Scientology Takes Advantage of a Clearwater Politician's Death

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by grimnirr, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. DeathHamster Member

    Lookie lookie!

    Clearwater Martin Luther King Jr. Neighborhood Coalition vs.
    Clearwater Martin Luther King Jr. Neighborhood Center Coalition Inc.
    Ahhh, no way in HELL would Rita Garvey have anything to do with Scientology. The "Clearwater Martin Luther King Jr. Neighborhood Coalition" seems to be an obvious parasitically named bogus group.
    Someone might want to give former Mayor Rita Garvey a heads-up.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    you might want to check their web site first
    web address from the Tampa Times
  3. DeathHamster Member

    Not in the Sunbiz list, plus the name that they give for their organization is inconsistent throughout their "site".
    "Presented by the Clearwater Martin Luther King Jr. Neighborhood Coalition"
    "The Martin Luther King Center NeighborhoodCoalition"
    "Please Help Support The Martin Luther King Center NeighborhoodCoalition"
    "Clearwater Martin Luther King Jr. Neighborhood Coalition" (in PayPal)

    I doubt that it's worth the bother of checking Guidestar.

    If they're claiming to be a 501(c)3 incorporation, why aren't they listed in Sunbiz? And why are they using a name which is "one off" from a real organization with someone on the board who would never have a thing to do with Scientology? (She might piss on them if they were on fire, maybe.)
    TBT story gave the web site of the bullshit group for contributions. WTF?
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  4. DeathHamster Member

    Oh wait, I see the Scientology weasel-word!
    So, it was "set up" as a 501(c)3, but it isn't actually one at all. (Not even incorporated under any of the names provided so far.)

    Just like COSRECI was set up as a charitable organization without actually being one in any sense of the word.
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  5. anonymous612 Member

    Better make sure that wasn't a mistake due to how similar the names are.
  6. xenubarb Member

    Dammit, something about this has to be illegal!
  7. DeathHamster Member

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  8. xenubarb Member

  9. Anonymous Member

    If there's nothing illegal going on, there's nothing paypal can do.
  10. DeathHamster Member

    It's probably some kind of charity fraud.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    I agree. Report to the police, not to paypal.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Report it to BOTH.
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  13. InsiderMyself Member

    The connection is not just Van Farber, he funneled this through the Pinellas Democratic Party. They should not be allowing this committee member Van, do this event at the Ft. Harrison, nor should they be inviting other democrats. This was a huge mistake. And, if the "party" did not know, Van Farber should be removed at once. I sent this off to the party, so let's see what they do. They should have stopped this, I already know there were conversations about this event. But then the invites went out from another member there, I was an insulted recipiant!
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  14. BigBeard Member

    Someone's not happy about the truth coming out. This comment on the article:

    Got a "Don't Like" down check. Can't imaging why. /sarcasm

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  15. genoramix Member

    damn i've been following the abuses and the dirty tricks of scn for years, but it still amazes me they can fall so fucking pathetic
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Hoping this underhanded scrupulous hijacking of a public figure's death will be a colossal CoS fail tomorrow.

    grimnirr and/or InsiderMyself, if the WWP hivemind was in any way helpful to your plight - if you tomorrow have first hand (or even reliable second hand) reports, please come back and post them here to WWP?

    Quite a number of us would want to know the level of CoS success/fail wrt their robotic inhumane actions in situations like this....

    And again, my sincere condolences to everyone who loved her - <3 to all.
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  17. bethflorida Member

    An amazing number of people have posted here. How many of you ever even met Shelly in person? I am not even certain that "grimnirr" knew her, other than through an Internet "virtual" relationship established after Shelly was eaten up by the return of her cancer.

    I knew Shelly over the last three years of her life, In person, face to face. Shelly and Van were inseparable during the time I knew her. She personally confirmed to me that she was happy and satisfied with their relationship. I always felt that it was up to Shelly, not me, to define that relationship. Shelly NEVER characterized Van as her "ex". To my knowledge, only grimnirr has done that.

    Yes, she was tied to the Pinellas County Democratic Party. She was a precinct committeewoman (precinct captain) and regularly participated on the county Executive Committee, as did I and many of the people she counted as friends. BTW, Shelly lived in Clearwater, not Safety Harbor, and lived at On Top Of The World (OTOTW) not TOTW, grimmirr. Thought you would know that if she were your "best friend". I would estimate the number of times I have had private, face to face conversations in the last three years is about 70-80. When exactly, did you last speak to her in person, grimmirr, and how many times have you seen her in the last three years? Anyone else who has already posted here actually know Shelly and remained close to her in recent years?

    Shelly did not speak of her family in Michigan to me. (This does not mean to imply she was estranged from them. She just never mentioned them.) Does anyone posting here have any idea how close they were, especially since the obit they apparently wrote had her living in Safety Harbor, not Clearwater? I know that my family in Louisiana has rejected me for decades and could not possibly speak for me on my death.

    Shelly was Jewish. As for the linkage to Scientology, I only know that today's fund raiser was held at one of their properties. Do any of you have more detailed information as to how the Scientologists "took advantage" of Shelly's passing other than by donating space for the fund raiser? If not, I suggest you take your hatred of the sect somewhere else. Don't litter my friend's memory with your ugly thoughts.

    For your information, the center to be benefited is the Dr Martin Luther King Jr Neighborhood Family Center, Inc. It was incorporated in 2009 and is an active Florida nonprofit corporation. It is also listed as a public charity by the IRS--check out the Pub 78 listing. (The recipient is not the MLK Neighborhood Coalition, which has been set up in these postings as a straw man and, of course, knocked down by the same people.) The real Center deserves all the support we can give it. You do not have to go through any Scientology link, you can give directly by snail mailing your contribution. BTW, here is the web address of the Guidestar listing questioned earlier:

    Before more of you who did not know Shelly post anymore slurs or sympathies here, might I suggest you take the time to do the fact research, instead of simply repeating the garbage posted here?
  18. Anonymous Member

  19. DeathHamster Member

    I'm afraid that it is bethflorida who invokes a strawman here with what seems intent to deceive.

    She says that the actual Dr Martin Luther King jr Neighborhood Family Center Inc is a listed charity and a Florida non-profit corporation.

    No shit. Stop wasting our time.

    The problem is that that organization is not the one holding the event and collecting the money. The organization doing that claims to be the "Clearwater Martin Luther King Jr. Neighborhood Coalition" (the name on the PayPal money form).

    Who is this entity? Who do they answer and account to, since they are not a charity or Florida non-profit corporation?

    Why do they use a name so similar to an existing Florida corporation, the "Clearwater Martin Luther King Jr. Neighborhood Center Coalition Inc."?

    I'm not saying that the "Clearwater Martin Luther King Jr. Neighborhood Coalition" won't turn over funds from their event to the Dr Martin Luther King jr Neighborhood Family Center, but who gets to see what percentage of the ticket price that is? What costs will be subtracted first? Who gets paid?

    Please get back to us on that, eh bethflorida?
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  20. Anonymous Member

    You come in here guns blazing, accusing people of hatred, yet you are clearly uninformed about what goes on in this forum. If you were truly Shelly's friend, you would never allow her name to be smeared by the Scientology corporation, or used in what appears to be some sort of charity scam. Have you even read the posts in this thread? Do you have any idea what kind of company Scientology is?

    I suggest you inform yourself, you look like a fool.

    The Scientology corporation never donates anything without expecting to get ten times more back in return.
    The Scientology corporation, or its clients, have been caught red-handed in hundreds of money-making scams. Did you know that the company was convicted of fraud in France last year? Did you know that it was found guilty in Canada of crimes?

    Shame on you for letting her name and memory be sullied by association with a criminal corporation.
    Shame on you for fighting her family's wishes.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    I hope if I someday die of cancer, one of my "friends" doesn't say I was eaten up by the return of her cancer.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    The whole "her family don't know her" thing reminds me of what Scientology said about Lisa McPherson.
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  23. xenubarb Member

    Your pants are burning...
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  24. conatus Member

    I wonder how the event turned out.
  25. anonymous612 Member

    I'm not a Scientologist, but...
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  26. If you have something important to say, say it in readable font. Otherwise you are just a wall of BAAAAAWWWWW! and will be considered tl/dl. Not all of us are young and naive with excellent eyesight.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Sorry to hear that. I hope you are able to reconnect with them someday.
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  28. DeathHamster Member

    Luckily I read it on my tablet which was forced to render it as readable due to a lack of shitty fonts.
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  29. I have really had to re-think impact italic after this episode.
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  30. anonymous612 Member

    This is what happens when you post WWP thread urls in the comments section of Scientology-related news articles.
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  31. Quentinanon Member

    A quote straight out of the "Hatting Manual for OSAbots" approved by Karin Pouw and Pat Harney.
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  32. Quentinanon Member

    Here is one principle you should learn right now: In scientology, there is no lowest low or a bottom to their barrel. Think Criminal Versatility and that's also a characteristic of a psychopath.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Asked for comment on a political website I frequent which has a few posters from Pinellas/Clearwater.

  34. Anonymous Member

    A little birdie says look up Linda Lerner, long time board member.
  35. DeathHamster Member

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  36. Anonymous Member

    This had no information about the event.
  37. Anonymous Member

    It wasn't supposed to. It was to try to give insight on the state of the dem party in Pinellas. I wish the person had volunteered more info about the campaign manager and other associated with the fundraiser, but that's all i got.

    As for Lerner, the focus of the thread I saw was charter schools in general with the sci charter having brought up the subject. The name was dropped, but might not have had something to do with sci charters.

    Sorry if this was relavant to no-one's intrests.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Meanwhile, the clams exploit the death of a much loved local politician to put up a dodgy PayPal account from which, no doubt, "expenses" will be deducted . . . any reports on the actual event? Did it go ahead?
  39. Anonymous Member

    Cult Hijacking Group In Press Release

    wha? Yuck!! Love and Non violence?...Hubbard?.. they are nucking futz
    Scibot Milton James as a contact
    Scibot Kari Wise wrote the clam PR

    the MLK Jr Community Center has been Hijacked.

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