Scientology trading cards!

Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by surfingelectrod, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Scientology trading cards!

    I had an idea to make a series of trading cards (like Topps cards) to hand out during protests, each with a different person, event, controversy, or policy relating to Scientology and our reasons for protesting. Serious business stuff, though (No meme cards or anything like that). I figured it would be good to do because they'd look nice visually, would be convenient for the public (and any Scilons we could get them to) and that I'd be able to print out around 6 or so on single sheet of paper.

    Here's my basic idea for them:



    What do you all think? Should I keep going or try doing something else?

    Are there any subjects that you'd recommend?
  2. _anonlita_ Member

    Re: Scientology trading cards!

    That is a good idea, you could stick more information on those than you could a sign.
    It'd probably be murder for your colour printer, though :/
  3. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Scientology trading cards!

    Food for thought: the playing cards in Iraq (and their US counterparts).
  4. zombieduckv2 Member

    Re: Scientology trading cards!

    I think being able to do something simple in black and white would really look good, so it's less costly. Or possibly just using one other colour other than black/white to have it jump out at you...

    Just a thought. :)
  5. CherrieZ Member

    Re: Scientology trading cards!

    oh my xenu this is an awesome idea! Every card should have something to do with the theme of the protest! Freakin wicked!!

    We could also pass them around like the 'youfoundthecard' cards :)
  6. Re: Scientology trading cards!

    Like "Top Trumps" ?

    L.Ron Hubbard

    Charisma 9
    Paranoia 8
    Avariciousness 10

    Dave The Dwarf

    Charisma 2
    Paranoia 10
    Avariciousness 10

  7. saerat Member

    Re: Scientology trading cards!

    like it =F
  8. Anon115 Member

    Re: Scientology trading cards!

    And instead of flavor text you could have a juicy quote.

    You could make a good 3 or 4 different L. Ron cards if you wanted.
  9. Re: Scientology trading cards!

    Here's my first completed card:


    It's hard to summarize things into a few statements, so if anyone has any ideas for other cards, I'd really appreciate it.
  10. musketeerwang Member

  11. Re: Scientology trading cards!

    yeah I think they should have actual information on the back. (and passed out to the general population).

    There should be one on Shaun and Lisa, L Ron etc, with quick important bullet notes on the back. these would be effective for the public. a picture and some info. ya know
  12. Re: Scientology trading cards!

    Ok, here are the first five cards:


    Comments/criticism appreciated.
  13. Re: Scientology trading cards!

    ooo Love it so far :D Great work!!!

    RPF card showing all the wrong doings...Shaun Lonsdale he'd speak out and eventually died very mysteriously

    IRS tax exemption and how they pushed aggressively for it

    L Ron Hubbards Wife ... how she was arrested for her crimes and what her crimes were

    The guy who was taken off meds and killed his mom

    Red cards....Bad things in scientology
    Blue cards...those who have died because of it
    White cards...Those who protest against it...WBM, Tory, Jason etc
    Black cards.... Facts about Anonymous, links to websites with info etc
  14. Re: Scientology trading cards!

    Explain their Clearwater Headquarters as well as the LA Celeb Centre

    Mention how they got kicked out of Germany

    etc if I think of more i"ll post for Card Ideas :)
  15. PirateLips Member

    Re: Scientology trading cards!

    I think on the e-meter card you should add the date it was invented and the date it was stolen by elron and with the Lisa McPherson card I think the last fact it should read as 'She was pronounced dead on arrival'.
    Other than those little things, I think they are great as they are very informative in a quick and easy to read way.
  16. Re: Scientology trading cards!

    And...four more for the night. I'll do a lot more tomorrow now that I know what I'm doing a little better.

    The first one is going to be LRH but I have no idea what I should use for the back. Any suggestions, and suggestions for other cards?

    When I get a decent amount of them done, I'll make a PDF of them and host it somewhere. I plan on printing out a few copies of each on cardstock and laminating them. That should make them fairly durable and hopefully look nicer for the public.
  17. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: Scientology trading cards!

    This is absolutely great stuff. You are king of the internets.
  18. Re: Scientology trading cards!

    PS the color themes I suggested were for the borders minus the grey, or minus the yellow bordering to distinguish cards
  19. Puddlewhite Member

    Re: Scientology trading cards!

    gonna collect them all ^ ^
  20. _anonlita_ Member

    Re: Scientology trading cards!

    Wow, these are awesome!
    Is there any way to mention their tax-exempt status and how much money people have to spend to reach the various levels? That might be a good thing to bring up that the average Joe might not know about
  21. Himbeertoni Member

    Re: Scientology trading cards!

    just amazing! Awesome beautiful great, keep em coming
  22. Mr. Kite Member

    Re: Scientology trading cards!

    Very internets full! We must catch them all!
    I was thinking of doing playing cards like the decks that they give the army.
  23. Erika Bauman Member

    Re: Scientology trading cards!

    How would one get these printed?
  24. TheMockers Member

    Re: Scientology trading cards!

    I was hoping for more lulzy stuff like:

    "Tom Cruise" with picture of his insane laugh on that internal release video from a while ago.

    On back it has facts like:
    - Really CAN'T FLY. We're serious.
    - Reached OT VII. Can melt you with a glance.
    - Pew pew! EH HAHAHAHAHA
    - Is completely batsh*t crazy.
    - Probably smells like hotdogs.
    - Is the only one who can help in a car crash.
  25. Mr. Kite Member

    Re: Scientology trading cards!

    Stoop Kid (Erik)

    - Boston PI/OSA member
    - Once afraid to leave his stoop
    - Can't fly either
    - Dislikes "Hey Arnold!"
    - Debatable as to whether his vocal cords actually function

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