Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by AnotherSP, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. Quote Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Scilon dog is a volunteer minister?

    In b4 "Body Fleatans"
  2. theclut Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    It seems to me that the Scilons are getting more and more paranoid and aggressive, probably because all the lies the upper levels tell about anonymous being hired by psychiatrists and other crap.
  3. 530Anon Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    As I understand it, the Washington Privacy Act only deals with conversations where the parties have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

    See the Ninth Circuit opinion in Johnson v. Hawe (2004) 388 F.3d 676.

    FACTS: A guy videotaped the police chief sitting in his police car, talking on his radio. The cop arrested him for violation of the Privacy Act. The guy sued in Federal court for a civil rights violation, and the Ninth Circuit refused to throw out the lawsuit.

    From the opinion (internal quotes omitted):

    "To determine whether a conversation is private, Washington courts consider the intent or reasonable expectations of the participants as manifested by the facts and circumstances of each case. A person's right to keep private his affairs including his conversation depends on whether he has a reasonable expectation of privacy at the time and under the circumstances involved."

    The court then draws an analogy to a person's expectation of privacy under the Fourth Amendment, saying that you don't have a reasonable expectation of privacy when you expose something to public view.

    The Scilon had a conversation with Anons on a public street, loud enough that anybody passing by could hear it. Doesn't sound like any kind of private conversation to me.

    Major fail to the cops who don't bother to know the law, even when one of them gets sued over something.
  4. AnotherSP Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    That's good to know. We've been recording all of our interactions with the scilons as a way to protect ourselves, it would have really sucked if we could no longer do that.
  5. AnotherSP Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Got the officer info:

    The female officer that was deteremined to be an accomplice after the fact was Officer Arbogast - Serial Number 5444.

    The male officer that was pretty much invisible and didn't talk to anybody on the Anon side was Officer Cassidy - Serial Number 3806.

    We have found records that a Brigitte Arbogast took Scientology courses 10 years ago, but we don't know if it's the same person yet.
    Edit: There is an Autumn Arbogast in Seattle at "ratemycop" - Autumn L Arbogast (hn036y)
  6. Paco Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    They could be related, or she could have changed her name. Arbogast seems like an uncommon family name in the United States.
  7. Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Arbogast,Autumn L
    Pol Ofcr-Patrl
    Southwest Precinct
    2300 S.W. Webster Seattle, WA 98106
    E-Mail: or

    Cassidy,Michael T
    Pol Ofcr-Patrl
    West Precinct
    810 Virginia St. Seattle, WA 98101
    E-Mail: or


    I suggest you Seattle Anons copy that full ROSTER for posterity and future lookups.
  8. Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    The Washington Privacy Act is here. IANAL, but it couldn't possibly be construed so as to rule out filming a loud conversation in a public place.
  9. AnonyK23 Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    I've got the roster on my computer, it could come in handy.

    Thanks for the privacy act.

    Looks like we're going to need to make a protest folder or something, with salient laws marked for easy access.
  10. avatar2008 Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    COS Seattle got off with this bullshit the 1st time (neck choke incident) and now they're getting bolder.

    That is all.
    Stay Safe.
    Keep Recording.
  11. IsThisOn? Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    They can make it say anything they want, but the Supreme Court supersedes everything! Here's some things to remember..

    the Reasonable Expectation of Privacy

    In declining to prosecute Sievert, the state pointed to a decision in a federal lawsuit in which a judge awarded a man damages for his arrest for videotaping police.

    In 2003, a state judge in Pennsylvania overturned the harassment conviction of Allen E. Robinson, who had taped police during a traffic stop. Robinson said he was concerned about unsafe truck inspections and set up a video camera.

    Robinson, a truck driver, sued the police, saying he was subjected to false arrest, excessive force and malicious prosecution. Robinson won in federal court in 2005.

    "The activities of the police, like those of other public officials, are subject to public scrutiny," a federal judge wrote. "Robinson's right to free speech encompasses the right to receive information and ideas."

    The police, the judge wrote, citing a case in Texas, do not have "unfettered discretion to arrest individuals for words or conduct that annoy or offend them." - News - News stories about Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties in Florida, from the newspapers of record. -
  12. Hieronymous Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Aw hell yeah, anons doing its homework.

    AnotherSP, I know you said she told you to turn off cams but do you have any footage up until that point?
  13. annoymouse Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Just thought I'd throw this thought in for the future:
    While watching the Old Guard videos over @ xenuTV, I noticed Bob and Mark started using wireless stereo mics (I know, that's an extra expense) , but audio split between 2 people. Made for some very interesting conversations Bob was having with bullbaiters while Mark was filming 1/2 a block away. Also, note in LA, when cop tells Mark he doesn't want the camera on him, he simply points it towards the ground, but keeps recording audio (check local laws).

    they don't call 'em the Old Guard for nothing.
  14. Qball Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Here's a suggestion: have a wingman for the cameranon.

    Wingman's job:
    • SPOTTER: Act as the heads-up to the camera operator, who might become a bit oblivious to his surroundings while staring down the viewfinder, and who might miss trouble happening in another area, or worse, trouble approaching.
    • BLOCKER: Run interference for the camera operator. Get between the filmer and trouble; Scilon wants to make a grab for the camera, he's got to go through you. Don't need to actually fight, just be an obstacle.
    • SCREENER: As many have mentioned, the Scilons are getting twitchy. And while nobody here wants to see Anons actually injured, a couple of shots of them misbehaving could snowball into epic mainstream media coverage. As has been pointed out, they're not going to show their true colors in front of overt cameras. Having someone act as a screen, filming under the arm from behind, etc, makes it not so obvious and may embolden them to say or do things they'd never want on the blooper reel. I'm not saying bullbait them, just let them do what (historically) comes naturally to them
  15. AnonyFag Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Ok, everyone's legaling up. Check. Cop identified. Check. Scilon face and plate. Check...

    One thing I haven't seen anyone do yet, is analyze the videos.

    I've had some videography experience, both behind and in front of the camera over the course of a number of years. So I looked at Alvin's vids and made some quickie, point-note observations of what little footage there was. Apologies in advance for the TL;DR

    Video One: Yes, this fellow looks like he's stoned out of his gourd. However... Remember the video on WBM's site... One of the "4th of July" vids. This was when Magoo was still in the mindfuck and was sent out to "Handle" him. When I first saw the vid, I could have sworn she was bombed on something too, however, she says she wasn't on anything. Compare here:

    Tory Christman in Occupied Clearwater

    The giggly, fool on the hill thing is a tactic to make you drop your guard and instill doubt and second guessing.

    Next, noting SciAssaulter's facial expressions... He seems all shits and giggles, happy go lucky, smiling his ass off. Ain't that presh? However, when he looks directly at the camera, you can see the façade slip a bit... His eyes look cold and hard, just for that instance. To me, that's a warning sign. It signals some kind of intent.

    At ~2:49 in the video, we see a person walking along in the background with a plastic bag. Notice how the Scilon does a full torso twist to check it out. Is this unusual? In this instance, yes. It's a busy, noisy street. People are talking in front of him, why the need to check on a single passerby in the far background, except to check if that passerby may notice something he's going to do?? Also in this vein, he's constantly looking at the traffic as well... Where a Scilon is involved, I'm inclined to think that this is only for one of two reasons: waiting for backup... or getting ready to stir the shit and wanting as few potential witnesses around as humanly possible.

    At ~4:04... Alvin, you need to catch all of the action, man. I have no idea what the Scilon was pulling out of his sock (at least that's what it looked like) and put into his pocket. The action was just out of frame. This can be important. For all I know, he just dropped the keys for his truck or his wallet... maybe. BUT... Was it a folding knife in a leather sheath? That's "concealed weapon" right there... Was it some sort of recording device? This crosses my mind because he reached for it immediately after you said "We're pretty radical that way". Hand that to OSA, and it can be soundbited down to "We're pretty radical" or spliced to "We're radical". It's just fucked up enough for the Scilons to try to pull off. It'd be fail, yeah, but since when has that stopped them from firing off a footcannon? Check your frames, and if in doubt, back it up so the whole picture is gotten. If your cam can do it, pull back the zoom a smidge.

    Finally in this vid, the Scilon practically obsesses about your mask. That'd be my indicator to start either retreating or at least planning for a retreat. If I were in your shoes, hearing someone go on and on about it would make me think they have a potential intend to do something about it. it's a warning sign when put together with how he looked at the camera with that cold stare.

    As for vid #2, there's not a lot of analysis to be done in this post-gamer... However, I'd like to give Alvin a tad of advice: If you've just been assaulted by a Scilon, do not go back and forth to the vehicle. You got the plate and the SciFag's face once. Leave it at that. I know you had some question as to the operational integrity of your equipment and all, but you're just giving them ammo. Imagine BitchCop arriving on the scene and, to add insult to injury, says to you; "Well, don't you think that re-approaching his vehicle multiple times seemed a bit intimidating, especially when you're constantly filming his plate and face? What are you going to do with that info anyway?". If you have doubts as to your equipment's ability to record, just have a fellow Anon take a camera phone pic. Even the most basic of images will do the job.

    Tip for VidAnons with low turnout numbers at /r/aids:

    If you wind up having a low turnout, try to ensure you have at least two cameras. Bring extra recording medium (SD cards or Mini-DVD) and extra batteries. Designate two camfags as your designated camfags. This is their job for the /r/aid. The 2 camfags need to co ordinate for when one has to change battery or recording medium. In the interest of NEVAR allowing the filming to cease and thus let your guard down, a system needs to be worked out. Here's a theoretical between CamFag1 and CamFag2

    CamFag1: Battery/Media swap.
    CamFag2: Check. (readies cam. Power up and aiming, sound on)
    CamFag1: [date/time/location]Switch in 3, 2, 1... Switch!
    (CamFag2 is already rolling to create an "overlap")
    CamFag2: Rolling at [date/time/location]

    And, continue filming until CamFag2 needs to do the same thing... In the meantime, CamFag1 acts as the "Spotter" as previously mentioned.

    The above ensures that there is always one camera rolling. It also allows conservation of camera media and batteries, as switching off the duty allows both to be used longer, but co-ordination and co-operation are the keys here. Practice a switch off as much prior as you can. Later the vids can be combined later, with the vocal switch cues authenticating the switch in conjunction with the time/date stamps built into the cameras themselves.
  16. AnonyK23 Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Mkay, so here's a question:

    For tiny raids--we had three when this happened--if this shit goes down, and the cops are demanding a description and license plate of someone who is sitting in the car, how do we do that safely without ooooh intimidation?

    At our raid, I called and gave them the info they wanted, which involved standing directly in front of the truck (kind of scary), and at one point directly in front of the guy when he got out of said truck (scarier, he was rushing at me). They'd look like fucking morons claiming to be intimidated by ME, but the flipside of this is that it was honestly borderline stupidity.

    Obviously this shouldn't be an issue, but if it's going to be we want to be as effective as possible.
  17. AnonyFag Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    It's not a question of going up to the vehicle once. That was, IMHO, a necessity. Returning twice more would be questionable to some cops, as I pointed out. In this instance, I would have gone for the one-shot, with your 2nd cam as backup, logging the same thing you were logging from slightly behind and to the side of you. So, you have documentation, no facefaggery and a second perspective shot with audio.

    If I'm reading this right (and I may not be)... The devil is in the detail of what you didn't get on camera. You have no video of the Scilon's aggression towards you (other than dirty looks)... but plenty of what what could be construed as aggression/intimidation from you. Remember, their lawyers aren't going to give a shit about what you "say" happened. They're going to take the vid (or lack thereof) and spin it into whatever fantasy they can contrive to make you look bad. They could conceivably take your vid and ask; "Well, you have all this prior footage, but somehow, magically, the part you claim is *ahem* missing? I find that hard to believe!"

    Obviously this shouldn't be an issue, but if it's going to be we want to be as effective as possible.[/quote]
  18. AnotherSP Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    At the time, I didn't think he was high, just brainwashed and messed up by whatever class he was in the building for.

    At the time, I wondered if he was worried about being caught talking to us.

    I really freaked out at this when it happened. I froze up and stared at him as he slowly reach down and folded over his sock and pulled out...a phone...? Why keep a phone there? No but really, I was thinking it might be a knife while he was reaching.

    Immediately afterword Alvin went in front of the car to get pics, I followed to get vid of the car and to make sure Alving was ok then backed off. 23 needed to give a description of the car and came over. When the Assault Scilon got out of his car we freaked and got out of the way and stayed over on our side, though he did get out again and come over (this is in the second video, where he is talking to us at the cops come). When the cops came he said, "Good, the cops are here", which seemed very odd to me at the time because I was very sure he was about to get his ass handed to him by the cops. I guess he knew better than me.

    Re: numbers:
    This was the smallest we've ever had, and we had someone on the way. It was basically the best time for them.

    Cameras:We just got a couple more, as well as the ACLU protest monitor who will be recording at all times and knows all of the federal laws regarding protesting.
  19. AnonyK23 Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    I see the confusion (I think. I'm confused...had to read this three times). I'm decidedly not either of the camanons, I'm phone-anon. The scilon rushed at me when I was on the phone w/SPD *after* his attack on Alvin.

    We had no option but for the 2 of them to be covering that, and the cameras weren't going away at that point. Alvin and SP were 'covering' me during the phone call for safety, because 2 assaults would suck more than 1, obviously, and AssaultScilon was unpredictable.
  20. AnotherSP Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Like I said in the vid, I guess we could always ask the scilons for THEIR video. They had a camera pointed right at the area we were at. If Alvin had decided to press charges they would have had to turn them over...assuming they weren't "lost".
  21. AnonyFag Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Ahh.. Ok, got it now... Holy shit.

    Still, glad you're ok. Go over the suggestions for filming I laid out and use what you can among yourselves. Maybe have a little drill session and use what "works" for your particular group. I know it's hard when things are happening at rapid pace, but keep your wits about you while the Scilons are losing theirs... by all indications, this shit is just going to get worse as they go more and more batshit insane.
  22. Plups Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    From that article (above).
    "'Cause you KNOW, you're the only one who can help..."
  23. Anon9000+1 Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Dont know if this has been posted yet, Here is the definition of harassment in seattle.
    If anything, he assaulted you. You have witnesses, the police officer was negligent at best. Have a badge number?
  24. AnonyFag Member

  25. SimonG Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    This is getting pathetic. If we can't trust the police to look after us who can we rely on exactly? It makes me so angry to think that this kind of thing happens in some places.

    We're having lots of difficulty here in the UK with the police too and it's getting to a point where something HAS to be be done about this.
  26. AnotherSP Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    That was the worst part. We all EXPECT scilons to be crazy, and maybe to crack one day and attack, but the fact that the cop didn't care AT ALL, even enough to talk to us witnesses (or see the footage from our cameras or the CoS's), was very depressing. In this case I almost wish it had been me or 23 attacked because at least if it was a female who was assaulted one HOPES that it'd make more of an impact on the responding cops.
  27. AnonyK23 Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    QFT (and I was there).

    Part of why it stinks of set up: they knew who they could get away with attacking.
  28. Plups Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    That is really useful. It's strongly worded.
  29. anon1957 Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    I have watched the vids of the assault scilon several times.

    A couple things strike me about this guy, but if I had been there, my hair would've been standing on end when I realized that, even after assualting anon, he continued to just sit in his truck and smirk. At that point, I would've known that something was being set up.

    A "normal" person who did something like what he did in front of 2 witnesses would've gotten the fuck out of Dodge.

    2nd thing: Just because a person SMILES, doesn't mean he is NICE! Just listen to his questions: He was not generally curious. His questions were framed to challenge. I will also submit that he was obviously looking for an opportunity to assault the whole time he stood there. Also notice that he never seemed to be affected by ANYTHING anon said. He just kept smirking and smiling while anon talked about terrible things.

    The phone in his sock was beyond weird.

    Also, waving someone else over is an aggressive attempt to control another. He was trying to find out how pliable you are. Never ever fall for that. I am also thinking that there is a possibility that there was a blind spot in the cult's camera set up in that specific location--and he wanted you there for a reason, so that there would be no record on ANY camera of his planned assault. If someone wants to talk to you, let them come to you. The proper response to anyone (scilon or otherwise, unless it is a genuine emergency) waving at you to go to them is "nu u."

    And if anyone else hasn't mentioned it, this assault dude needs to be seriously namefagged. For his own protection as well as others...
  30. WashAnon Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Are you referring to the assaulter or the assaulted?
  31. The Anti-Ron Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    If the Orgs have ordered such behaviour it is very possible that the entire incident might have been talked over with lawyers before it actually happened. Waving at the clam could be construed as harrassment and his reaction maybe can be defended as a reaction to this harrassment And you will have to acknowledge that should charges be brought against the clams it will not be Lionel Clutz (Homer Simpsons favourite lawyer [free pizza with your legal advice]) defending him.

    These people are fundamentalists they would not mind a big fine or couple of months in prison looked after by criminon for their cause - if action is taken legally make sure that you can not be found guilty of anything yourself.

    The best thing to do would be to try and get in contact with a large civil liberties group (who may be able to shoulder any legal costs) and talk over your options.

    Getting in touch with the press is a good idea but they don't seem to be very interested in the whole anon protests.

  32. Robert S Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    I'm sitting here wondering why we're still sitting here wondering what to do. Am at work so it is possible, but did I miss somewhere in this thread where we actually did something about this yet? If I missed the post then I obviously suck, but...
  33. AnonyK23 Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    The attacked anon cannot, for personal reasons, namefag himself.

    So, we're

    a) having someone from the ACLU as a neutral observer at all future protests (win)

    b) running more video even though it is FUCKING BORING out in front of that org 99.99999% of the time

    c) talking to the police regarding Officer Autumn L(azy) Arbogast, who doesn't seem to realize that her job is Srs Bsns

    d) hoping that next time-and we know there WILL be a next time-they go for someone who will nail them to a wall.
  34. Robert S Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Ok, thanks. I obviously can't multitask for shit. :doh:
  35. Whitehatv2 Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member


    If you can't get filmed without asking permission...

    Then that CO$ Security Camera is ILLEGAL.

    This cop reeks.
  36. R2-45 Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    The law is stupid.

    You see, video taping everything you can see is legal from public or your own private property (Or any private property you have permission), with the exception of where there's a reasonable expectation of privacy (Your store's bathroom, your rental houses' bedroom, et cetera).

    Having AUDIO with that video, however, puts it in the realm of wiretapping (!), which not only makes it illegal, but a federal offense.
  37. anon1957 Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    The scilon.

    FWIW: there have always been and will always be lazy and/or corrupt cops. It goes with the territory. Cops are not well paid and in many jurisdictions the educational qualifications are abysmally low. So, in any big city police force, there will always be a combination of the altuistic, well meaning types, the power-tripping, and the plain old stupid. The best innoculation is to not only build good relationships with the supervisors but also local politicians. There is an essential dynamic tension between career cops and elected officials. It is worth learning how to use it and play it.

    As far as using a camera on public byways, earlier in the thread it was pointed out that the Supreme Court has ruled on this issue, and the Supreme Court trumps any state law which may have been passed.
  38. AnotherSP Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    We had a protest today in honor of the assault last week, and we had our new ACLU observer with us. Strangely, the parking lot, always completely full on Wednesdays, was more than half empty. I'm not sure if they tried to discourage people from coming or if it was an unusually quiet day. I left early because I am sick, and wouldn't you know, me, leaving alone, being one of the three people involved last week, got followed? Not surprising in the least, and the guy who did it was very obvious, so I didn't demask or go to my ride before ditching him. Good job at being predictable dickheads CoS.
  39. anon91-19 Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    uhhh whats your source on that? Im pretty sure audio has NOTHING to do with it. We're not talking about recording a conversation over the phone. Im fairly certain that in public you can record who or what you want, with audio. Think about news crews and such, they'd be arrested all the time if what you said was true.
  40. AnonyFag Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member


    Read the fucking thread, FFS.

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