Scilons Invite BFG to Auditor's Day Event & promote BFG Book

Discussion in 'Marc Headley v. Church of Scientology Internationa' started by blownforgood, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. blownforgood Member

    The Scilons need to get their people all on the same page.

    Today I got the following from them:

    1. A phone call personally inviting me to the Auditor’s Day Event next weekend in Los Angeles.

    2. An email from “Freedom Alert” letting me know about a new magazine article has come out and there is section devoted to myself.

    3. An email to my wife letting her know that she also had an entire section of a Freedom Magazine devoted to her.

    Now here is what does not make sense, the Scilons issued a Suppressive Person Declare on myself in January of 2005. It clearly states that no person other then the Scilon International Justice Chief is allowed to speak to me. Today three people contacted me and none identified themselves as the “IJC.” So these people are not only violating policy but acting in direct contradiction to the SP Declare that has been issued. As far as I can see, the Scilons REFUSE to disconnect from me.

    Last year the Scilons printed a Freedom Magazine and while it did not directly mention me, the sales of the Blown for Good book went up dramatically and I was contacted by a LOT of Scilons that left Scilonville because of the Freedom Mag.

    The Scilons have been promoting the BFG book constantly. I attribute BFG outselling Dianetics since its 2009 release to the amount of promotion the Scilons have been doing. Tommy Davis himself did a major TV network interview and told people, “If they wanted to find out about Scientology, they should get a book on Scientology.” As BFG was the number one Scilon book on, he nearly had us pulling an all-nighter with the amount of books we had to ship out.

    Well now they are doing more promotion. I don’t have a problem with them promoting the book, I just like to plan ahead so I can be prepared for the work.

    So whoever in OSA is supposed to report back to David Miscavige on my reaction to your articles in your new Freedom Mag, just print this out and give to him.

    Also, in terms BFG books, I am going to sell 500 signed sets of the BFG books. There will be a hardback and a paperback together and BOTH will be signed by myself. I know there are a ton of Scilons that want the books and would like them signed as well. I am only going to sign these 500. That’s it. No more signed copies will be sold after this. So if you are going to do more promotion, you had better do it quick.

    In terms of BFG activity, I promise I did not leak to the media the whole thing about Tom Cruise’s master plan to recruit the Smith’s and J-Lo backfiring with Jada & Marc Anthony ending up being total anti-scientology SP’s and then having an affair. Also, it was total coincidence that those ex-Scilon actors were on Jada’s show. How weird huh?

    Thanks for your help and maybe I will see you at the event.

    Until next time…



    Email to Claire:

    Email to myself:

    P.S. The links in both emails did not work!
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  2. Anonymous Member

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  3. mongrel Member

    This intrigues me.

  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. Sponge Member

    Screenshot: best sellers in the Religion & Sprituality>>Other Practices>>Scientology sub-category 30th August 2011 .......

    The BFG print book and/or kindle are often in the top ten. Pretty good going for a small self pubishing concern versus a whole cult's corporate publishing arm with state of art in-house printing & distribution tech.
    With other awesome books from Amy Scobee, Jeff Hawkins, Nancy Many, Hugh B. Urban etc and of course Janet Reitman, Scientology really struggles to keep its books in the bottom half of the top 20 for its own dedicated scientology category.

    tl;dr scientology, you fucking suck.

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  6. Anonymous Member

    There's a carraige return after the line above "headley-anonymous.html". It's supposed to be all one line.

    Fix that and it will work (proxy-up if you need to)

    Here's a copypaste of that shit so you don't have to visit the link....

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  7. 00anon00 Member

    "Founder" is capitalized like the "Pope" "Jesus Christ" "Yahweh" and "Allah"?
  8. blownforgood Member

    I know how its broken and why, I just find it amusing that they sent out tons of these emails to Ex-members today with broken links.

    Can't even jam up ex'Scilons without screwing it up.

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  9. Anonymous Member

    "Founder" with a capital letter, like "God".
  10. RightOn Member

    what a riot.

    and Marc, you mean you're not going? lol
  11. CarltonBANKS Member

    A hell of a lot of leaks are courtesy of spamming to people how have blown/left (e.g. seenthelight)


    btw, in their fail 'parody' vids, I note they said your lawsuit was frivolous. You know, cos slave labour is so trivial(!)

    then i saw the recorded meeting of Tommy Davis & Fleshback ordering a business associate of yours to disconnect. The dude was like, wtf?!?!
  12. Just when you think the cult's propensity for self-ruination has peaked out, they wind up and hit one out of the park

    Whoever came up with the idea to send those emails to Marc and Claire should get a Sharpy and write 'OWNED AND OPERATED BY BFG' on their forehead.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    You must show up at Auditor's Day. OMG THE LULZ.
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  14. Yep preferably wearing a LRH costume complete with fake sailor's cap and ascot
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  15. seconded but have a back up plan like a restaurtant or something or local media going with
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  16. CarltonBANKS Member

    I didn't know that they came to London in 2010! Good for them. Clare Headley grew up as one of us, despite her American accent.


    I'm so delighted that they don't idolise Hubbard (like Marty Farty does) - they rightly think he was a thundercunt! (I had an inkling that they would despise Hubbtard, this just confirms it)


    also - this is the first I've heard of this eBay get-rick-quick thing - how very creative, and ludicrous.

    LOOOL !!!
  17. CarltonBANKS Member

    ps - please hurry up and get the audiobook sorted? :) I can't read very well, so it's my only way of finding out what happened :(
  18. Anonymous Member

    Soooooo......anyone have more info on Auditors Day in L.A. coming up?
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  19. the anti Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    A ginger?
  21. TinyDancer Member

    FALSE. You know they really should get someone who has actually READ the book to critique the book.

    I know that the ebay issue was in Marc's book because, at the request of a journalist, I typed out a few paragraphs from the book about that very ebay bit just the night before last, so the journo could interview someone about it. Cool, huh?

    The ebay thing is dealt with in detail in the book, Dumby!!

    Edit: And I can't help but do the double facepalm. Don't they realise that by posting about Rathbun thinking he's a Scientologist and Rathbun and Headley not seeing eye to eye, yet Rathbun writing the foreword to Headley's book, they are creating an intriguing MYSTERY! Word clear that one, Miscagive!
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  22. Random guy Member

    I just wanted to see this written again ... and again ... and again

    That is hard, solid entubulation, my hat off to you Sir!
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Wow, that's me in the pic with Marc. You can tell by how grainy it is that it was taken with a telephoto lens. Apparently taken by a Scilon hiding inside their org building. Sneaky Scilons! Don't you ever get tired of slinking around?
  24. subgenius Member

    One starts to wonder about the unintended consequences of Freedum publicizing the fact that there are so many "apostates".
    And how they were so highly regarded when in, and when out they never were any good.
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  25. RightOn Member

    not slinking around
    saving the planet silly
  26. i'mglib Member

    Is fervid a cross between fervent and rabid? There go the scilons making up words again.
  27. Smurf Member

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  28. subgenius Member

    I thought the same thing, and was shocked to learn (oh wow, word clearing really works!!!!!!!!!!!!, oh wait, what?) that it is, as the blue one noted, an actual real word!
    They finally got one right!
    Even a blind squirrel, and a broken clock, etc.
    Still, a somewhat archaic, stilted, and almost accidentally correct usage.
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  29. LocalSP Member

    Thus proving that the Tech doesn't work.
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  30. subgenius Member

    Unless you're brainwashed.
    Then it works 100% of the time.
    Unless you don't apply it correctly.
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  31. the anti Member

    so marc, yeah, any info you wish to share on the Auditor’s Day Event?
  32. moarxenu Member

    Hey Marc! I lol'd. Moronic scilons are moronic. Glad to hear their idiocy is increasing your book sales.

    And yes plz attend Auditor's Day Event since you have been invited. kthx.
  33. Smurf Member

    Doubt that's going to happen. LA is a bit of a drive from Colorado.
  34. i'mglib Member

    Huh, well I guess fervid is a real word. When I typed it in google it was red like a misspelled word. My bad. I will say this: 999 people out of 1000 would have said rabid or fervent, but that's Scientology for ya.
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  35. Anonymous Member

  36. You see, that's just the kind of stuff that made me have doubts, then leave, and then leave for good.

    If the longtimers in the cult would only take note of every time someone left; something inside their minds might start to churn. All these people have to do is remember the history of their own cult. I am sure every Scilon is aware of people who have left in their own orgs let alone the over 1500 people that they have never met who left and spoke out. All they have to do is think.

    You would think anyway...
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  37. Anonymous Member

    By the way, Marc, I read this and ordered another book from you (after stupidly lending my other signed copy to not get back) and it did not come with a signature. This makes me most unhappy.
  38. If you were to take any Scientology (OSA) article (rant) about Jason Beghe and merely substitute his name with Travolta, Cruise, Alley, or any of the other celebs it might prove to be interesting, especially if you were to do that and print out a copy just to see how it looks. Maybe the OSA already has templates made where you only have to fill in the names. It would save them a lot of work.

    If any of those people ever leave and speak out, I wonder how the real smear articles would look compared to that.
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  39. tildacity Member

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  40. CarterUSP Member

    I love to read these scilon responses to critics. The usual attempts to discredit the critic and NO ATTEMPT TO DENY OR EVEN CORRECT THE CRITICISMS BEING MADE.

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