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Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by medianonymous, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. an()n Member

    Re: CoS counter-site

    although i agree that the arguments on that site are ridiculously flawed, i'm a little bit adverse to the idea of funneling any pro-sci propaganda to this forum :lrhtalking:
  2. brvandal Member

  3. chanson Member

    Re: CoS counter-site

    Know thy enemy and know thy self, and one may survive a hundred battles without danger, according to Sun Tzu. :teacher:

    Apart from that, this is probably the least-tinhatty propaganda site of theirs that presents dangerous amounts of biased-yet-not-seeming-so 'fact' to the layman. That they're taking the 'detailed research' approach is admirable! Therefore it will only be fair and honorable to face them with the same sort of weaponry they have chosen for this duel; namely, our own arguments, with our own research.

    Offtopic: Have I mentioned I love the new smileys we have lately? :applause:
  4. Legione Member

  5. Re: CoS counter-site

    IT'S A TRAP.

    The second I laid eyes on this site, the first thing that came to mind was "bait." They know we'll counter this site by attacking it by all means necessary. They want someone to do something illegal to it. They want people to start spamming it. They'll be tracing each and everyone who so much as hints at anonymous association.

    This may not be the sole purpose of the site, but I'm sure they'll be taking these measures to find out who we are, starting with the most activity.

    I suggest no one does anything threatening at all, which includes spamming. If anyone wants to debate the propaganda on this site, then so be it, but do NOT give them any righteous indignation through your actions.

    I'd say I'm just paranoid, but knowing the Co$, I think it's rational paranoia.

    If this site starts getting traffic to the point that it might become a threat to our credibility, I suggest someone write up an external rebuttal, directly countering the points made on this site, and get it dugg. Use Youtube and other external sources to do the same. Hopefully this will allow the public to shun this website for us, flooding their traffic and making it impossible pick targets.
  6. BugSauce Member

    Re: CoS counter-site

    He's not even trying. That's just sad. My theory is that the site's just window dressing for that comment box where an email address is 'required'. Don't get so excited about getting to speak to a real Scilon at last that you forget to grab a throwaway email.

    :guyfawkes: We travel single file to hide our numbers from the enemy an' all that.
  7. shrivti Member

    Re: CoS counter-site

    This man speaks the truth!

    I think they would love to be able to catch some of the indignity that comes from these kinds of lies and manipulate it into attacking "reasonable" points of view.

    Still, the site is too manipulative by half to be only for that...

    For example, under RPF, the website sites an "independent report" on the RPF. If you read just the abstract of the report, it sounds reasonable. The crazy shit doesn't come until page 2 or 3. And who is their "independent" group? Why, none other than this one:

    But what casual viewer is going to take the time to look this up? It makes me so mad that they rely on people's ignorance to make the "freedom of religion" arguement. And it makes me even MORE angry that most of the time, it works.
  8. Mona Member

    Re: CoS counter-site

    Even without the email, can they grab your IP address and the fact that you got there from this site?
  9. shrivti Member

    Re: CoS counter-site

    Yes, but its really doubtful they'd do anything with it.

    But you could always hide behind a proxy or use one of those anonymous web surfers.
  10. Nonanon Member

    Re: CoS counter-site

    I'm joining Freezone! Go Captain Bill!

  11. nguyen Member

    Re: CoS counter-site

    "It's a trap" Agreed, One of my localnewsblogs did a report on the raids and in the comments section that followed some clam with good lovebombing tactics eventually showed up and gave a link to this site.If you gotta lotta proxy stuff and want to debate with them good luck. I think it is better to be where they do not want us, educating the undecided.
  12. TakeAnonMe Member

    Re: CoS counter-site

    I must say, I think this statement sums up the site's "logic" pretty well:
    Scientology: If you do it right, it probably won't kill you!

    And yes, if you're worried about IPs, use a proxy or tor. However, unless you're doing something stupid, the CoS won't single out one IP from their logs.
  13. Anon92 Member

    Re: CoS counter-site

    Youfoundthecard will be more "successful", first you have people everywhere distributing these cards, plus the mystery of its URL (the Scilon's site is blatant in its content).
  14. nanopope Member

    Re: CoS counter-site

    Translation: The Church still goes around declaring persons suppresive, just in case there was any doubt.

    Couldn't lie straight in bed. Foot in mouth, etc. We could turn a lot of that site against them.
  15. brvandal Member

    Re: CoS counter-site

    aww now its fixed
  16. chanson Member

    Re: CoS counter-site

    Bumping this and proposing this be moved to the Education and Research section, since the contents of this site and the associated blog are noteworthy in terms of being the 'best' arguments Scientology can make for itself and its actions so far. IMO, ignoring this site would be a bad idea, lest it form a rallying point for all the other Scientologists in making their defense (or attack) against our so-called 'lies'.

  17. Re: CoS counter-site

    Off we go!
  18. Re: CoS counter-site

    I really think the best way to preserve free speech is with more free speech on top of their propaganda, not by censoring their propaganda. The great thing about everything being in the open as far as Anonymous and Chanology (and Mark Bunker and is that people get to see everything and learn what's going on. In the long run, more people will be helped having evidence right in front of them of the church stooping low enough to call McPherson's murder a "myth."
  19. Re:

    Yeah, thetans are relatively functional souls, Operating Thetan (OT) is a a thetan that's doing really well (by getting rid of body thetans, for one,) and body thetans are the thetans that xenu messed up, and they get stuck to you and then you're more messed up because they're stuck to you.

    So you get them off you with Scientology, and then work your way up different degrees of OT with training, I guess kinda like Luke had lots of midichlorians (don't hit, I don't like Ep 1 either) which was good, but he still needed further training as a Jedi, there's more to OT than just getting rid of BT's.
  20. Re: CoS counter-site
    Old unfinished and abandoned website. Probably written by a UK CoS member.

    CESNUR despite its name is a single person, an unqualified Italian who arranges conferences for cults and academics to shmooze together. It prints lots of news about cult legal successes in defending themselves, nothing about their legal failures.
  21. chanson Member

    Re: CoS counter-site

    New site seems to be, with more complete work, in association with

    EDIT: --wait, my bad. .info is the right site. :oops:

    If you could provide some good backup evidence for this (reports from a third party, etc) that'd do wonders to discredit some of the sources being used.
  22. Spot Member

    Re: "scientology myths" Enemies Ploping sites

    What load do you use for thetans? 00 Buck? Birdshot? Blanks?

  23. southernstate Member


    The thing I noticed the most is that the Scientology websites accuse critics of spreading lies and hatred, but are rarely, if ever, specific about WHAT these lies are. Case in point, Religious Freedom Watch's article on Andreas Heldal-Lund states:

  24. anon382 Member

    Re: CoS counter-site

    Man what blatent lies, I got the gist after reading the lisa 'myth'. Ultimate fail of scientolgy spin :lrhcries:
  25. Re: CoS counter-site

    Nowhere in those sentences does it say that they don't BELIEVE in aliens, though, only that they don't worship them or their beliefs. Question dodging go go go!
  26. mortified Member

    Re: CoS counter-site

    "Basically, Scientology defends itself from attack, by legal means. Just like any other religion would do."

    lollin'. utter madness, i say.
  27. patriot1971 Member

    Re: CoS counter-site

    Did I read this correctly? Did "he" just deny the existence of "the church" and then say there is a church in the confines of one set of parentheses? ... s-website/
  28. mortified Member

    Re: CoS counter-site

    unfounded accusations are unfounded.
  29. Re: CoS counter-site

    First he says that Fair Game was cancelled, then gives a link to the FULL cancellation document, including the part where it says it doesn't affect treatment of SPs.

    On top of that, the absolute brainfart of a sentence that is "There is not much such scriptures." (on their What is Zenu/Xemu/Xenu" page) makes me think that Co$ really does fail at using the internet to further it's own propaganda. Let them keep the site up, the more people who see this and realise that they're essentially lying to everyone, the better. Although it could be harmful if that's the first Scieno site they lay eyes on... since there'd be nothing to check that site's "Facts" against.
  30. miltownkid Member

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