Scn's latest Sea Arrhg Ad May 08

Discussion in 'Media' started by pooks, May 15, 2008.

  1. Ladybird Member

    Re: Scn's latest Sea Arrhg Ad May 08

    Here is some information about the "imposing" official looking FAKE ribbons that SO wear on their fancy fake Navy uniforms to try to impress and intimidate people (especially young people) into joining the Sea Org:

    Posted: Sat May 21, 2005 4:39 pm by Ladybird--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    There is a 3 or 4 page Flag Order that explains what the campaign ribbons mean and how they are awarded, etc, but I don't have a copy, so I will do my best to explain them from memory.

    There are 3 categories of military style ribbons or bars:

    1.) Personal achievement. Everybody gets one for # of years in the Sea Org. It is green with bronze, silver or gold stars. Then you get different ones for major courses like OEC/FEBC, Class of auditor, Key To Life, Keys to Competence, Getting fully hatted, etc.

    2.) Team Awards for accomplishments like stellar stats, successful missions, etc. All members of the team get these if they are approved. The Local OSB (officer selection board) writes a csw to the INT OSB, and INT decides who gets awarded.

    3.) Major International Campaign ribbons are also awarded by INT, usually to everyone involved. Examples are things like the Portland Crusade, Appollo crew, the move from the ship to the Flag Land Base, the release of The Golden Age of Tech, etc. (incidentally, no ribbons were awarded for the big IRS win. DM took all the credit for that himself.)

    Uniform K is "civvies." Most people wear their own "wog" clothes to events or on libs, but some departments like OSA or PR are issued special dress "K"s.

    Uniform A is the typical Navy style uniform, dark blue with pants for men and skirts for women, comes with dress shoes and is worn with the faux Navy Cap. Worn on missions and for Ceremonies. CLO EUS execs always wear uniform A. This is the Sea Org east US headquarters on Times Square in NYC. (I guess they need to keep up with the bellhops and doormen).

    Dress Whites are the worn every day by Freewinds staff, and for special missions or ceremonies at the land bases. Usually worn with the jaunty sailor cap.

    RTC is black uniform with touches of gold. (how appropriate)

    I can't find a catalogue of Sea Org uniforms, but each and every color of pants, shirts and decorations mean something. Sea Org members immediately recognize the pecking order. Each Division of the Org Board has their signature color.

    Div 1: HCO - Goldenrod
    Div 2: Dissemination - purple
    Div 3: Treasury - Pink
    Div 4: Technical - Green
    Div 5: Qualifications - grey
    Div 6: Public - canary yellow
    Div 7: Executive - blue

    There can be different Orgs on the same base, like CMO, FSO, Flag CREW, HGB, ASI, GOLD, etc, and each org has its own 7 division Org Board, but the color scheme is the same for divisions...but the color might be pants or shirts or a tie or scarf...depending on what org you are in.

    I guess it is kind of like the street gangs and their colours. Any Sea Ogre can tell from a block away which Org and division another Sea ogre is in. The uniforms do change fairly often but the divisional colors stay the same. I still haven't figured out the turquoise pants though!

    I thought this was pretty funny:

    The Sea Org was created using the symbology from OT3. The members of
    >the Sea Org are dressed in the uniforms of the people that Hubbard
    >said perpetrated the incident described in the OT3 materials.
    >Thus even within the cosmology of Scientology it cannot be anything
    >but a suppressive organization.

    you aren't the first to notice this, at least on ars.

    why is it that the cluster of stars worn by some
    sea org members numbers 23? isn't this the number
    of stars in the marcab confederacy?

    i think this is more evidence that hubbard intended
    this whole mess to be satanic and self-contradictory
    and in an odd way a perversion of itself.

    i have noticed that sea org uniforms are in fact
    deliberately based on what hubbard described as
    the uniform of his own self-described evil.

    i think scientology is a huge and disgusting
    prank, in pretty goddamn poor taste. perhaps
    the biggest and dumbest troll of all time." - Anon

    Flag Order 3883, Uniforms of the Sea Organization
    Flag Order 3883-1, Uniforms for Day and Foundation Sea Org Orgs
    Flag Order 3883-2, Specialist Uniforms for Sea Org Estates Personnel
    Flag Order 3883-3, Specialist Uniforms for Sea Org Security Personnel
    Flag Order 3884, Sea Org Uniforms -- Issuance and Use
    Flag Order 3885, Criteria for Designation of Uniforms to be Worn
    Flag Order 3886, Caps
    Flag Order 3887, Lanyards
    Flag Order 3888, Foul Weather Gear
    Flag Order 3889, Uniform Purses
    Flag Order 3890, Sea Org Throwing Knives, Naval Dirks and Swords
    Flag Order 3891, Uniform Insignia (with rank & rating Insignia attachment)
    Flag Order 2327RE, Campaign Bars
    Flag Order 3893, Commodore's Awards of Honor
    Flag Order 3894, You Can Take it with You
    Flag Order 3844, Brevet Ranks
    Flag Order 3844-1, Brevet Ranks Addition
    Flag Order 3896, Able Bodied Seaman

    A quote from FO 3894 "You Can Take It With You":
    "The Sea Org Uniform issues to date apply to the planet Earth. Bars and awards
    were earned on this planet and will be worn only on this planet. When one
    returns to Earth, for whatever duration, one may wear the insignia of SO Earth,
    while on Earth, no mater how long ago earned. During such Earth duty, one would
    not wear the insignia of a different SO planet or area earned elsewhere.
    Similarly, one would not wear Earth insignia anywhere but Earth."

    One wide -- Ensign
    One wide, one narrow -- Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
    Two wide -- Lieutenant
    One wide, one narrow, one wide -- Lieutenant Commander
    Three wide -- Commander
    Four wide -- Captain

    It seems to me the the Cult of scientology (CoS) is making a mockery of the US Military.

  2. Fanboy TGAT Member

    Re: Scn's latest Sea Arrhg Ad May 08

    Hey Ladybird, I was actually thinking THIS part might catch 'em up pretty soon...

    Sounds familiar, ne?

    BTW, nice to see you over here too, Ladybird. Hi!
  3. Re: Scn's latest Sea Arrhg Ad May 08

    I'll play trombone...
  4. Re: Scn's latest Sea Arrhg Ad May 08


    did someone say shoop?
  5. vongole Member

    Re: Scn's latest Sea Arrhg Ad May 08


    Join the Schutzstaffel Org!
  6. anonhuff Member

    Re: Scn's latest Sea Arrhg Ad May 08

    /r/ zoom enhance of what appears to be a casually tossed issue of some popular gay porno mag on the chair behind davey in the above pictures of him leaning on the coffee table, playgirl perhaps, my skills aren't good enough for something like that
  7. Anon Char Member

    Re: Scn's latest Sea Arrhg Ad May 08

    I can play trombone, but can you march?
  8. Toad Member

    Re: Scn's latest Sea Arrhg Ad May 08

    The Sea Org seems very inviting if there's that many hot chicks in it. Perhaps we should seduce their women, as the power of love can conquer anything. Or the power of a huge cock.

    My huge cock.
  9. Lee_from_phx Member

    Re: Scn's latest Sea Arrhg Ad May 08

    Human beings don't see the world as it is, we see the world as we are.

    If you are honest, decent, and have good intentions then you're likely to see other people as being the same. The same goes for intellectual honesty and rigor. This is especially true when you are young and naive. The idea that ordinary people could be any other way is something that you don't understand until you grow up.

    I was a teenaged Scilon.

    My doctors say I'm much better now....

    I got involved in $cientology when I was 16. I was public at first and then joined staff at the Phoenix org in '93 when I was 20.

    I got sent out to Big Blue for training and wound up living there for a year.

    So believe me when I tell you: HOT CHICKS IN THE SEA BORG ARE FEW AND FAR BETWEEN.

    Do you like women with hair on their upper lip? That is what you'll find there.

    The most horrible thing of all is that NONE OF THEM PUT OUT.

    So it don't matter how big your pipe is, you ain't gonna lay it with any of them.
  10. Helatrobus Member

    Re: Scn's latest Sea Arrhg Ad May 08

    That latticework thing on the "ship deck" looks like a big box or platform to me. Notice how much it distorts the shadow of the dwarf's legs.
  11. Re: Scn's latest Sea Arrhg Ad May 08

    will have to work on it later, going home soon and have to work really early tommorrow.
  12. QAnon Member

    Re: Scn's latest Sea Arrhg Ad May 08

    I'm not surprised. Think about it from the ladies' perspective: Sea Org guys make the same amount of money and have the same level of personal hygiene as 15th Century peasants. They can't afford to buy condoms on their monthly trip to Wal-Mart. And we all know what happens should the process reach a successful culmination. If you were a Sea Org chick, no matter how bow-wow and desperate you were, would you want something like a Sea Org guy in your bed?

    I gotta admit this, though: when they're out, they clean up pretty well. Jenna, Astra, and Kendra are pretty hot. Taken, but hot.

    It's not the MEST, it's the enturbulation.
  13. Re: Scn\'s latest Sea Arrhg Ad May 08

    IIRC there are sites that will send you condoms for free... and we have addresses for orgs and Gold... Anyone else thinking what I\'m thinking? :fuckyou:
  14. Toad Member

    Re: Scn's latest Sea Arrhg Ad May 08

    The horror... The fucking HORROR. Scratch the suggestion, let's stick to protesting.
  15. Zenster Member

    Re: Scn's latest Sea Arrhg Ad May 08

    totally true
    the occassional hottie in the Sea Org would always get promoted very quickly and then get stolen by some Flag Missionaire
    for the most part the motto of the Sea Org women was "We Bark Back"
  16. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Scn\'s latest Sea Arrhg Ad May 08

    I like the way your mind works, anon.
  17. anonEmouser Member

    Re: Scn's latest Sea Arrhg Ad May 08

    <Longshanks> If we can't enturbulate them out, we'll breed them out. </Longshanks>
  18. Vir Member

    Re: Scn's latest Sea Arrhg Ad May 08

    Sea Org from Int. Base are or were apparently big users of Planned Parenthood. That applies to both their use of free/cheap contraceptives, and car loads of abortion patients.

    I did think that the Sea Org had good personal hygiene though - at least when it comes to avoiding smelling anything at all (no scent allowed).
  19. 404 Member

    Re: Scn's latest Sea Arrhg Ad May 08

    Considering that masculinity is highly prized and that Ole Hub saw feminity as weakness, is that surprising?

    If I worked 100 hours a week, was under constant pressure to be upstat and had no money and time for more than basic hygiene, I wouldn't exactly feel sexy either.

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