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    All your thetans are belong to us.

    That's the only way to get through with it.
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  4. The Minister is holding a wedding ring in each of his hands and is going through the "these rings symbolize eternity" spiel. I can't remember the exact wording. He does look more like Captain Hypno than a Minister though.
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    The Traditional Scientology
    Wedding Ceremony

    (pages 70-79)

    Uncover and be still
    You present here
    In this
    A holy place.
    For we today
    Shall marry here
    This groom and bride
    And wish them well.
    You line of struggling life
    From eons gone to now
    For here again
    your track is sped
    And winged into
    A future fate
    By this
    A union of a man
    and bride
    Whose child shall pace
    A further span
    Of Destiny
    And Life.
    For here shall be
    No calumny
    Or whispered word against
    You, man
    Or woman thou
    For this the union
    you contract
    Does wipe away
    All sorrow
    Of the past.
    Speak out then now
    If any man
    Or girl would speak
    And say here a
    Reason why
    These two should not
    Be wed.
    And silence heard
    Does speak out plain
    There's none.
    So now
    My (bride's name),
    Stand steady here
    And say
    Do you today intend
    For him beside you there
    To be to him a wife?
    And do you ken
    That (groom's name) here
    Shall have you
    For his own?
    Do you?
    And do you understand
    as well
    That by the customs
    of our race
    You pledge to him
    and only him
    Your kiss and your caress?
    Do you?
    Well then
    Know that Life is stark
    And often somewhat grim
    And tiredness
    And fret and pain
    And sickness do beget
    A state of mind where
    spring romance
    Is far away and dead
    And yet for valor
    and for strength
    You must abide and
    Create still
    His health, his purpose
    and repose.
    Do you?
    And do you take
    His fortune
    At its prime and ebb
    And seek
    With him best fortune
    For us all?
    Do you?
    Good then, (bride's name),
    I'm sure you will
    And surer yet you'll fare
    Full well and staunchly
    As a wife.
    Now, (groom's name),
    listen well.
    The tides of fortune
    and of life
    Are sometimes fair
    or grim
    And in this life
    the young man seeks
    For victory afar
    And often scants
    the fireside
    And turns away from
    home's sweet face
    And thinks
    His loved ones cannot fare
    At all
    Beside his side.
    And thinking thus they go.
    You know this.
    Then be cautioned so
    And take thy own
    Even though they sleep
    Beneath foul straw
    And eat
    Thin bread
    And walk on pavement
    less than kind
    And keep thy wife
    and they who come
    Beside thy side.
    Keep them, (groom's name),
    by your side
    In rain or sleet
    Or summer sun
    And comfort them
    And give them care
    And share with them
    thy life.
    For times are changed
    And woman's place
    Is not a hearth or home
    But striding out to victory
    Beside her husband's side.
    This (groom's name),
    is a modern world
    And man
    Has changed.
    But, (groom's name),
    let's think on it well
    For if stands aught in you
    Of doubt
    That you can take and keep
    And love her well this wife
    Then stay your hand
    And we shall say
    No more,
    For fatal and of
    full tight bind
    Are these the words
    I next will speak.
    Shall I go on?
    And you, (bride's name),
    listen well
    And you, (groom's name),
    answer swift.
    (Groom's name),
    do you pledge to take
    This woman for your lawful wife?
    Do you, (groom's name),
    Make promise here
    Before us all
    To keep her well
    or ill?
    Do you?
    And when she's older
    Do you then
    Keep her still? Do you?
    Now, (groom's name),
    girls need clothes
    And food and
    Tender happiness and frills
    A pan, a comb,
    perhaps a cat
    All caprice if you will
    But still
    They need them.
    Do you then
    Do you?
    Hear well, sweet
    (bride's name),
    For promise binds
    Young men are free
    and may forget
    Remind him then
    That you may have
    Necessities and follies, too.
    Now, (groom's name)!
    Do you, best man,
    possess a ring?
    (Groom's name),
    take it please
    And, (bride's name),
    Your hand will he enclasp.
    We have it now.
    "I, (bride's name),"
    "Do hereby take"
    "You, (groom's name),"
    "For my husband."
    And, (groom's name),
    Do now repeat
    "I, (groom's name),"
    "Do hereby take"
    "You, (bride's name),"
    "For my lawful wedded
    Put on the ring!
    Rejoice all here
    For we have wed
    Our (groom's name)
    and our (bride's name)
    And wish them well.
    All here repeat!
    Are they by witness
    Man and wife?
    Rejoice and go your many ways
    Now, (groom's name), kiss
    your bride
    And hug her well
    And all of you
    Come toast and drink
    Their health
    That it may last
    Until that day when death
    The severer of all ties
    Shall end
    The thing which
    we have done

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    So theta, yet so fucking weird.
  7. Anonymous Member

    I think some are familiar faces down under.
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    We had a wedding in Nashville. My how our little Julie has grown up! At least her husband isn't older than her father. Kinda creepy up there^
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    Hey Zonker! Long time....

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    She couldn't get much farther away from him without letting go his hand. Odd.
  11. Ersatz Global Moderator

    lol Jai ho was a blast!

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