Scientology's Per Wickstrom Best Drug Rehab aka Narconon Death of Stephen Ballard, Jr. 11-28-2012

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by patriot75, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. patriot75 Member

    Another death at the hands of Scientology's Narconon. Per Wickstrom should be in jail!!!!



    From RTTP:,12060.0.html

    R.I.P. Stephen Ballard Jr.
    Justice will come!
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  2. Anonymous Member

    we need boots on the ground in MI......
  3. Anonymous Member

    paging michigan fags
  4. Anonymous Member

    Handsome kid. So sorry.
  5. AnonMishka Member

    Another tragic ending for one of many Narconon victims. THIS is why they should not be hiring recently recovered addicts to work in a "rehab" facility. As a former (and still recovering) addict myself, I feel like this is a recipe for complete & total disaster. I'm guessing (with no disrespect whatsoever) that he could have been using for a while, because the other staff probably are as well, as stated above & the owner doesn't bother to check that the staff are clean at all times. In a job of this capacity, it would be essential that the staff be clean! The whole thing makes me sick! I hate to see these young lives destroyed like this when they went there for help to begin with!
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  6. DeathHamster Member

    ^^ This.

    There are some situations where Train the Trainers programs work, like teaching martial arts. Drug Rehab staff? HELL NO!

    Without a core of staff who were never addicts to keep watch, and with Narconon's low actual success rate, putting a bunch of "graduates" in charge is a recipe for disaster.
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  7. I think that you sound uneducated and without actual experience. Narconon IS NOT killing people & you are, pardon me, stupid. Those who have passed while in the program or working for the program passed because of they're own choices. Addicts are going to be addicts no matter what. They made the decision to use, and if anything this decision was made harder to accomplish by being @ Narconon. I went through the program in Oklahoma and I know for a fact that drugs were made MUCH harder to acquire than any city where one would live. With the group that was there with me it was actually impossible. How is that not good for an addict? Also your statement that he had probably been using for awhile is most likely incorrect. People who overdose are most often those who have been clean for a good amount of time and then relapse. I know this because I'm a junkie. People who are using on a regular basis don't usually overdose. It's those that use that one time after not using for a long period of time. I think that most likely he was doing really well and made a decision to get high once and accidentally ended his life. To say that Narconon is killing people is ignorant and stupid. It's almost as if your looking for someone to blame. I do agree that the majority of CEO type management involved with Narconon are crook as fuck. But everything is about money, everything. So you can't really blame them. They have an amazing business. Morally it might not be the highest of quality but that has NOTHING to do with what they do. And what they do is take addicts off the street, give them a place to live, give them food, and most importantly other people going through the same thing as them as company. The staff is like anywhere else except probably better because they are monitored and watched. Even if its not 100% of the time. They still do way more than your average employer. I think that its cool that they give recovery addicts, most of which have worked close to never, an opportunity to learn what it means to have a job. Where else can someone say "Hi, Im a herion addict" in their interview and be given an opportunity to work. Narconon might not be the most morally decent operation, but they aren't killing people, and aside from the money and the business it's is an extremely good idea. One that saved my life and made me the person I am proud to be today. You're a joke if you can't recognize the good that they do, do. If you can't separate that from the things about them that are controversial then get lost, because Narconon isn't going anywhere. They could buy you, your family, and Africa. So get over it.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    What else ya got?
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  9. Anonymous Member

    On your point 'They aren't Killing anybody'

    Tell that to the patients suffering from Adrenal Hyperplasia that have there meds withheld and wind up dead.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    ummm yes they are. They are going down.
    some lovely things to point out about Narconon:

    untrained staff
    no nurses or doctors on staff
    leaving people to die in a room by themselves
    $30,000 pays for niacin, suana and study tech, oh and don't forget learning the tone scale!
    they do not actually address anyone's drug problem AT ALL
    giving people with already compromised livers mega doses of naicin which is BEYOND toxic and dangerous and so is the sauna for people who are addicts
    People running the programs try to cut off patients from thier families by putting the blame on their families
    not telling patient's or patient's families that it teaches quack hubbard tech
    dropping people off at homeless shelters or women's centers with nothing if they do not comply with the program
    sexual abuse
    staff that party and use drugs and alcohol

    should I go on?
    WAKE THE FUCK UP and stop using people's lives just so you can get a commission from the raw meat you bring in
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  11. Anonymous Member

    oh sweat mother of are so fucking confused
    this sounds almost exactly like a post after Stacy death
    please wake the fuck up and smell reason and truth
    sounds like your part of the NN family so fuck you, until you wake up
  12. Narconon is not "giving" anyone a place to live or food to eat. It all comes at a very high price.
    Please visit Ripoff Report and view the many complaints about the various Narconons, Best Drug Rehab, etc. Those are real people who have been harmed.
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  13. snippy Member

    Then why is Narconon's real success rate worse than cold turkey? If you got clean, you got clean in spite of Narconon, not because of Narconon. Accept the fact that YOU get all the credit. They drilled it into you that you owe them. You don't owe them a damn thing.

    This impresses you? Your moral compass is broken, friend.
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  14. patriot75 Member

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  15. anon walker Moderator

    I KNOW that there have been myriad complaints against Per and NN Stonehawk. Be interesting to rummage around in Per's closet, or the Attorney General's office.
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  16. Anonymous Member

  17. anon walker Moderator

    No surprise. I got b& for a snarky comment about Greta van Sustern's ignorance of human rights organizations. It was a 24 hour ban, but I quit Huffpo for good over it.
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  18. klf

  19. klf

    Just spent 7 days its terrible still having nightmares from there.
  20. Anonymous Member

    ^^^do tell. We are very good at listening.
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  21. patriot75 Member

    Your personal experience could save someone's life.

    I encourage you to visit .
    There is a wealth of personal experiences there that you will find very relevant.
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