Scientology's network be used for other money-making reasons?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by another123, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. another123 Member

    Just spit-ball'n here. After reading through the thread on ESMB on the ways Scientology is propping itself up, and how the Ideal Org program is doomed to eventually fail, and remembering how the Freewinds a couple of years ago picked up Colombia as a port, I was thinking what could Scientology do to make money with the world-wide network they already have established?
    move drugs. Nope
    move weapons. Nope.
    move money. Well, here's a place in the black-market that they have a network established and would explain the expansion in third world countries. Money laundering.
    A donation goes in at one country, travels thru the shells of their corporation, and pops out in another country as a payment for a service, all nice and clean (minus the laundry bill, of course).
    Of course, I have no DOX, but is this scenario feasible? Would the risk be worth the take-home pay?
  2. Anonymous Member

    That theory supposes that Miscavige knows the ship is sinking. I honestly think they feel like they will pull out of this unscathed. They are that clueless.
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  3. CarterUSP Member

    I doubt there's that much of a plan.
    As long as DM is surrounded by minions to boss around and slap about, and there's just enough money to keep him in scotch then he'll just keep on going with fail after fail.

    Unless, of course, The Golden Age Of Tech 2 makes planetary clearing a reality.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Sometimes I've wondered about Scientology's high tech printing press operation. Could they literally make money?
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  5. RightOn Member

  6. Woo Hah Member


    One way flow, uplines. Disbursing pennies downlines.
  7. Gottabrain Member

    COMMONLY done through the 80s, I know Michael Silverman did it when he was a reg at AOLA because I saw him do it and also covered his post as registrar for a month (never was taught personally how to do it though). I've heard it's still done now.

    This is how they get around laws of countries banning Scn, or money limits on international transfers, that sort of thing.

    Visa and Mastercard payments are received for amounts that don't trigger waits or raise eyebrows. One large payment of say, $50,000 might be received by 20 credit cards for 20 different COS organization accounts - in different countries, too, then transferred via their banking officers.

    The problem is with the transfers, of course. Less prosperous orgs don't want to give the cash back, but they eventually are forced to do so.
  8. If you are saying you personally saw me money laundering, you are a world class liar and have no idea of what that action is . I suppose you will recall the illegal use of parishioners credit cards to pay for another's purchases prior to having the parishioner pay themselves. Since that is the only action on my part that could possibly be construed as unethical, then again I say you are a liar and either present proof, other than your own personal observation which according to you shows my criminslity, and yet you chose to withhold this vital crime from Scientology ethics until you were safely out of the cult. How noble and honest!!?? Please feel free to correct me with something other than your infallible "word",
  9. Quentinanon Member

    I never knew of Michael Silverman engaging in credit card fraud, but I did know of two other registrars who did, one at AOLA and the other in the IAS. I did get my money credited back to my card at AOLA after raising hell, but not from the IAS, even after repeated knowledge reports.
    "Never fear to hurt another in a just cause." L. Ron Hubbard

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