Scilons coerce people to write declarations

Discussion in 'St Petersburg Times expose' started by blownforgood, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. blownforgood Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    I agree, poor choice of a word on my part.

    FIXED! Maybe not. I changed it but it did not change?? MODS - Can you help me out here? Change to Scilons coerce peopel to write declarations. Thx. I will lrn2internet later. I promise.

    Until next time...
  2. Dylar Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    Maybe this is a bit of moralfaggotry in me, but I think we need to have an Operation: Reconnect II.
  3. AnonyNess18 Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    This damn cult will go to any lengths to try and cover their asses!
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    I'm curious... Yael's maiden name is Lustgarten. Her parents are Moris & Clara Lustgarten. Though she doesn't mention it in her email, there is also a Simon Lustgarten in Clearwater.

    Simon Lustgarten - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    Jason Knapmeyer, who she blew Gold Base with in 2004 has a Facebook:

    Jason Knapmeyer - Orange County, CA | Facebook (Justin Tompkins, Jenna Miscavige's stepbrother is a "friend")
  5. crockhat Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    Yes it would. It would also be terrible if this woman had lied to cover up human rights abuses and help prolong abuse. Oh yeah, that's already happened hasn't it?

    I know she's desperate, but her lie is helping prolong exactly the sort of shit she's trying to get around (not being able to see her parents). Her head is probably completely mashed by cult nastyness...

    It's a sad sad story. I believe BFG's info wasn't released for the woman in question's benefit, but for the world at large, as proof (of sorts) that lies *are* being told to cover up for the violent, incompetent dwarf known as David Miscavige, and to give an example of how that works.
  6. crockhat Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    (Update: ich bin ein slowpoke, I know... cox.)

    Btw, this isn't a case of blackmail, but I'm curious to know if a law is being broken.
    Blackmail is getting money out of someone by threatening to reveal something which is true (and usually embarrasing).
    This is more like "coercion to defeat the ends of justice" or something. The woman in question is probably breaking some law by denying criminal acts she knows to have happened, and presumably the cult handlers who suggested she do this are similarly guilty.
    In normal blackmail, the person being blackmailed usually isn't breaking the law.
  7. oldbeardpdx Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    BFG, this post is sad.

    I am Jeff Hawkins, known on other forums as Fishdaddy. I don't often post here but wanted to comment on BFG's post about Yael.

    Yes, I worked with Yael for many years, we were close friends. She is my daughter's age, so I called her "hijita," little daughter. She was hardworking, smart and funny. She also had a Latin temper. Her entire family was in Scientology, and even when I worked with her at the Int Base, she missed them and was troubled that she could rarely see them. Her parents had joined the Sea Org - her father, Moris, is a talented architect and was recruited for the "Flag Landlord Office."

    After I left the Sea Org, I went down to Hermosa Beach and visited Yael - we hadn't seen each other since she blew. We spent hours walking along the beach and catching up. She was concerned for her father - he had been busted from the Flag Landlord Office and was on menial work at Flag. She was concerned for his health and at that time wanted to get him and her mother out of the Sea Org.

    Yael reminded me of something that had happened when we were at the Base. We had not been paid for weeks and weeks. One day I found Yael almost in tears, desperate that she had no money, could not by cigarrettes or snacks. I gave her $20. She remembered that, and remembered how I had tried to take care of her when I was her senior.

    She also was well aware of David Miscavige's cruelty. She had seen his tirades many times, witnessed the beatings. And she was well aware of how he had treated her personally, constantly trashing her, insulting her, talking her down to others.

    Yael ended up taking the Church's "deal." She agreed to do whatever they asked in order to see her parents again. Now we see the extent of what she is willing to do. She is willing to forget any kindness I did, and forget any abuse David Miscavige has done. It saddens me. I don't blame Yael, she is under tough pressures.

    So whether we call it blackmail or coercion or pressure or whatever, it is very sad to see good people forced to turn on their friends and violate their own integrity.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    this is why

    I'm so sorry you went through that.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    thanks so much for stopping by Jeff

    so many sad stories...and I'm so glad there are good ones, like yours, to keep us all sane

  10. Vir Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    Hi Jeff.

    If her afadavit is perjury, then the people who coerced her into doing it are also guilty of the crime as principal actors, not just accessories. I don't know which state's law, or if federal law would be most relevant here, but lawyers who practice in these areas may answer that better. She may also use the coercion as a defense in case somebody wants to prosecute her for it. Alas, prosecution for perjury is not very frequent. (Some relevant citations: California Penal Code section 31. 127. And US Code Title 18 chapter 79 and section 1622 in particular.)
  11. LarryBren Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    Thanks so much for sharing this Jeff. Yael will have to face her own version of karma. I do hope that it is sooner rather than later when she can finally get it together and tell the truth.

    The real crime to me (crime against decency, nature, goodness, however one wants to see it) is how her connection to her family is held hostage to ensure her lies to protect perhaps the greatest coward I have ever known. For fear of legal action against myself I will only use his initials, which are : David Miscavige. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center.

    For several years I have called David Miscavige a coward (in addition to a perjurer, liar, criminal, abuser, etc.). To me preying on this woman's love of her family and his ability to take that away from her in order to get her to lie to protect him is one example of cowardliness in truly EPIC proportion. The fact that David Miscavige has done this to other people who spoke up for him to the SP Times and has done it for many years before that only makes him a bigger coward.

    Maybe many of those he uses are mislead in their beliefs in scientology but to take any shred of hope or decency that binds them to such beliefs and then to threaten that as a means to control them to lie for him and hide his abuses is just plain not forgivable. David Miscavige makes them all a form of "human shield" to protect himself and to go along with the religious cloaking and corporate veils behind which he also hides.

    What greater example of cowardliness is there?

    David Miscavige suckers public scientologists as well to give him vast sums of money which he can also use to solidify what he considers is his power behind low-life attorneys, PIs and the like. David Miscavige is like a spiritual vampire who sucks every bit of decency from the unsuspecting to give sustenance to his morbid existence. (Otherwise he's not a bad guy - LOL).

    Anyway, this is why I intend to fight this and why I suspect many others including Marc, yourself and many in this and other forums do as well. I say in every possible public forum, press, TV, the courts, etc. we continue to get out the truth in every possible way until the above is ended.

    For every legal action now and for every TV or press exposure now I hope there are 100 a year from now.

    IMHO David Miscavige will cowardly hide behind all the above until each org is destroyed and organized scientology faces the death of cash starvation as staff and public who find out the truth leave in droves. If that is what must happen to stop his abuses then I for one say "let it be so". The saddest thing would be how many more people and families will be destroyed by his lies and abuses until they can be ended.

    One of David Miscavige's thug lawyers once told my lawyer that they basically had won the legal arena and that organized scientology and David Miscavige would never be effected or stopped from the outside.

    Oh really? I guess we will see about that.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    good post, worth seeing again

  13. Scatman Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    Then she is willfully and knowingly perjurying herself. That is fact.
    Correction, Yael made a deal with the scientology crime syndicate. The result of that deal is that she has betrayed her friends and aided her enemies. Yael is an adult who has committed a crime. She did it. There is no justification for that.
    Yael cooperated with the crime and was a willing participant. There are methods of seeing her parents using the courts and media.
  14. determu Member

    Re: Scilons coerce people to write declarations

    I actually started to cry a little, fuck that's sad

    What a douch-nozzle David

    I hope the guard accidentally leaves you alone for a moment or two on the general population yard
  15. Timmibal Member

    Re: Scilons coerce people to write declarations

    Hey Davey! He's waiting for you...
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scilons coerce people to write declarations

    Man up pussy. Watching the CoS expertly manipulate people to further their own ends should make you laugh and should earn your begrudging respect.
  17. terryeo2 Member

    Re: Scilons coerce people to write declarations

    LOL, wrong thread?

    So, did anyone DO anything about this new development? Perhaps forwarding this to the SP Times (with full header of original email to authenticate) would bring out another follow-up article?
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scilons coerce people to write declarations

    Has Jeff or Larry reached out to her to ask her why she would lie? (Or is that her own business and if she needs to lie to see her family, then so be it)

    A better question is if anyone contacted the parents to ask why they are putting their child through this??

    Moris & Clara Lustgarten had over $180,000 invested with Reed Slatkin and Moris was listed as a creditor 2001 Final Investor List > L - Z

    You can also find their address and phone number in the many WISE listings under Clara's name (or the Scientology Completions page) or has the latest phone number, but none of them are correct except maybe the quarter million $$$ island way condo.

    I was surprised the parent's birthday are 1942 & 1945, so I thought they would be a lot older if this was a talk to them before they die letter. Maybe her parents got shipped back to Venezuela to open up a LATAM scilon front.

    They sold their house in 2002 to Susan Boughton and you can give her a call, because I'm sure she knows how to contact the Lustgartens (hint: check theRazzLine)
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scilons coerce people to write declarations

    That sort of desperation from the part of the scifags can only prove that everything said about David Miscavige beating people is true.

    Once more.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    I think you're being way too extremist and way too black & white in what is an emotional & familial situation. We're dealing with good people that have been mind-fucked over the years & are still being treated with total treachery by the cult masters, using their emotions against them.

    And as far as methods of using the courts & media to facilitate visitations with parents? Bullshit. Talk to British Mum how that went in trying to see the daughter she hasn't seen in 12 years, which the cult & the LAPD conspired together to keep it that way.

    It blows me away the brevity of un-informed people in the world when it comes to the cult, and the utter dream world they live in thinking the courts & media are saviors just waiting to jump at the opportunity to save people from a cult.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations


  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    The person you quoted didn't suggest that all the affidavits were obtained under duress. Just one.
  23. webkilla Member

  24. anonymous44 Member

  25. Re: Scilons coerce people to write declarations

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  26. anonymous44 Member

    Re: Scilons coerce people to write declarations

    Oh dey bustin' slop!

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