Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by AnotherSP, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. xenubarb Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Do not rely on police officers for legal advice. Mark Bunker got hit with the same argument, recording audio with video during one encounter.

    Lawyer up and go get 'em! GO GO GO! You're in the right. Waving at someone, that's bullshit.
    Following you and staking out your house, THAT'S harassment!
  2. Hoo Phar Ted Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Although this may be a possibility, I would not jump to this conclusion to her superiors without hard proof. If this is brought up to superiors that those involved think she is a scilon and it turns out through investigation that she isn't, and is just a lazy cop, that same department/superiors will see it as Anons crying wolf and future problems will have a tendency to lean in the favor of the scilons. At this point IMO, I would keep it as an unprofessional, biased opinion on the officers part in not keeping the said account/disturbance impartial. That which can be proven, versus that which may be construed as tinfoil hat.
  3. SLOJOE Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    I'm gonna Print this out..the SCOTUS ruling eh. Thanks.
  4. Anonyneko Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Lazy cop might want to start looking for a new job where laziness is encouraged. Perhaps with the scilontology army. SHE BELONGS THERE SO THAT SHE CAN COME BACK.
  5. SomeOldGuy Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    I'm wondering something. What would be the legal implications of filming/taking pictures of a Scientologist (when you're standing out on the street with a bunch of protesters) who is taking pictures/filming YOU, say, from the third floor window of the church?

    Hypothetically speaking, of course.

  6. seattleanon1 Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    You are allowed to film on a public street. There are security cameras put up in varioius places, you don't need to tell somebody. In order to catch bad scilon behavior easier, I would suggest filming in a discrete manner such as a thin digital camera clipped to a shirt pocket or even somebody doing that who is standing back and doesn't appear to be part of the protest. The camera can be covered further with maybe a hankerchief or such that only the lense is visible. The scilons I'm sure are aware of the fine line between getting themselves in trouble with the law and are constantly flirting with it. If you are there making an obvious spectacle of yourself holding a camcorder up to your eye all the time, they are less likely to do something illegal and will of course always try to wait until the camera is turned or taking a break, which is inevitable at some point. Stand back and catch them on tape when they don't think anybody is monitoring them. Their tactic is 'noisy' or obvious monitoring, I think it would benefit us most if we used 'silent' monitoring.

    Another thing, if you go to court or submit an assault or other crime on tape to the police, the last question that will be asked is whether or not you were in your right to film. It is obvious you did because you knew there was a high probability of a crime being committed. Don't let some scilon bully you around telling you that you are not within your rights to film. The only people you have to answer to is the police, so treat them respectfully and give them a heads up beforehand of the situations that have occured in the past.
  7. woginsky Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    I highly recommend you hire a lawyer, talk to the DA and the st00pid cop's superior.

    You need to pursue this or the scilons' will assume they can declare war on anon.

    Really, go for it unless there is some reason you can't go public with your identity.

    Good luck.
  8. Relyt Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    I say we get the officer's name so we can turn her into an internet superstar ;)
  9. Snake Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Honestly guys you have to be filming at all times! Always have the camera on.
  10. Anonyneko Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    I can see it now... a YTMND with her face and "CAll on meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" as BGM.
  11. admiral_caek Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member


    There are 4 scientology "Chaplins" working with the Seattle Police Department:

    -Diane Gagon
    The Church of Scientology

    -Zoe Vineyard
    The Church of Scientology

    -Ann Pearce
    The Church of Scientology

    -Jeff Lake
    The Church of Scientology

    LINKED SPD Community Chaplaincy: Chaplains

    Questions that must be answered:
    • Who was the man that assaulted a peaceful protester?
    • What connection does he have to the people listed above?
    • Why did the police go to him first?
    • Did he know the officers beforehand?
    • Have these "chaplains" told the seattle police any fabricated haet crime stories?

    Cry havoc and let loose the hounds of research!
  12. brvandal Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Report this to local news stations! Let it be known that the actions of the aurora police department are unlawful.
  13. Daywatch Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

  14. AnonyK23 Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Holy shit, this thread exploded.

    K, I was there, and dealt with this particular piece of work before. She has that "all men should fuck off and die" attitude that a lot of female cops seem to have, on Saturday she got pissy with our maleanons (which meant that I was talking to her, someone called bitching about us in masks, me talking to them is...interesting, I look about 15. Anyway...).

    So I at least knew it was bad when SHE was the one who showed up. First thing she said was to turn the cameras off. And she had said on Saturday that if we didn't turn the cameras off at request, Bad Shit Would Happen To Us. So, cameras off. Antagonizing a big burly nasty woman with handcuffs and a power trip is really the last thing we wanted to do, y'know?

    She didn't want to talk to SP or I. She just wanted to hear AssaultScilon, who was exceptionally creepy. We have his license plate number on film, as well as the make and model of his car, I won't post it but also have it memorized.

    This is the first time they've been at ALL in our faces since the April Bookathon, they had rent a cops to do the job at the May protest, but other than that nothing, so this is a big shock.

    We're looking at the laws now, I'm not sure what Alvin will ultimately decide to do but we're going to really know our shit for next time. My thought is that someone has been bought--she kind of gave herself away--but I've got tinfoil poisoning.

    It's madness I tell you.
  15. Hieronymous Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    ^---I know it's easy for me to say not being there and all, but if you DO turn the cameras off well good shit isn't exactly happening now is it? Think of it this way, what is the worst she can do to you ON camera? Do you at least have footage of her talking shit to you up until then? Please release her name, complaints should be made to the Seattle PD. Fuck this bitch

    Sigh, let this be a lesson to you all. If you don't get footage of the attack, GET THE FOOTAGE OF THE COP

    if anyone attacks me I would much rather you tape it then assist me.

    OP please tell me your footage can at least establish some kind of timeline
  16. admiral_caek Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    ... scroll up... i think i'm onto something...
  17. LilDebbie Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    It's been said before, probably in this thread (haven't read through it all yet), but it appears to need saying again:


    They are trained to lie to you in order to defuse the situation. If a cop tells you something is illegal that you find suspect, demand he or she cite the specific statute. They may give you an answer. Write it down along with their badge number. If you're worried about legal ramifications, there's a little thing called the ACLU that absolutely loves to screw dirty cops like the one in this thread.
  18. Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member


    (quoted for mother fucking jason beghe style do it faggot truth)
  19. AnonAgent Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    "When you're outside, your face is public domain."

    True there was a Supreme Court ruling on this matter a few years back. Oprah's house or something in California was photographed from an aircraft as a part of geological study of the cost line and how the sea cliffs are being eroded by rising water levels. (her house is near the cost). She sued on local level first for invasion of privacy- and won. The group the tried to repeal the decision- The appeals court passed it up the line as a constitutional matter. federal Courts ruled that the group was not in violation since the photographs and video were taken from public space. (airspace) the verdict also mentions that in public it is your job if you don't want to be filmed or photographed it is your duty to avoid the cameras.

    TL;DR Supreme court ruling says what he said.
  20. plaguedoctor Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    ^^^ I think it was Barbara Streisand, thus the "Streisand Effect"
    Streisand effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Yes, please explain!!!:flowers:
  21. Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    check with a local lawyer, but in australia its illegal to audio "record a conversation to which you are NOT a party"
    as this was a conversation to which you WERE a party, by aus law you are allowed to record audio in the circumstances you describe
  22. Captain-chan Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    please please PLEASE post here soon saying that you followed up with her superiors!! And that you got her name or badge number? DO NOT LET tHIS SLIDE. Lazycop is lazy, Anon is not.

    Honestly, I'm so pissed at this whole incident right now, I can't believe it. :frustration:
  23. Anonadox Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    After watching Godfather 1 I like the idea of hiring rent-a-cops for big raids maybe even Armed (with guns or video cameras) to make sure the scilons keep their distance. Could Anons carry defense sprays/ stun guns with out risk of breaking any laws?
    Any anons work security?
  24. Daywatch Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    what part of NO WEAPONS AT RAIDS confused you?
  25. Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member


  26. AnotherSP Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    As far as recording all the time:
    About talking to this scilon, he walked to his car and starting mouthing stuff to us (reading our signs out loud I think). Then he waved us over, we walked over (staying on the sidewalk) and answered his questions about why we are protesting. When you see the tape (Alvin recorded it) you'll see it was an ok talk, he got a little weird about trying to find out our faces and where we lived so we kind of backed out of the conversations and left. Maybe an entire 10-15 minutes after that, he came out of his truck. We were facing the street with our backs to him. He said a line or two to Alvin (which was the first time we realized he was there at all, it's a loud street), and I started grabbing for my camera, then he attacked. For a moment I was torn between the two, and then it looked like Alvin was being strangled. I had actually balled up my fist and taken it out of my pocket, with the intention of hitting the scilon under his uplifted arm to release Alvin's neck, but then I realized he was after the camera straps, not the neck. Since it wasn't a life threatening situation, THEN I got my camera, which took a couple of seconds to turn on and record, at which point the actual violence was over. Now, Alvin DID turn on his camera as he was approached, but I don't know what was recorded if anything since it was messed with in the attack.

    We do about two raids a week, normally with 4-8 anons. Our group isn't large to begin with, and the mid week raids have never been widely attended. We don't inform the cops about these small raids, just our large ones. We are fixing that now, we have a volunteer willing to be our liason with the SPD. Before this point we've had a good relationship with the cops, even a really good one. The only other time we've had a problem with them was earlier this week (on Saturday) with this same female cop.

    To be honest, I expected her to try to not get us to file, just because that's what cops do, in general, but not for the way she did it. I always figured it would be an actual decision by Alvin on whether he wanted to expose himself and his family, not that the cop would say HE would be the suspect.

    I am eagerly waiting for Alvin (not his real name btw) to get home from work and upload his video, hopefully there will some important footage in it.
  27. Dubber Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Remember, if a Scientologist approaches you and asks you anything about you and why you're out there, spin your answer toward details of how Scientology abuses people like them. Say something about ethics. Say something about the introspection rundown. Say something about disconnection. Say something about Miscavige's beatings, and name names from here. Every moment of being able to speak to a Scientologist is gold.
  28. AnonyK23 Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    At first the guy lied to us and said he was "just" taking the communications course, which...yeah. Stupid us for believing him, I guess...

    We did talk about fair game (because he harped on the masks. A LOT) and mentioned disconnection, and how you can NEVER LEAVE. EVAR!

    Still. WTF?

    Assault is ok because we talked to him when he called us over?

    I'm so mad. Creepy Scilon is creepy.
  29. xenubarb Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Ever notice how professional videographers don't run out to save the cute baby wildebeest from the lions?

    Be like that! I guess the rule of thumb should be "three people or GTFO" from now on. One dedicated to videography, no matter what.
  30. meatpopsicle Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    three lessons we can take from this:

    1) film EVERYTHING! everybody, please remember! they win when we don't film. i keep seeing these threads reporting abuse without video evidence. this just emboldens them to do worse. film the police, too; i know for a fact that as public servants and government workers, they can have no expectations of privacy in this matter.
    2) cops are not lawyers. i repeat, cops are not lawyers. they just enforce the law. do not ask them for legal advice, it is not their job.
    3) know your rights. look them up, ask a lawyer. the Co$ uses the law against its opponents all the time; we can use the law as well, as long as we STAY LEGAL and KNOW OUR RIGHTS.
  31. AnotherSP Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    We did have three people, which turned into 4, with two people who said they could come not being able to show.

    I still think that IF he was being strangled that his life and health were more important than documentation, especially considering that the entire sidewalk is filmed constantly by the CoS, which would be required to turn it over to the police if ordered. I am not a professional filmanon, I don't even take video of our main events, I only bring my tiny 30 minute digital camera for emergencies or if a main filmanon doesn't show up. I'm not saying I don't wish I had footage, obviously that would be really win, but I'm starting to feel really bad that you guys think I should've left Alvin and gone for the camera. I'm not trained that way, I'm trained in martial arts and my first response was along that thinking, and because of that missed the crucial few seconds of actual violence. Sorry. All I can say is that Alvin had his camera on so hopefully there's stuff there.
  32. Hypatea Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    I'm pretty sure the cops lied to you about filming and harrassment.
  33. anon1957 Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    The scilon cameras are interesting "theoretically" but you can bet that any footage of an assault by a scilon were erased immediately.

    As far as cameras go, I am beginning to think that if you are going to mini raid, EVERY anon should have a video camera--even if it is simply a video/camera phone. Have then ready to go at all times.
  34. Hypatea Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    it does. if it were a potential altercation in progress they would at least have one cop talk to one side and the other to the other. that's probably why two cars arrived on the scene. it sounds like the female officer knew about the protests from experience and decided in the perpetrator's favor before arriving on the scene, and persuaded the other officer to her side.
  35. Hypatea Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    ^this is absolutely certifiably correct. WA state is trying to do something novel in the code by requiring consent for communications, whih include oral communication. There is no expectation of privay in oral communications uttered publicly, so the WA law is not in line with SCOTUS (US Supreme Court). That explains the biased female cop's statement that anon fucked up by recording SOUND along with video. I doubt this law has even been tested in the WA superior court. The law also makes exceptions for "news organizations" and I doubt they are very well defined. I.e., anon who post internet blogs of protests are likely doing news.
  36. AnotherSP Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Letter from Alvin:


    Sorry for posting this through another Seattle Anon but I limit myself to the main Seattle Anon board and can't keep up with the info flow at enturb.

    Thanks for all the suggestions and support. It's been a really trying 20 hours since the attack for me and my loved ones. I tried uploading my pics and videos last night while I slept but that failed utterly. Once I get home from work I'll get them posted so we can make good use of them.

    I admit that I am still in a state of shock between actually being attacked by a crazy Scilon for no reason and for having the cops come out and tell me that I would be the suspect they would focus on. That's not made up or embellished. Those words are straight from the officer's mouth.

    Again when you are talking to a cop what you believe to be legal and illegal is one thing, proving that you are in the right against the cop's summarily deciding you are in the wrong is totally different. If I'd had a lawyer or the Seattle Municipal Code with me maybe that could have helped but not too many of us have either of those to drag around.

    I'm sure there are some people who are willing to be arrested and go to jail in order to defy a suspicious cop and win a Phyrric victory. I am sorry to say that I am not one of those people.

    I know that everyone here is eager to have me martyr myself up for the good of the group and raise holy hell with the cops, the press and the legal system as a one man army. As much as I would like to punish the hell out of Scientology for being this twisted, evil and creepy, any option available to me requires me to give up my identity to public scrutiny and Scilon retaliation & Fair-Gaming for me and everyone I know.

    As much as I would LOVE to be The One to run to the top of the barricades and nail the Scilons to the wall for this however, without going into specifics, I am simply not in a position where I can risk exposing my loved ones to Fair-Gaming and the police will NOT lift a finger without name-farking me. Now that we know there are Scilon chaplains in the Seattle PD that's not a particularly safe route. Also the experience yesterday where the police tried to turn the victim into the criminal was faceplam times 1000.

    If I was a single college Anon I would go after them full-throttle because I would have only myself to worry about and nothing to lose. But alas I am not in this stereotypical Anon demographic and cannot be "THAT GUY" that fights Scientology to the ends of the Earth and their last breath.

    I did file a complaint with the Seattle PD Office of Professional Accountability and hopefully we can still notify the press today and make this a bad PR flap for Scientology. We still have channels like YouTube, GlossLip, etc where we can embarrass the Scilons and get some visibility for this.

    Other than complaining to the police, making a stink with the press and having a massive demonstration to protest this at the Orgs that's about all we can do right now.

    I know that it completely sucks and I KNOW everyone wants me to be the one that harpoons/torpedoes these bastards. I wish it could be me too. All I can say is they picked their target carefully and waited for us to be in a small group before attacking. Lesson learned.

    The flip side is that they have once more shown their true colors as nothing but a group of evil thugs and creepy gangsters who will do ANYTHING to protect their Gross Income and flow of fresh meat into The Orgs. If we weren't having an effect they wouldn't have bothered.

    The Seattle Punching Bag

    PS David Miscavige Kicks Puppies.
  37. xenubarb Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    BINGO!!! All previous questions are answered with this. FOUR Scientology chaplains???
    Oh, puh-leeze! SPD needs an edumacation so they are aware that Scientology isn't just some poor, persecuted religious group!

    What the hell...get those people OUTTA there! It ain't Los Angeles, after all. Hell, LAPD is more balanced and impartial, for the most part. Use this info in any and all media stories.
    Make sure it is not ignored. Seattle PD has a srs clam infestation that needs termination.
  38. nightfire Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Seattle Anons will be meeting with SPD to talk soon.

    what WE need is some research anons to send us (well really me) some well DOCUMENTED and SOURCED materials to be presented to the PD

    *sources can't be wikipedia, or ED, or anything like that*

    we want to show a pattern of fair gameing, and other PROVEABLE activities. no tin foil hats please.

    You tube should be used sparingly, but CoS websites are GREAT!!!

    these need to be easily readable, and well written. The seattle anon who is going to be the SPD Liason dosen't have the time to collect this and edit out doubbling of info....
  39. Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Firstly, I want to say how sorry I am to hear about this dreadful assault by the violent Scientologist.

    After reading most of this thread there are only a few small details which will serve well anyone video taping the cult or agents of the cult:
    • Set the Time and Date in your camera and record some time with that information burned into the image
    • Have other camera persons set their Date and Time to match.
    • Put a little "voice slate" announcement at the start of each new tape -- "this video is being recorded on [date] at [time] at [location], during a protest raid at Church of Scientology [location]
    • If two or more cameras are shooting at the same time, try to have a "common slate" for all cameras. Everyone shoots one person who makes a little announcement, -- date, time, place, event -- and then gives a hand clap to provide a common start time of the video recording.

    Good work on the raids and dealing with the melt-down of Scientology.
  40. D... Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member


    There was a great packet made by, IIRC, Boston and Orlando on "why we wear masks." I forgot where that was.

    I would explain SF but that is still under investigation. Sean's and Gregg's story are probably the ones with the most impact. Tori Magoo recently had them flier at her house and she made a video about that.

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