ScnTO - Who is he/she?

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by Wisemanofthewatchtower, Jun 1, 2011.

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  1. I have decided to figure out who ScnTO is. First, here is a PM that was started with me:

    (Being Ex-Sea Org, I know too well that saying anything to him/her is a waste)
  2. Anonymous Member

    ScnTO is here to waste your time and mine. Don't.
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  3. Anonymous Member

  4. slobeck Member

    If you're serious about outing this fool. Do it. Dox the fuck out of him. But your headline, I'm sorry to say doesnt really allude to the fact that the OP is just a posting of your meaningless exchange. One that isn't adding anything new.
  5. hushpuppy Member

    This Adam <3
    If he derails successfully, he wins according to CoS.

    Maybe don't give him the time of the day?
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  6. Thanks, I am properly warned that this is a waste of time. I'm just curious if I can figure it out. If I guess right, you can learn something.
    1. Because he/she refers to the post "MAA" which is the Sea Org version of an Ethics officer, they were not a Sea Org member in Toronto while I was there. CLO Canada did not have a posted MAA.
    2. The mere mention of the word "Xenu" means they are Pre-OT and are not acting in coordination with management - in other words, they are acting alone. I suspect this because even Tommy Davis refuses to publicly discuss Xenu. If they are acting alone, then they have the right to experience WWP as fully as possible, because that means there is a small chance they will learn to think a little more.
    3. They are a fan of Star Trek, and the Matrix.
    4. They were not on course monday - excluding them as a TORD academy student (assuming the photographer and the poster are one person, not two)
  7. And does this camera look familiar?


    It's the model that took that shot of our protest.

  8. Saul Goodman Member

    It has been said any thread that mentions ScnTO should be domed.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Way behind the times. ScnTO = Herro. Came out ages ago.
  10. So from what I've gathered, my guess is it is a TORD/F staffer acting without authorization, or a TORF student. I conclude they've never been in the Sea Org, but they may have studied at Flag. (Flag is one of the only places where non-sea org members get to deal with MAAs).

    If they are indeed TORD/TORF staff, I'd even bet that Samsung L100 is the org's reception desk camera!

  11. Saul Goodman Member

    That was last week?
  12. SOJOA Member

    I think this is great. ScnTO is investing so much time here and with you clearly rattled him.

    I think honestly hes reaching out with his garbage cause his faith is shaken.
  13. Anonymous Member

    He uses a proxy, just like some other Anons on WWP. Your not going to find out anything. Enjoy your troll.
  14. Anonymous Member

    How do you know that?
  15. Interrobanger Member

    Watchtowerguy & slobeck should be warned and, if they don't stop, banned from wwp for encouraging doxing of anons on wwp. I will not add to your inane speculation. Even if ScnTO were a Scientologist he should enjoy the same courtesy every other anon gets, i.e., freedom from being doxed on this site. If you want to know who ScnTO is then ask him. If he doesn't tell you then he's anonymous just like everyone else here is entitled to be.

    If ScnTO bothers you then consider:
    1. No trolls, no Chanology
    2. Scientologists' muck-stirring only works because moonbats let it affect them
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Your post makes me want to know who YOU really are.
  17. Loki's spawn Member

    It was a good point, though. Why should ScnTO be treated differently than any other Anon here? Simply because he/she/it doesn't agree with us? Unfair, IMHO.
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  18. This exactly. Closing this thread. It serves no purpose other than to incite paranoia. There is no rule and never will be a rule that precludes Scientologists from posting here.
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