Scientology UK declares yet another member

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Operating Satan, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    There's two different Alex Cronins, one who quit 30 years ago and one active today.
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  2. Cassie Member

    Everyone please accept my apologies in advance because I am going to derail this thread a little.
    Mods, let this sit and if need be I'll change my sock.

    Now seems as good a time as any to get this said.
    As the youngest of four kids I wasn't close to my siblings probably due to the big age gap between myself and the next one up, and an even bigger gap between myself and the older two.
    Those three are still in, one of them I spotted in BRob's excellent pic collection and the other two pop up now and again.
    If any of them ever read this then take note, your efforts to keep me in made me all the more determined to get out.

    Returning to my original remark about nothing being black or white, had we not been in COS us kids would probably have stuck together when our parents ran off.
    Instead it was the opposite I was left to my own devices.
    Worse to come from my siblings was one of them discovering my first attempt to leave, I paid for it dearly.
    The divide and conquer rule coming into play there.

    No they are not on my Christmas card list if any of you are asking.

    When I did finally make the break it took a couple of nerve shattering weeks to leave the US, and with the help of one person I did. That's a debt I'll never be able to repay.
    For the last few years I've lived in the UK, I have family here on my mother's side all of whom are more generous of heart than my mother ever was.

    I still don't sleep too well and have nightmares from time to time, I see it as a small price to pay for being out, being free and being happy.

    There you have it, the bare bones of my story.
    One day I'll give you all of it after I've taken the time to piece it together in greater detail.

    For those of you who don't know so much about COS, it's important you understand how ruthless and dangerous it actually is. Never underestimate them.

    Again guys massive apologies for the derailment, and for those of you doing the good work you have my unending gratitude.
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  3. TrevAnon Member

    IMO ^ such a post never can be a derailment. :)
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  4. Anonymous Member

    I was the anon who wanted "the end." Pretty ridiculous, as I should by now recognise that "the end" isn't ever. I am sorry for this.
    Thank you for the update. I am sorry for what you have experienced because of the cult. I send you hugs and your relatives my sincere admiration and gratitude. Glad you made it here.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ Brave ex is brave. One of the many RAEG-inducing aspects of Scientology for me is the fact that so often speaking out means escapees having to really bare their soul to the scrutiny of the world. I cannot imagine having to speak of intimate matters about myself and my family to those I don't know and trust. That so many exes do is a testament to their courage and strength. Thank you.
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  6. Cassie Member

    Don't apologise please, I said what I said of my own accord, you didn't force me. All's well ok.
    Hugs to you in return.
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  7. Cassie Member

    There are so many whose lives ended all too soon at the hands of some Scientologists, we know their names and won't forget them. Unfortunately it's too late for them now, but if baring just a fraction of my soul helps even one person to realise how evil this cult is I'll say it's worth it.

    Very recently someone said to me there's a great team here, 'nuf said.:)
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  8. RightOn Member

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  9. Those 37.5 hours really did a job on you, bro.
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  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. jensting Member

    remind you of any particular criminal organisation?
    Don't be easily trolled :)
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