

    Hi-res photos for download: Hacienda and Sherwood

    The Hacienda is a wreck. They had just cut the hedges so it looked a little trim. Behind the hedges is a top-spiked ironworks fence, quite high. Flood lights and cameras are attached on the buildings. The shrubbery has needed trimming for years. In Florida, termites are an issue and no one should have trees touching the walls of the buildings, lest termites use these as a conduit for getting into the buildings.

    Sherwood Gardens looks nicer, but also has a fence surrounding it, with lights and cameras.

    Both properties have security gates. No one is ever seen walking around the property or going in or out. The buses go in and out to pick up the people.

    If there's anyone nearby who sees these people lined up for the buses in the mornings, photographs would be appreciated.
  2. Touchstone Member

    Re: Sea Org berthing buildings (photos), Clearwater FL

    Silly! It's just like Willy Wonka's factory-- creepy mystique of "nobody goes in, nobody comes out," but inside it's a magical wonderful place of happy workers and rivers of chocolate.
  3. STC_SOCk2 Member

    Re: Sea Org berthing buildings (photos), Clearwater FL

    Should this be in leaks?

    /r/ mirrors on tinypic etc.
  4. Major Boyle Member

    Re: Sea Org berthing buildings (photos), Clearwater FL

    Welcome to the Hotel California, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.
  5. RightOn Member

    Re: Sea Org berthing buildings (photos), Clearwater FL

    can someone post the pics?
  6. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Re: Sea Org berthing buildings (photos), Clearwater FL

    I maybe wrong but nowhere in that song does it mention being strapped down in a bed, being force fed by a turkey baster, dehydrated, and left to be cockroach food...

    Maybe if I play it backwards? BRB...

    Hey, why does it say "Kill the innocent!" and "Bow down to some guy named Beetlejuice?"

    Nope... nothing about being Cockroach fud or anything like that. Excuse me while I go watch Beetlejuice...
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sea Org berthing buildings (photos), Clearwater FL

    the pix
  8. amaX Member

    Re: Sea Org berthing buildings (photos), Clearwater FL

    Hacienda Gardens is for the lower ranking SO members and Sherwood Gardens is for the higher ranking SO.

    Your pictures all look like they were taken from N. Keene Rd. which runs along the east side of both properties.

    The actual addresses of the two properties are:

    Hacienda Gardens
    551 N. Saturn Ave.
    Clearwater, FL

    Sherwood Gardens
    1301 Amble Lane
    Clearwater, FL

    The entrance to Hacienda Gardens is on N. Saturn Ave.

    Hacienda Gardens is heavily patrolled and there are cameras trained to pick up anyone or anything that comes near the property. Airport Dr. and N. Saturn Ave. are under heavy surveillance.

    I do believe they keep everyone berthed closer to the center of the complex. We do know that they muster in and out everyday in the center of the complex and it was recently revealed here on WWP that Miscavige spent a boatload of money redoing and redecorating a posh apartment at Hacienda Gardens. The rest of the place is a fucking dump.

    It's been a while since I drove over by the properties, but every time I've driven by it's been the same. Some of the apartments that face N. Saturn Ave. are a shambles. Windows left hanging open or busted out with curtains blowing in the breeze. Very creepy place.

    Racking my brain to remember exactly what the facility is, but can't remember. There is some sort of City of Clearwater facility that butts right up against Hacienda Garden's north side. I've often wondered what sorts of shit those people working there have seen.

    Sherwood Gardens is a different story. Some SO at Sherwood Gardens have vehicles: motorcycles; cars; and bicycles can be seen if you go around the property. If you want to have a quick look-see at both properties, I suggest turning off of N. Keene onto Airport Dr. Then turn north onto N. Saturn Ave. to go along the west side of Hacienda Gardens. When you get to Palmetto St., take a right. Then take the first street to the left which will take you north on Amble Lane and you will see Sherwood Gardens to your right. When you get to Long St., take another right and go back out onto N. Keene. If you're lucky, you will have timed it right and you'll see SO getting onto or off of Flag buses parked on the east side of the Sherwood Gardens property facing N. Keene.

    Creepy places.
  9. Re: Sea Org berthing buildings (photos), Clearwater FL

    Definitely a City of Clearwater property. It looks like some sort of landscaping maintenance storage yard.


    Those roofs on the bottom/south of the pic are the roofs of the Hacienda.

    Address of property is 901 N SATURN AVE CLEARWATER 33755.
    Parcel ID 11-29-15-00000-410-0100
    P O BOX 4748
    CLEARWATER FL 33758-4748
    Property Use: 8913 (City Gov't - Non-residential (commercial) only)
  10. Re: Sea Org berthing buildings (photos), Clearwater FL

    Rice, Beans, abuse and now being termite food.

    Lucky its only a billion years.
  11. PodPeople Member

    Re: Sea Org berthing buildings (photos), Clearwater FL

    City of Clearwater's Nursery site. btw, there has to be a good deal of bad breathing air at that site due to sand, particles from mulch, crushed rock, etc.
    I am very surprised that the residential berthing is allowed here. OSHA?

  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sea Org berthing buildings (photos), Clearwater FL

    Yea, well being sea org scientologists who hip hip hooray to Hubbard gives them the needed protection from such wog ailments and the government through the IRS knows this so they are exempt from OSHA's meddling!
  13. amaX Member

    Re: Sea Org berthing buildings (photos), Clearwater FL

    There are homes all around that nursery.

    lol @ OSHA doing anything about anything anywhere ever. OSHA, I am disappoint.
  14. PodPeople Member

    Re: Sea Org berthing buildings (photos), Clearwater FL


  15. eddieVroom Member

    Re: Sea Org berthing buildings (photos), Clearwater FL

    L O Fucking L :)~

    made my day...

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