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Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by Creigtoncrew, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Creigtoncrew Member

    I'm relatively new to the site but I have been lurking around for a long time now. I have recently heard the outragous news of Greece's unreasonable detainment and inhumane treatment of two developers who work at Bohemia Interactive who were photographing Greece's Military installments - More information can be from on Google. Anyway I am planning to create a video protesting this subject and would like some help editing and perfecting my script (again, this is my first post and first video so it's rather rough). Thanks and here's my script so far:

    Dear Brothers and sisters. In a preposterous act of outright hostility, Greek law enforcement has recently arrested two members of the respectable game studio, Bohemia Interactive (The developers of the well known Arma series). While working on the design of their upcoming title Arma 3, these members were arrested on charges of espionage. The Greeks reasoning for these arrests rests solely on the fact that both members were taking pictures of greek military bases – While this could be considered suspicious, Greek officials should have quickly realized that Bohemia Interactive was simply attempting to gather information to make their new title more realistic. Despite this being explained to them, the Greeks have denied bail to the innocent men and their case will soon go to court in Greece. In the meantime the men are being subject to cruel and inhumane treatment, such as living in a cell with twenty five other people where the only spot to rest is the floor and being fed repulsive meals twice a day. Thus we proclaim our vendetta to you – Do all in your power, using any means necessary, to free these innocent men and teach a lesson to these cruel, corrupt officials in Greece. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us, Greece.
  2. WMAnon Member

    Scripts like these are best workshopped with a small group of people who are invested in your cause already, since they'll know the facts and have a better grip on what "people who care about this sort of thing" would need to get off their asses and do something.

    As an outsider, I can make a coupe of recommendations, though:
    Paragraphs. It's better to have a couple two sentence paragraphs than a wall, especially when you're asking people to give feedback on a rough draft.
    Specific appeal. It's not enough that "something bad is happening to some people somewhere." Lots of bad things are happening everywhere, and a lot of Anons are busy dealing with one or more of them already. What specifically about these guys should make me want to do anything but shrug?
    Humor. Lighten the fuck up if you want Anonymous to give a shit. Go take a look at Titstorm or early Chanology propaganda for some good examples.
    Specific actions. Why should "Greece" give a shit about anything some idiot on the internet has to say in a poorly produced YouTube video? There need to be consequences for their inaction, and actions that your supporters can take. Threatening to protest or riot in Greece isn't super effective at the moment, since that's kind of the default setting most days, but there are things you could come up with (LEGAL things) that will make it clear that you are serious about this specific case and that shit will hit the fan if it is not properly addressed.

    So, why exactly are you getting into this cause, anyway? It looks like the Greek legal system will probably deal with them in a vague approximation of a just manner soon enough. You don't really think they'll get convicted when it hits a jury or anything, right?
  3. Creigtoncrew Member

    Thanks for the reply. As I specified previously this is my first attempt at a script for a video. You've made some really good points and perhaps I should rethink attempting to make a difference in such small matters. I honestly didn't see any good reason to include humor in this video or rough draft, as it's a rather grim topic. In response to your final question, yes - I do in fact think Greece will have the audacity to convict these men regardless of the pile of proof they have on their side. However, that's just my opinion and as I stated previously I should perhaps find a more meaningful topic, as well as others who feel passionate about it.
  4. WMAnon Member

    Don't worry about it, my first couple attempts at spearheading things went worse than you can imagine :)
  5. Op go to 4chan post what happened on the /v/ board.
    /v/ is the gamers forum.

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