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    Scientology UK Time line

    * 1951
    * 1952 Sept - LRH visits UK and sets up a Sci office in London - Fitzroy House
    * 1952 - The Dianetic Foundation of Great Britain was established
    * 1953
    * 1954 - Charity Commission considering an app from Scientology
    * 1955
    * 1956
    * 1957 -
    * 1958 -
    * 1959 - Hubbard buys Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead HQ
    * 1959 Feb - Hubbards move back to London, settling for a while in Golders Green.
    * 1959 Feb - A change in the visa regime in the UK enabled foreigners to remain indefinitely if they had sufficient means to support themselves.

    1948 to 1952 - Dianetics, L. Ron Hubbard's theory of the mind craze, swept through the UK
    1957 to 1959 - Hubbard lived and wrote at Fitzroy House in the West End of London.
    1959 to 1966 - Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead HQ


    1960 - Sci's tax exempt status recognized by the US in 1960.
    1960 June - Inland Revenue UK refuses to grant Sci tax exemption.

    * 1961
    * 1962
    * 1963
    * 1964
    * 1965 - Gaimans discover Sci + move to East Grinstead, David Gaiman CoS eventually becoming chief UK media spokesman.

    * 1966 - Henslow case
    * 1967
    * 1968 - Fitzroy House sold off, but later bought back by CoS and is now a museum.
    * 1968 - Sci "Chapel" Rejected by the Registrar General, Sci's appeal and lose

    * 1968 July - UK Minister for Health Kenneth Robinson introduces a ban on immigration of foreign Sci's entering the UK. In retaliation Sci's conducted a libel campaign, Robinson hits back, successfully suing for libel prompting a total retraction and substantial damages.

    1968 Aug - The chief Scientology spokesman, David Gaiman, called for a public inquiry into the conduct of Health Minister Kenneth Robinson.

    * 1969 - Hubbard permanently leaves UK, Home Office tell him not to return.

    * 1969 - NAMH target of a mass infiltration campaign by Scis who try to take over key offices and change NAMH's policy on psychiatry.


    1970 - Sci attempt to sue Geoffrey Johnson-Smith, MP for East Grinstead,

    * 1971 - An official inquiry into Scientology in the UK carried out by Sir John G. Foster and published in 1971
    * 1971 - Government inquiry recommends lifting the ban on foreign Sci's, but ban not immediately lifted.

    * 1971 May - Hubbard blames (NAMH) and World Federation for Mental Health for attacks on Sci and names Mary Appleby, Secretary of NAMH, as ultimate source.

    * 1972
    * 1973

    * 1974 - Yvonne van Duyn, a Dutch woman, seeks to enter UK + take up employment with the CoS but refused entry by immigration authorities on grounds of public policy. Home Secretary considered it 'undesirable' to allow anyone to enter the UK on the business or employment of CoS. Yvonne van Duyn challenges decision under a European directive guaranteeing the freedom of movement for workers.

    * 1975

    * 1976 - According to an internal doc, some of the Church's intelligence staff got around the ban on foreign Sci's by giving false info to immigration officials.

    * 1977 Jul - FBI seize Dox in raids on the Church's US HQ. The dox listed some operations against their British enemies. An agent had been sent to investigate Sir John Foster in an attempt to link him to Paulette Cooper, dox also show Lord Balniel, was a target.

    1977 - Dept of Health and Social Security, prepare a confidential report (released to public 30 years later) to assess their position.

    * 1978
    * 1979

    1970s, - Sci Black Ops directed from Saint Hill, like Operation Snow White etc


    1980 - Kember and Budlong extradited to US, + sentenced to two to six years in prison.

    July 1980 - Home Secretary reverses ban on foreign Sci's, once ban lifted, apps by foreign Sci's were assessed individually. However, all the apps were refused because of Sci's non-religious status

    * 1981
    * 1982
    * 1983 Aug - Sci's announce 12 key members of staff kicked out at Saint Hill HQ as part of a policy change.

    * 1984 - Hubbard contests his exclusion from UK, but ban reaffirmed by Home Office when he refused to discuss his conviction in France for fraud.

    * 1984 Oct - Mr Justice Latey's ruling in High Court + orders Sci to stop harassing the mother and her partner
    * 1985
    * 1986
    * 1987 - 1st BBC Panorama programme reveals Lord Xenu
    * 1988 - Sci group the CCHR conducts campaign against Prof Sir Martin Roth, a Cambridge University prof of psychiatry.

    * 1989 - Castle built by Sci's in a medieval style at St hill opens,

    Mid-1980s - Saint Hill run by a group of young, mostly 2nd generation Sci's known as the CMO. (Commodore's Messenger Organization)


    1990 - The Newcastle Times, which had published an article based on the CCHR material, admitted the falsity of the allegations and paid substantial libel damages

    * 1991 - One of the communal Sci houses burn down. and since then Sci has been prosecuted by the local council over fire safety.

    * 1992
    * 1993 - The Independent newspaper acquired documents in 1993 suggesting that the Sci's had deceived council inspectors, pretending one dormitory housed 50 people when in fact there were 130 permanent residents.

    * 1993 Feb - Sci TV adverts banned by Independent Television Commission after complaints.
    * 1994

    * 1995 - Beverley Ryall, a solicitor based in Chichester, has a midnight visit by a policewoman and head of CoS's Bournemouth mission after a false tip-off that she was holding stolen documents in her house.

    1995 - Campaign group called Families Under Scientology Stress formed

    1995 Sept - Action CoS against investigative journalist Alison Braund, producer Claudia Milne and production company Twenty Twenty Television dismissed as an abuse of process.

    1995 Nov - Memo Opinion Judge Leonie Brinkema : "the Court is now convinced that the primary motivation of RTC [ $ci ] in suing Lerma, DGS and The Post is to stifle criticism of Sci in general and to harass its critics.

    * 1996 - Home Office labels Sci a "bona fide religion" for immigration purposes.
    * 1996 - Bonnie Woods sues Sci
    * 1996 April - Sci TV adverts ban lifted

    * 1997
    * 1998
    * 1999

    1999 - Charity Commission denies Sci app for charitable status, ruling Sci not a religion + no public benefit. Sci don't appeal decision. Sci not recognised as a bona fide religion in the UK Despite this Sci's appear to have reduced UK tax to a minimum through a company reg'ed in Australia.


    2000 - HM Revenue & Customs, CoS exempt from VAT on basis of not-for-profit body

    * 2001
    * 2002
    * 2003
    * 2004
    * 2005 - Camelot Castle England and a UK Newspaper group team up to provide Londoners with info about Sci

    * 2006 Oct - Queen Victoria Street opens / cult avoides paying stamp duty

    * 2007 - It emerged that the ABLE, a Sci - charity which promotes Narconon and Criminon, paid for stalls at Labour and Conservative party conferences.

    * 2007 - 2nd BBC Panorama, "Scientology and Me and the 'exploding tomato incident'

    * 2008 - Anonymous launches Project Chanology, a worldwide protest against CoS

    * 2008 - UK minor (ENG) faces charges by CoL Police for calling Sci a "cult" at protest

    * 2009


    2010 - 3rd BBC Panorama, Secrets of Scientology
    Eric Pickles councils recommendation

  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scientology UK Time line

    The telling bit is the huge white space at the bottom. When they fully managed to scare the media into submission.
  3. Bluebell Member

    Re: Scientology UK Time line

    OP is still being added to that's why
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Scientology UK Time line

    this need a better iillustration
  5. Bluebell Member

    Re: Scientology UK Time line

    My intention was more for Sci Property mainly, with a few other important snippets thrown in here and there.
  6. AnotherSock Member

    Re: Scientology UK Time line

    Would also like to see...

    Mr Justice Latey's ruling in the High Court, 1984. (Quote to include "both immoral and socially obnoxious ... corrupt, sinister and dangerous.")
    1st BBC Panorama programme reveals Lord Xenu story, 1987
    Charities Commission ruling - not a religion (1999)
    HM Revenue & Customs, VAT exemption (2000)
    Mention of how the cult avoided paying stamp duty when they bought QVS (2006)
    2nd BBC Panorama, Sweeney fairgamed and the 'exploding tomato incident' (2007)
    3rd BBC Panorama, Secrets of Scientology (2010)
    Eric Pickles councils recommendation (2010)
    Celebrity centres...?
    Greenfields School for Clams...?
  7. Bluebell Member

    Re: Scientology UK Time line

    This is the kind this thing I had more in mind.
  8. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Scientology UK Time line

    With added dox, it would make a good WWPWiki article.
  9. Sponge Member

    Re: Scientology UK Time line

    That too but it's also nice to have a brief easy-to-read timeline summary, maybe for use as a handout with a link to, as you say, a wiki of it with all the detail.
  10. Zizany Member

    Re: Scientology UK Time line

    Useful, thanks.
  11. Bluebell Member

    Re: Scientology UK Time line

    Ok, OP updated
  12. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Scientology UK Time line

    As is, with some formatting would be fine.[3] The extra dox would be the sources and cites[4] that are at the bottom of the article and could be left off the hand-out, but with a link to the article.

    (Too lazy to figure out if there's a way to superscript.)

    Sort of like this: Timeline of Scientology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  13. BigBeard Member

    Re: Scientology UK Time line

    I believe this is slightly off.

    "Church" of Scientology California (the 'mother' church in the US until Wollersheim) was granted tax exempt status in 1957. This was revoked in 1967, with lawsuits following resulting in a 1984 Tax Court decision against the Cof$.

    More lawsuits were brought, with different decisions in different court districts. This led to the 1989 'Hernacez' decision by the Supreme Court of the US against the Cof$, which should have ended the matter once and for all.

    Unfortunately it didn't, and for reasons that still aren't completely known in ruling 93-73 the IRS granted 501(c)3 tax exempt status in 1993 to the Cof$ and roughly 150 related entities that had not been part of the earlier Cof$CA exemption/revocation. The 'secret' Closing Agreement related to this exemption was revealed by the Wall Street Journal in 1997.

  14. Re: Scientology UK Time line

    After he lost his post as Minister (Hubbard claimed he had been sacked due to a public outcry!) Robinson became Chairman of a mental health charity. The cult claimed it was running 'Belsen style death camps' and he sued.

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