Scientology staff employees and wages

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  1. OTBT Member

    Scientology staff employees and wages

    Posting this info in the hope that it helps Marc's law suits.

    Below are short excerpts from a 2007 legal ruling regarding a non - Sea Org staff member,
    who was hired as a Public Contact Director. The application was filed by a subsection of
    Scientology Missions International.

    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services / Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) noted
    discrepancies regarding Scientology employees: - Immig...ecisions_Issued_in_2007/Mar282007_01C1101.pdf

    Later in the appeal, a Scientology lawyer argues:

    AAO responds:

    / Edit

    Scientology consistently claims that their employee's pay is not a wage or salary: - Religious Worker/Decisions_Issued_in_2007/Jan242007_02C1101.pdf

  2. francie Member

    Re: Scientology staff employees and wages

    So let's see if I got my wits around this one.

    The guy is to be hired at a Church of Scientology MISSION in the USA. He is not a Sea Org and will be paid like other mission staff. But mission staff get paid "by units" so the employer cannot state what the new guy's pay will be. And the employer submits a copy of the new guy's "contract" which shows he's a volunteer, not an employee.

    (See copy of staff contract here:

    Oh, but wait! The decision has to hand a copy of the guy's 1999 & 2002 W-2 Wage & Tax Statement which shows the guy earned on average $179.40 per week in 1999 & $159.92 per week in 2002!
  3. francie Member

    Scio bookselling is prosthelytizing and fund-raising

    I found this section of the above decision to be most interesting. There's been much talk on the message boards about the Stress Tests or Scientology passing out The Way to Happiness books or selling Dianetics books.

    The Scientology attorney (counsel for the petitioner) wrote:
    But the decision for AAO states (Administrative Appeals Office of US Citizenship and Immigration Services):

    Ok. So you have a governmental decision stating that:

    a) bookselling on the streets is religious fund-raising (so much for CofS hiding under "Dianetics" and claiming to not be religious)

    b) it's a fund-raising activity.

    I know in some areas of the world you have to get specific permits to do fund-raising in the streets.

    Anyone familiar with such laws/regulations?
  4. francie Member

    Use of the emeter for stress test is auditing?

    Another interesting passage from the above decision:

    By the way, you can learn to use an emeter for the purposes of a Free Stress Test in about 5 minutes. One does not need to do a course or have any certification in the use of an emeter in order to effectively use a meter for the Free Stress Test.

    So a photograph showing someone using an emeter for a Free Stress Test is NOT "auditing" as known by the Church of Scientology. Of course, they seem willing to use the confusion of a non-scientologist to their benefit by implying that using an emeter for a stress test IS auditing.

    Surely some Anon or critic can use this information to the benefit of the cause.


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