Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by AnotherSP, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. AnotherSP Member

    Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Super long I know, but I wanted to include all details because at the end I ask some legal questions. I don’t usually post around here, I’m from luznw and am part of Seattle Anonymous. Today there was I view as a miscarriage of justice at our flash raid. One of our protesters was attacked by a scientologist and the cops completely sided with the scientologist.

    (All speech is basically paraphrased by me here)
    At the point in time when this happened only three of us Anons were present, two girls and one guy. A scientologist (we’ll name him Assault Scilon) called us over and wanted to talk to us. We have video of what happened, just a normal conversation about why we’re protesting. At one point he asked Alvin (the guy Anon), “Are you filming? Why are you recording this?” to which we answered, “for protection”, etc. We finish our conversation, leave and walk back to the street. The scientologist talks on his phone for a while, and then just sits in his truck staring at us creepily. 10-15 minutes pass and another scientologist’s car come into the lot. Alvin walks down to where the car is parking so that the scientologist can see his sign, then walks back to the street, waving at Assault Scilon (sitting in his truck) as he passed by. Assault Scilon gets out of his car and says, “I’m just waiting for traffic to clear up before I leave,” (who knows why he felt we needed to know this). “Sure,” said Alvin (looking at the nonexistent traffic), “It looks busy”. Assault Scilon starts getting angry, “WHAT DOES THAT MEAN, FUNNY GUY!” and then pushed Alvin, then punched him in the stomach, and grabbed his camera, which was looped around his neck. I knew I should be filming this but I thought he was going to strangle Alvin so I ran up and started yelling at him, “DON’T TOUCH HIM!” Assault Scilon let go, but had broken the casing on Alvin’s camera. Anonyk23 had already whipped out her phone and was calling the cops. Assault Scilon went back into his car. He came out a couple of minutes later and we all scattered to keep away from him in case he was going to strike someone again. He came out a third time and approached very near to us, asking, “Did you call the cops? Did you call the cops?” at which point two cop cars pulled up behind him. I have video of all of this EXCEPT the actual assault (DAMN!).

    For some reason the cops talk to him first, even though 23 yells out, “We called the cops! I was the one on the phone!” After talking to him they come to us, make us turn off our cameras and take Alvin off onto scientology property.

    The cop tells Alvin that HE is the one who is lucky he’s not being pressed with charges, and that he made two mistakes 1) he secretly filmed someone 2) he waved to that person later, which was harassment. She said that Washington requires to have permission from the person being filmed, that it would have been legal if it was only video, but because it was video AND sound it was illegal. Alvin has video of us talking to Assault Scilon for the first time, and on it is Assault Scilon mentioning being filmed, so in my mind it wasn’t secret, I’m not sure what the law is. I have no idea how waving to someone constitutes harassment either, and it was not done with the intention of pissing off. We actually thought we had a good conversation with the guy and that maybe we had helped him. It seems remarkable to me that assault as well as damaging a camera would be ok in those circumstances. The cop told Alvin that Assault Scilon wouldn’t press charges if Alvin wouldn’t, and that Alvin was really the one getting off here. Not once did they talk to 23 or I, and didn’t respond when we told them we had video, and that the whole thing was no doubt caught on the camera that the org had pointing at the sidewalk. She ended the whole thing by adding insult to injury, asking if she was going to have to keep coming back (she had come out to another raid we had had on Saturday), when we were all going to get lives, and why did we keep protesting something that no one else cared about.

    At this point another Anon member had arrived, Anon, He Mussed (I had called him immediately after the attack, to get more people if we needed protection). He questioned the cop about the legality of what she was doing, and how could it possibly be ok for someone to strike another person (etc.). She responded by basically telling him to shut up, which he didn’t, so she told him that she’d press charges against Alvin if Mussed didn’t stop asking questions.

    So, that’s it. We are very upset about this. For all of you legal eagles: Is what happened legal? Should we have kept on them to press charges? Could Alvin still press charges if he wanted to? Are all our recordings we’ve been making illegal? Is waving to someone in a car harassment? We’d like to report this to the Seattle Police Department as well, if these cops didn’t do their job, and we’re getting numbers and such for that.

    I have posted my three videos and Alvin has some as well, he did try to start recording right before being assaulted but I don’t know what the camera got on film or not, or whether it turned off when it was damaged. He also has the original conversation with Assault Scilon recorded.

    Here's link to the vid:
    YouTube - After a Scientologist Assaults Seattle Anonymous
    YouTube - After a Scientologist Assaults Seattle Anonymous part 2
    YouTube - After a Scientologist Assaults Seattle Anonymous part 3 (Alvin tells his story)
  2. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    I'll say it again people:

    If a $cilon shows up RECORD FUCKING EVERYTHING.

    You guys were pretty good and were simply unlucky that you missed the key moment. Next time, as soon as a $cilon even looks at you, SWITCH ON THE FUCKING CAMERA.
  3. Valiant Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    You guys should do what you feel like, I'm no legal expert but since you obviously have witnesses I guess you could make a case out of it. If a scilon assulted me I'd be pretty pissed off as well.

    What the cop said is pretty unrelevant isn't it, since she wasn't there and didn't take the time to get the full story.
  4. AnonMB Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Well .. The Scilons are definitely escalating .. Beware of Mad Clams!!!

    I hate to say this .. The person filming has a duty to continue to film .. No matter what .. You are helping by continuing to film .. Its hard to just film while bad stuff happens .. but one must - because its that evidence that will lead to these people being charged.

    Cops acted poorly.
  5. Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

  6. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    I think it's time to consider that the scilons are not doing this on their own. I think they are under orders to do this, most likely orders from their org, and those are being passed down from the very, very top of the Co$ food chain. The fact that there are sites and people online encouraging this behavior (waving to Tom Newton) makes it seem like the public is condoning the behavior.

    Also, if you can't film someone who knows that they are being filmed, WTF do your local news channels do about filming news clips? Check your city, county and state laws for this. If the cop was wrong, file a complaint. Some cops wield their badges like their balls, and they seem to think their balls grow larger when the badge is strapped on to their chest.

    Check on filming and/or movie permits. This may also help in closing off sidewalk and other public areas for your exclusive use.
  7. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    No legal eagle, just informed:

    1) File a police report, and press charges if you feel it important enought. Decision is the person who was assaulted.
    2) SEND THIS TO A FUCKING NEWS STATION!! Imagine "Citizen was assaulted, and Police say the victim was lucky he wasn't being arrested" Something to make the police think.
    3) Mayors Hotline/311/whatever non-emergency complaint system in your locale. Make noise about this.
  8. Adama Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    There's a reason that cops aren't lawyers.
    You have perfect grounds here for an assault charge, in my (layman) opinion.
    It's a shame it wasen't caught on tape; then the cops own interpretation of the law wouldn't have mattered.
  9. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    COP crossed the fucking line about 20 times by the sound of this.
  10. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Oh, a question.... the cop took anon onto scieno property?? If you got the cops name, did you check it against completion lists?
  11. Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    When WBM was assaulted with a hammer the Clearwater cop used the same bullshit excuse about recording sound. When you're out in public you have no expectation of privacy when it comes to being recorded. You can't record a telephone conversation without the other person's permission.

    I would definitely follow up with the police department and the local media if possible.

    These tactics aren't new. This is the same thing that the OG went through in the past. This is the true face of Scientology and we need to prepare ourselves for this type of behavior like we did back in February. The flashraiders handled themselves well considering the circumstances but we need to go into each raid with the mindset that this will happen so we can be prepared.
  12. Kilia Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Bless you, Seattle Anons. I hope and pray that things will go better for you at the next protest.
  13. EastAnon Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    ^^^^^^THIS ?????
  14. Anon91689 Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    That definitely isn't legal.

    For one, the camera was in plain view, quite obviously filming, and when the Scilon inquired, you were truthful, and the filming was not secretive.

    Secondly, you did not wave to him, he called for your attention, and without hesitation or provocation assaulted you. ABSOLUTELY the cop and the Scilon are both in the wrong here. Go to your PD, with a statement prepared, with as much evidence as you can (videos, eyewitnesses, whatever you got) and talk to them there. They definitely aren't all controlled by Scilons.
  15. LRonAnon Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    It is how war is fought, they are 'probing'. They are looking for a way to slow or stop our advances.

    You can expect more of this type of action. They will become more brazen, they are learning WE are far less likely tp prosecute to save our anonymity.

    • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
    • Watch others when you see them interacting with silons.
    • Always observe groups when then begin to tighten towards a focused center.
    • If something does happen and there is already plenty of people on the action, look around everywhere else, see who else is watching and from where.
    • Be ready at ALL times with your camera ON.

    I may not constantly film, but I never turn off my camera... 'cept to change batteries (and carry enough power for TWO cameras for 6 hours each)

    Don't be An Hero, Dont go Alone.
  16. Optimisticate Member

    What about complaining to the police about the covert filming that the Co$ does on a daily basis outside of their orgs using their outdoor cameras attached to the buildings, the ghosts peering out of the windows with their cheap digital and throw-away cameras. Any time a scilon is seen with a camera, call the cops and file a complaint. If it's illegal, use the law to your advantage in some way.

    Sorry about multiple posts, but this is truly unbelievable to me. Corrupt organizations with the false appearance of wealth should not be allowed to assault then file charges against the victim. It hurts to know that ANYONE is condoning this. Co$ is making it hard for me to remain the optimist.
  17. ravenanon Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    First, let me say I am so glad you are ok!
    Second, guys don't go over and talk to them. They are not sending out their new members that we can talk to and maybe convince to leave. They are sending out their hardcore members. These are the ones raise on the whole you can lie, steal, cheat, etc...

    I know you must be very frustrated with the police. I'm from ATL. we had the whole arrest thing. I came home incredibly angry that day. However, we had a member sci already had namefagged and she went and really talked to the police. She was there for a long time and missed work to do this for all of us. You may need to find someone to go have a face to face with the police.
  18. Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this the first time a scilon has actually gone so far as to grapple with one of us? They're getting desperate/crazy/weird orders.
    I'm also wondering if that cop is a member, cause that didn't sound like usual behaviour, even for one of the buttered-up coppers.
  19. Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    A Scientologist choked an anon and tried to push her down a hill towards a busy street a couple of weeks ago in San Francisco. The whole thing was caught on video and the police have it.
  20. indeedindeed Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    it's not the police's job to tell people what to protest about. Reminds me of the situation in Orlando ("find something better to protest against" from a police car or similar). This is strange.

    IANAL, but this seems more than just strange. This looks like intimidation. Can't imagine this to be legal.
  21. Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    If you don't press charges and sue for damagaes you are a fool. I would also file a complaint about the police officer. Also

    I'd bet $9000 that the cops statements about the law in regards to harassment and filming are 99% false. it is also possible that the scilon called or had someone call the police before the assualt even happened and gave a BS story. That may expalin the cops attitude or could be just another douchebag incapable of doing there job properly. Seems to be epedemic in America these. It's off topic and private but I learned in great detail yesterday just how fucked up law enforcement in my city has become.

    Educating the cops, how I don't know, is becoming critical. It might be worthwhile to print out all relevent laws and highlight key parts. Even though the cops are supposed to enforce the laws they seem incapable of interpreting them properly to know how to do so.

    If you don't have any space left or battery life in your cams LEAVE! If you are there you must be filming at all times. Take turns. Plan out who will be filming and when.
  22. mickturate Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    all this & moar

    some raids have a liason with the cops....if the least u do here is to start that conversation going, then do it!

    rather than confront cops-who imho like that kind of thang....make an appontment to check over rights/responsibilities, yours, theirs, $cilons & protocoils if this shit happens again, cos it will.

    and make it fucking crystal that this the last time this happens, next time you'll want action on people who feel they have the right to assault others (odd way to clear the planet eh?)

    and your camera is there for your personal protection-if it films a crime & they won't do anything about that then sure as shit stinks, others will get to see it: jewtube, TV etc.

    BTW: IANAL, but I am aware of fair game-take that with you's
  23. DavidFreehug Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Seattle Police "Office of Professional Accountability" web-page has complaints procedures if that helps...

    Seattle Police > OPA
    Phone: (206) 615-1566
  24. Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Ah, I see. But it is fairly recent? I mean, no one got any of this before 2008? I only ask, cos I'd like to see if a good vid could be made from it.
  25. the_cloak Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    I would also consider the possibility that the cop might be on their payroll and that corruption could be involved here. They have certainly done that in the past.
  26. Plups Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Where was the second cop during that conversation?
  27. adeathofcult Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Know your law. If what the cop said was true wear a sign "I am filming!" at all times, then complaints about being secretly filmed are moot.
  28. themadhair Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Can meetings be held with the local PD's where advice is specifically sought on issues like these? If such meetings we organised and advice compiled it would accomplish two very important points:

    1) It would provide the necessary legal knowledge that Anons in these instances are currently lacking.

    2) It would also serve to put the PD's on notice that such events are occurring and expected to occur. Putting the idea of these tactics to the police may better enable them to properly and more accurately respond to these instances.

    At the moment I foresee these actions to continue from the $cifags as they become increasingly desperate. Both us and the police having the relevant information after the fact may not be good enough to both protect the Anons and to ensure that these tactics are the footbullet they can be.

    And seriously guise - CAMERAS. I think we may all have underestimated just how important they may prove to the long term effectiveness of chanology. I am personally going to invest in a good one on the basis of this escalation in assaults. One, two or even three cameras at these events may not prove to be enough.
  29. AnonyMama Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    I am also concerned with the cop's behavior from the moment she entered the scene. IANAL and IANAC(op), but I thought it was SOP for the police to first speak with the person who made the call and then to interview the other involved parties? Something smells fishy here...
  30. Vir Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Not more moot than they are when you have a camera out in public. The person can easily claim to have been temprorarily illiterate or half blind. Yes, know your law.

    There are some states where you can't even record your own phone conversations - I say bollocks to that. In these PATRIOT act times we should at least have a federal right to record ourselves when the government has a right to spy on us.

    As for previous grappling, there was also the incident in Denmark where an anon who arrived early was clawed at and grappled by a CoS official. No video, except if the anon had made some kind of data request from the police surveillance cameras.
  31. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Here is a question. On film, do you not have the police coming on the scene. And correct me if i an wrong, but dosent the scilon say 'I CALLED THE POLICE'. But dont his comments, and records show he didnt call. Does that not mean, its proveable that he lied to an officer on the scene at least once?
  32. Anondelivers Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Go to the police station and file a report and a complaint. Press charges, get your info to media, if all you wrote is true then there is NO WAY they can get away with it.
  33. Anonymous057 Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Terrible cops are terrible.
  34. 423 Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Let us help with the research and fight... What was the license plate of the nissan truck? What are the officers names and badge numbers (id numbers on the side of their cars)? Do you have an attorney or know the ACLU contact person in your area?

    Good job at the protest. Sorry that you got hurt. We will do whatever we can to help.

    Should we start hiring our own pay-cop to protect us from Scientologist?

    Contact the media and see if they want to help in the investigation of the police force not protecting its citizens. (Seattle Fox news did a good story on anonymous and KIROTV) Contact KIRO - Contact News Story - KIRO Seattle
  35. LordKaT Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    The Seattle Police Department has the Office of Professional Accountability. You can request OPA to look into this incident, and even request police-citizen mediation on the matter here: Official Website of the Seattle Police Department
  36. anonski Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Yes, they can. We have been meeting with our local police before every major protest since February, and even been giving them heads-up on some of the smaller raids. This has helped us build a good relationship with them, and overall, we've had very few problems.

    Every local anon group should be doing this.
  37. Daywatch Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    get RL legal advice
    take NO legal advice from the interbutts
  38. churchlady Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Every time I open one of these threads I am terrified that one of us ended up in the hospital. You guise have no idea how many people are praying (to the real God, not Xenu!) for Anon's safety and success.

    I feel it is just a matter of time before a scilon goes completely off and draws first blood. Others have noted that the average scilon is as emotionally mature as the average middle school student. Think name-calling, bullying, tattling. Stay safe, Anon. You are in the right so you have the confidence to stay non-violent.

    Remember: Battle of Jerico, not David and Goliath. If you don't know what that is, Google it. :roll:
  39. tazor Member

    Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    In my state you CAN record a call without telling the other person on the line you're recording it. It's called one person consent or something like that. Now if a third party is recording it then it's illegal unless one of the people consent to being recorded.

    The $cilons know we always record raids and we have all the video's to prove we always do.

    This whole thing is bogus. You should find legal aid in Seattle and talk to a lawyer.
  40. Re: Scilon assaults Seattle Anonymous Member

    Legal-wise; Do an EpicNoseGuy, and carry printouts of relevant laws & ordances so that you have the ACTUAL law with you, not some cops' vague memories of it. Truth is a key weapon of Chanology thus far.

    As far as the dodgy cop issue goes, it's important to let the police know that the Scilons are very good at manipulating Law and Law Enforcement (cf Orlando in the US, ENG in the UK). Have a quiet phone chat with a senior officer, open the comm lines, and *possibly* let the police deal with dodgy cop in their own way. In the UK, having Police Liason Anons has done well for us; get 'em on side, so CoS can't try anything

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