Scilons coerce people to write declarations

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  1. blownforgood Member

    Scilons coerce people to write declarations

    In the recent Freedom Magazine, people that worked at the Int Base provided statements to back up the Scientology organization’s version of David Miscavige and his senseless beatings. Declarations and affidavits were also provided to the St Pete Times in as proof that David Miscavige was cool calm and collected and in no way used his position of power to insult, beat, slap, hit and generally abuse people as he wishes on a regular basis.

    Before I quote what one of those people said, let me tell you some back story.

    David Miscavige regularly picks on people based on their backgrounds. In this example I will tell what he used to say about a few people that had Jewish backgrounds. There were a few individuals that he would joke about and make comments to them. David Miscavige had a caricature drawn up of this one girl that had her with a huge nose, and a bookie hat on counting out money. This particular person was controlling all of the money that was being spent on Marketing at the Int Base. This person would fight at the financial planning meetings to get as much money as possible and would regularly get hundreds of thousands of dollars for ad campaigns, magazines, printed promotion materials etc. This person told me that on one occasion when David Miscavige was making snide comments to this person, he said that he “would bring toast and marmalade down next time to get them to do what he said to do.” This was in reference to how Hitler instructed concentration camp prisoners to be lured into the gas furnaces. Yeah, I know, nice guy huh?

    This girl worked in an area that was under constant scrutiny by David Miscavige. For many years she worked alongside Jeff Hawkins in Marketing and was part of meetings where Jeff himself was struck or attacked by David Miscavige. Her desk was smack dab in the middle of the marketing area and on many occasions she was a direct witness to David Miscavige screaming at people, throwing things around the room and all around temper tantrums.

    Eventually she would be removed from her marketing position for failing to live up to David Miscavige’s expectations of what she should be getting done and she would be assigned to work in the construction area of the Int Base as punishment. She would end up working on the new “berthing buildings” that had started construction in the early 1990’s and has been being worked on for over a decade with millions and millions of dollars spent and wasted and still not done.

    This area had already been plagued by constant ridicule from David Miscavige and no matter what happened, the buildings were not getting done and David Miscavige would regularly have people that had failed on other posts assigned to work on these buildings as punishment.

    Finally, when the pressure and constant ridicule became too much, this girl blew from the Int Base in 2004. This was after having worked in the Sea Org for 18 years. This person would get declared a Suppressive Person and not allowed to be able to speak with her parents that were still involved in Scientology.

    After years of living on her own outside of Scientology, she still wanted to speak with her family again. Her family lived in Florida and she lived in California. Even if she made the trip to Florida, there is little chance that they would even speak to her due to her being declared an SP.

    Finally, she said that she would do whatever the Scientology organization wanted her to do in order to be able to speak with her family again. It had been four years since she had spoken with her parents and she was getting desperate.

    She did all the things the scientology organization listed out for her to do. Yet, she was still not allowed to speak with her parents. Finally in 2009, she was contacted and asked to write a statement for the St. Pete Times that would be printed regarding recent attacks against the Scientology organization. As part of her deal, if she provided the requested statement, she would be allowed to speak with her parents again. Her statement was amongst several others regarding David Miscavige. Here is what she is quoted as saying

    Okay, so with the back story, that does not make that much sense as to why she would say that. From being there with her, in some of the same meetings with David Miscavige, one could say that she at least saw him be furious, pissed off, hit punch, slap, choke, push and inflict all kinds of abuse. Some of those things he did right in front of her and on many occasions.

    Okay, well when I read her statement in the St. Pete times I remembered that she had been trying to speak with her parents and then I realized that maybe she had a small memory lapse when presented with the opportunity to speak with her parents again. It never ceases to amaze me what some people will say when coerced. Just so this girl can get some of her memory back, I will post in full an email from May, 2008 from the very same girl. Maybe this will jog her memory a bit. She had written an email to the International Justice Chief of the Scientology organization and wanted to get some input.

    I am not very surprised that the Scientology organization did not send this email to the St. Pete Times. I think her statement would have been viewed a bit differently had this information also been presented.

    25 declarations and affidavits were presented in defense of David Miscavige. Between disconnected children, parents, aunts, uncles, etc. I hope at least some of these people will now be able to talk to their loved ones again after selling their integrity.

    Until next time…
  2. auchraw Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    This is really saddening. And it can no doubt be repeated by the number of 'witnesses' produced by Scientology whenever they are in a corner. They are shameless shits. Inhuman and manipulative way beyond what any organisation could demand.

    Not that anyone who knows anything believes the statements published by the SP Times.

    Maybe the SP Times could publish this story?
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    Blackmail to get a signed and notorized affidavit. Is this not a crime?
  4. genoramix Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    ^i guess. Now it's time imho to make all exes who were in the same situation speak out, and say what is going on, talk about blackmail, make it go viral, and fuck the dwarf once and for all.

    WHat kills me is that the girl who wrote the mail didn't see her parents while in the SO, what makes her believe she will get to see them?? haven't those people learnt that the dawrf will lie till his death in order to get what he wants???

    What can we do about this? (besides what i mentioned above)
  5. mefree Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    Sad and inhumane story.
  6. RightOn Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    OMG. rage.
    This is beyond sad. I am speechelss
    This is why
  7. timthephoto Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    crimes? the whole of scientology is held together by crimes of that nature. the awful truth being that most of the sea org are held over such a barrel
  8. Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    How does Scientology get away with this horrendous abuse? They truly believe they are above the law with their own International Justice Chief, what a fucking joke. They only call the police to protest legitimate protesters peacefully exercizing their rights while they continue to abuse their membership with outrageous working conditions and medieval punishments for the slightest infractions. The police are NOT called for Scientologist on Scientologist crimes. There's a myriad of crimes and human abuses being commited inside Scientology today. With the incredible amount of revelations from former members who have come forward, it's absurd that this corrupt organisation is not shut down. Thx to all who have selflessly spoken out and come forward to help those left behind and still under the mind control of this cult.
  9. RightOn Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    one questions, though... BFG shouldn't you remove her name from the email? It is pretty clear she didn't want to have anything on a forum or to speak out to ruin her chances of maybe seeing her parents?.
  10. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    I think that might have been intentional, RightOn
  11. RightOn Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    oh I know.... but is this what she wants? She will know it's her email without her name being atttached to it.
    I mean it would terrible if it clinches her chances to see her parents? (if she has any)
  12. Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    Personally, i think this type of exposure might give her a better chance of seeing her parents than giving in to and dealing with the "ethics" procedures of these criminals at the top of Scientology. It's a difficult call but her bias in supporting Miscavige due to blackmail needs to be exposed to end this shit. Letters of support obtained in this manner are crimes also. They bank on people lying for them to cover up their abuses in exchange for the most basic of human rights, it's so sad.
  13. RightOn Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    I agree, but the name can be taken off and a pseudo can be used
    with an explanation why.
    I hope to add her name to "The List" some day, but only when she is ready to speak out.
  14. The Dude Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    This isn't blackmail. No crime has been committed.

    Also, how do you know all of these affidavits were collected under similar undue pressure?
  15. hotdog57 Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    Blownforgood this woman is sick in the head,
    I was not able to see my Parents and my dad did die with out me being able to see him, BECAUSE WE WERE DISCONNECTED.

    Scientology turned by loving father into a mad man against me,
    filling his head full of lie,s about me.
    and this stated a war inside my intire familey. because they could not understand ,WHY
    so Scientology made sure their were Loads of lie,s about me that were pure black lie,s.
    they lie,s were so bad I dare not even post them.
    understand my dad was senile dementia.
    and did not have all his faculties at 75 years old... .
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    Well, if it becomes known that the blackmail is useless, maybe they'll stop blackmailing? And she can just claim that the email is fake, or that she didn't really send it to BFG before sending it to the "international justice chief". If she's actively lying about people, she won't mind lying a bit more to please David Miscavige.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    You need to srsly lurk moar or just STFU.
  18. The Dude Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    Oh I've lurked for quite awhile. The question stands.
  19. Shellback Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    I don't even know why I'm bothering to answer this. :)

    Of course no one knows for sure. Scientology is like a big hall of mirrors in a fogbank. She could be telling the truth. Rathbun and the others could be telling lies about poor David Miscavige. Scientology could be the best hope for this planet, to save it from the grasp of the evil psychs.

    Or, Scientology could be a money making operation who's masters are very concerned about interruptions in their revenue stream. So concerned that they have little qualm about breaking societal norms in getting people to say what they want.

    For the first supposition, there is little evidence one way or the other. For the second there is an abundance of evidence.

    Scientology has done this over and over again, as a matter of institutional policy. Perhaps this time they are doing something different. Can you really believe that?
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    You speak with an authority you do not have. To question it is fine. To assume you know facts not in evidence is either arrogant or trolling. I will not say this person was blackmailed, but to state categorically that this person was not or that the others were not in some way "bribed" to make their statements is more than a little naive, given the CoS's history.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    Lieing in an Affidevit is actually perjury. So yes a crime has been commited.
  22. auchraw Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    [strike]Where the fuck is Herro?[/strike]

    O Hai, Dude!
  23. EyeOnSci Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    LOL, This ^^^

  24. Scatman Member

    From her email it appears to me that Yael had not fully recovered from scientology due to her statements about writing up "Overts", "Witholds", "Crimes" and do "Steps A-E", which is a self-brainwashing method for SPs, in addition to not viewing "suppressive links".
    Yael (Lustgarten) Sherlock may find herself writing letters to her parents from prison.
    False statements made on an affidavit recorded in the public is the crime of perjury.
    Those parties inducing perjury are committing the crime of suborning to perjury.
    If it involves a court case, which in this instance it does, it is also obstruction of justice.
    If it involves more than one person in the act of obstruction of justice acting in concert, then there is also conspiracy to obstruct justice.

    What we are seeing here is the operating basis of the Scientology Crime Syndicate.
    Comparing organized scientology to the mafia is within reason. It is an accurate comparison.

    * Project Assistant at W.L Butler Constrfuction, Inc.
    * Project Engineer at W. L. Butler Construction, Inc.


    * Project Manager Assistant at Chism Commercial


    * Universidad Central de Venezuela
    * Orange Coast College
    * University of California, Riverside

    Yael has 2 recommendation(s) 2 people have recommended Yael
    26 connections

    Yael Sherlock’s Summary
    Yael Sherlock’s Specialties:

    Construction Project Engineer, Project Manager Assistant, contracts, marketing, sub-contracts/change orders, close ot procedures, field supervision.
    Yael Sherlock’s Experience

    Project Assistant
    W.L Butler Constrfuction, Inc.

    (Construction industry)

    Currently holds this position
    Project Engineer
    W. L. Butler Construction, Inc.

    (Construction industry)

    2006 — Present (3 years)
    Project Manager Assistant
    Chism Commercial

    (Construction industry)

    March 2004 — March 2006 (2 years 1 month)

    Yael Sherlock’s Education

    Universidad Central de Venezuela

    1985 — 1986
    Orange Coast College


    University of California, Riverside

  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    Oh PLEASE ! she is not going to be tried for perjury !
  26. Scatman Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    You don't know that.
  27. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    Just when I thought the cult couldn't sink any lower, I read this.

    This is why.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    If I buy a lottery ticket and say "Im not going to win" it doesn't mean that I know that I wont. But makes the statement no less true.

    The odds of her winning the lottery are greater than her being tried for perjury.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    It's a false statement and you know that it's false. Even if you don't win, when you said "I'm not going to win" you knew that you were lying.
  30. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Yael Sherlock's info from Linkedin

  31. amaX Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    IANAL, but I used to be a notary.

    A notary just makes sure that everyone signing a document are who they say they are. The notary's job isn't to make sure the document is the truth. *However, if the notary who notarized Yael's letter was a $cientologist and that notary was aware that what Yael was signing was a lie then that notary would be in trouble. Sometimes there's a fine and loss of your notary commission or just the loss of the commission for knowingly notarizing something that's not on the up-and-up.

    Since Yael was desperate and willing to do anything to see her parents I doubt any prosecutor would bother with this web of lies.

    Maybe the SPTimes might like to do a follow-up though. I'd sure like to see that.
  32. BTs2Free Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    This is pretty sad because I knew Yael really well and worked closesly with her when I was in Marketing at Int. Both Jeff Hawkins and Steve hall who spoke out in the SP Times article were close to Yael as well, actually considered real friends. Well, at least we thought.

    Reading her letter to the IJC is very saddening because it shows how desperate she must be to want to see her parents that she'll do practically anything (accept be a Scientologist) to be able to talk to them again. Even write up her "crimes", overts and withholds (what, so they can have further blackmail material on you Yael?)

    Her statement to the SP Times is false. She had to have seen DM beat up Marc Yager in PDO during the WIS? book evolution. When DM is in an area at the Int Base, it is mandatory that all staff be present and "on-post" in case COB has any questions or orders for that post or area. Yeal WAS there for that. I also know she was present and witness to a number of DM's and others abuses, so for her to write this statement to the SP Times is a complete lie and she's turning on her friends who are trying to end the abuses that are still happening at the Int Base. This makes Yael an accessory to the crimes going on at the base IMO.

    Yael, you don't have to put up with that BS anymore. You have friends out here who care about you, but you're completely going about this the wrong way.

  33. Smurf Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    I recall a phrase that floated around years ago during the O.J. Simpson trial for the 2 murders: "Committing murder is not a crime unless you're caught & convicted."

    Yes, blackmail & the filing of notarized affidavits are criminal acts but this practice has been taking place in Scientology for decades and they have never been prosecuted for it. It's so flagrant, that judges involved in Scientology cases commented about it.

    After blowing Scientology the 1st time, and exposing criminal acts coordinated through OSA, they played the same shit with me going so far as telling me, in front of non-Scilon witnesses, that my dying mother wanted to see me, was in the Fort Harrison, but I would not be permitted to see her unless.... It was enough to put me over the edge & turn on many of the critics like Jeff Jacobsen, Gerry Armstrong, Ford Greene, and assist in the demolition of the Cult Awareness Network.

    I was recovered and signed numerous declarations & blank sheets of paper which Ken Long (PAC-OSA) would fill-in later to be used to benefit the cult. All the declarations would be witnessed by Scilon notaries working out of OSA-Legal. Some of the declarations that the handlers have shoved in my face from time-to-time even have my name so so errantly misspelled... it's comical. I suspect Kurt Weiland was involved because the mindless twit never could speak or spell my name right.

    The physical & mental abuse & "take no prisoners" manipulation became so horrendous, I blew a 2nd time & never went back.

    And they were all "signed" under penalty-of-perjury which means zero in Scientology when the only laws Scilons really care about the directives handed down by LRH and his predecessors.

    This shit has been going on since DM was in diapers.. started with the GO. There are tens of thousands of false, sworn declarations floating around & cataloged in the archives of Scientology properties, so they can be pulled at any time to be used in OSA's black ops.

    DM is ordering this undertaking of accruing false declarations because they've gotten away with it for so long and it helps them in the PR arena.. not so much in the courts.
  34. Avery1 Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    This is why it's important to expose what's really going on. I think Marc did the best thing by posting her name and story here. Getting the truth out is the only way we win.

    She is a victim here surely, but that doesn't give her the right to help the cult continue to victimize people by caving into the leverage they have on her. It is understandable that she caved, but that doesn't mean we don't expose it for what it really is.

    John: Thanks for your comment. Marc: keep shining that light.
  35. tazor Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    She did the exact opposite of what she should have done. I doubt if she'll get to see her parents anyway.

    She should have made the biggest damn stink she could and then do it some more. Instead she sold out.
  36. AnonyMary Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    Seems she took the bait. desperate measures for desperate people:

    yaellz has a twitter.
    Name Yael Sherlock
    Location Northern California
    <LI id=bio>Bio Construction Project Engineer and Designer. Starting and running my own business at the moment.

    Guess who's on her Following list: Gabriella Llewellyn

    Mark Rathbun said on his blog that Gabriella Llewellyn is an agent for David Miscavige. Seeing Blownforgood's post , this connection explains alot.

    Some other history, from Jeff Hawkins' Counterfeit Dreams Blog

    "For the project, I was to have an assistant, Yael Sherlock. Yael had been in CMU since the LA days, about 13 years. We called her "JVA" for Jewish Venezuelan Princess. Her family was from Caracas and were well-to-do. She had a Latin temper and a Jewish sense of humor, which made her charming and funny. I liked to practice my high school Spanish with her. As she was my daughter’s age, I called her hijita, "little daughter," and she called me jefecito, "little chief." We made a good team: I was a fast reader and knew Scientology pretty well, and she was methodical and precise. We set up an office in a corner of the CMO Int trailers. She set up a massive spreadsheet and we began filling it in. There was no time to listen to all the lectures of course – that would have taken over a year, time we didn’t have. So I mostly skimmed transcripts to get the sense of the lecture, listening to only a few. We had a matter of weeks to get it all done. " Jeff Hawkins

    Here's a link to scatman's post on her resume
  37. mongrel Member

    Re: Yael Sherlock's info from Linkedin

    The popular definition of "blackmail" does not necessarily meet the legal definition. I don't think the OP's intention was to expose legal crimes but rather to expose personal ones.

    Perjury is a crime but there can be extenuating circumstances which negate any penalties. "Duress" is the first one that comes to mind. Although, technically, a crime may have been committed, I would be surprised if any prosecutor pursued it.

    I took her language to mean that she was trying to "speak their language".
  38. The Dude Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    No. Someone said that this instance was blackmail. It isn't, so I said that it isn't.

    Lol, no.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    blackmail |ˈblakˌmāl|
    • the action, treated as a criminal offense, of demanding money from a person in return for not revealing compromising or injurious information about that person
    • money demanded in this way
    the use of threats or the manipulation of someone's feelings to force them to do something
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scilons blackmail in exchange for declarations

    I think the more precise term here is coercion or extortion, not blackmail.

    Blackmail involves getting something (money, services, an affadavit, or other things) by threatening to reveal information - true or false - about someone. So you could say that the people who appeared in the St. Petersburg times were blackmailed if they were told not to do it or their secrets would be revealed and/or lies would be told about them.

    Extortion is a wider term, which covers getting anything by coercion.

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