"Scientology's Lawyers threaten Anonymous"

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by anon4eva, May 15, 2008.

  1. lermanet_com Member

    Re: "Scientology's Lawyers threaten Anonymous"

    Perhaps it is a distinction without a difference?
    looks like same def but different latin tense
    Pro Se legal definition of Pro Se. Pro Se synonyms by the Free Online Law Dictionary.

    pro per adj. short for "propria persona," which is Latin for "for oneself," usually applied to a person who represents himself/herself in a lawsuit rather than have an attorney. (See: in pro per, in propria persona, propria persona)

    pro se (proh say) prep. Latin for "for himself". A party to a lawsuit who represents himself (acting in propria persona), is appearing in the case "pro se." (See: in propria persona)

    The actual definition of pro-se = "when I mentioned $cientology, all the lawyers hid under their desks"
  2. lermanet_com Member

    Re: "Scientology's Lawyers threaten Anonymous"

    Considering the foot bullet potential, and pr value to distribute this to the police, who were already told lies about anonymous, this is an example of the

    FIRST RULE of cult busting:


    The 2nd rule was

    never picket alone...
  3. AnonLover Member

    darn no bites on this. so ok faggots, i rethunked & reworked my initial thought into a better idea i can mostly do myself. since i aint got formal journalistic skillz to reach out to full blown journals, i'm gonna shoot lower, and aim to send a few well crafted & personalized letters to some good lawyering blogs with related interests/categories to our issue of anon fairgame letters. and make it like an "invitation for review" inquiry from one blogger to another, asking if they would be willing to review a couple things happening to our movement & offer their take on it on their blog. and offer up free research/documentation/info-organizing talents of the hive for anything additional they may want info on (if any).

    and of course do what i do best - blow smoke up their ass with well placed words. then sign it anonymously but with link to my blog to let my work speak for the validity of the inquiry in place of a namefaggy source.

    1 measly hour of investigating a couple possible target blogs to hit garnered me the draft list below. i'll come bak around to this before i send anything out and run these peoples name thru all the usual lookup resources we have make sure i dont blindly hit a scilon nest.

    tl;dr = let's write a letter to lawyering bloggers & try to enlist help reviewing/discussing the fair game letters situations in legal profession kind of venue.

    Possible target blogs: i intentionally picked a range of interests in this list in hopes that more than one fish bites the hook then doesnt set it aside if some other blogs publishes their write-up first.

    if anybody knows anything worth sharing on these blogs - please do. the 2nd one in the list is the big ticket one, Wall Street Journal... prolly no shot in hell they'll take my nice friendly invitation seriously but fk it - cant hurt to try.

    i got a ready to go list of online sources for all the existing anon warning letters that made the news so far. i just need to craft a good concise letter that lawyer-types will likely respond well to. and that's no easy task for a tl;dr wordy biotch like me. so +10 internets and lots of virtual hugs goes to any wordsmithy anons that assist with the formal composition squad projects who can maybe lend me a lil skillz for a minute & help me get that letter started. (&TIA!)
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    Re: "Scientology's Lawyers threaten Anonymous"

    Damn, Arnie! You rock the latin dude! :cool: Yeah, it has been a very few in that profession that will go after a cult. Cult's pay better, pretty much what it comes down to. They pay real, good. And the fuckers have tons of dinero, thanks to the abundance of self sustaining slaves that fuel the engines and keep them going.

    Did I miss somewhere in this topic a suggestion to report them to the state bar and what the grounds might be? This really is a major obstacle to fighting cults, so it's worth exploring creative options. Perhaps establish an abuse of process area to track and record. It would have to be a state by state thing, I suppose.

    It may be rare that the bar will discipline an attorney but it does happen. In fact I was one of many who reported an attorney in my state for some pretty blatant misconduct and long story short he can no longer practice law in this state. Something completely different having to do with fraud, but the point is it's possible. Of course everything has to be documented and reported in very factual terms.

    And it is not just Scientology that does this, my cult did the same thing on a smaller scale. They had a bottom feeder who knew how to drag a case on for years until it just fell apart and their opponent was the government not an individual. He was not that smart, just knew how to work the system.

    Has this been discussed elsewhere? I would be curious to see other people's thoughts.

  5. jane Member

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