Scientology's Narconon vs. Neuroscience

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Anonymous, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Scientology's Narconon claims that addiction is not a mental disease and that it can be overcome quickly and permanently with Scientology processing (sauna, toxic doses of vitamins, Scientology TR routines and Scientology auditing)

    Here is what some of the latest research in the field of brain sciences has to say. Addiction is a brain disease, there is no quick and permanent solution, and addiction should be treated like a chronic ailment.

    Neuroscience of need


    Addiction was once defined in terms of physical symptoms of withdrawal, such as nausea and cramps in the case of heroin or delirium tremens in the case of alcohol, which reflect physiological changes within cells of an addict’s body. It’s now seen as changes in brain circuits, or combinations of neurons; in other words, the very neurophysiological changes that result from learning and experience. You crave, seek and use a pernicious drug again and again because you have a memory of it being more wonderful than anything else, and because your brain has been rewired so that, when exposed to anything that reminds you of the drug, you will feel rotten if you don’t get some.
    “These are symptoms of a brain disease, not a mere weakness of will,” Malenka says. He and other researchers are working to understand addiction as a sum of behavioral consequences of changes within nerve cells that occur with repeated drug use. Over time, these subcellular changes alter the strength of connections in the circuit, essentially hardwiring the yen for drugs into a habitual craving that is easily reignited not only by the drugs but also by environmental cues — people, places, things and situations associated with past drug use — even when the addict hasn’t been anywhere near the drug or the drug scene for months or years.
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  2. BigBeard Member

    InB4Cof$/CCHR/NarCONon: "What do a bunch of psychs know about it?

    Since when have the $cilons cared what reputable science has to say about anything if it will interfer with the money in-flow from their scams??

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  3. Anonymous Member

    Scientology's Narconon doesn't care about science, but many potential clients do, and so do regulating agencies.
  4. Intelligence Member

    THIS is an excellen Thread to start - BRAVO!! I have written articles about this while I
    was inside NN TR, concerning "Mental Markers" etc., while researching this topic.

    Little busy with Media today, but will jump back in here ASAP> This is an important
    aspect of the cult and I will have a lot to say VERY loud :)

    Good job!!!
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous is flattered *blush*

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