Scientology schools -- sea org recruitment grounds

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by lurkingfear, Apr 25, 2008.

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    Scientology schools -- sea org recruitment grounds

    Having read a great deal of material on the 'net ( ex-scientology kids etc.) and read interviews from ex-scientologists, i am very concerned about the role of schools that utilize the CO$ educational arm -- APPLIED SCHOLASTICS.. materials. i've read many reports that these schools are run by scions for scion kids and are targetted by sea org for their 1 billion year contracts...

    Below is a very partial list and some websites...


    Greenfields School homepage -- Sussex


    The Athena School - Sydney, Australia -- Sydney


    Birchwood Academy – Missasauga, ON
    Progressive Academy – Edmonton, AB Private Schools Edmonton Progressive Academy
    Acadmie des petits Phnix - cole primaire et maternelle prive Longueuil sur la Rive-Sud de Montral -- quebec

    Netherlands -- Amsterdam


    United States

    Delphi school – several in california, oregon, Chicago, Boston,

    Ability Schools ( and Ability plus) New Jersey, Utah

    Oak Crest Private School, Carrollton, Texas, near Dallas -- texas

    Welcome to Mojave Academy -- New Mexico

    california ranch school...California Ranch School - Home

    to me these should be targeted.. I know that in Canada these schools receive funding through provincial govt. .. Do you want your taxes paying to indoctrinate kids????
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    Re: Scientology schools -- sea org recruitment grounds

    I looked into Greenfields in the UK a while back and discovered that they have a very high percentage of foreign language students. They don't have to have the same inspections as normal UK schools (Ofstead) but they have had similar inspections by one of the oganisations usually inspects independant schools. As with Ofstead, the reports are available online, the only thing they really failed at was their library, which was very limited and under-used. (Probably only has LRH's books in it.) Somewhere there was mention of a change of Head Teacher in around 2005.

    The inspector was very inpressed with the discipline and attitude of the children and how well the "study tech" was working. (I do think its not in itself a bad way to learn, but like a lot of LRH I can't imagine Applied Scholastics was his ideas, any more than the business tech was.)

    Reading it gave me the creeps a little actually, I kept thinking of the Stepford Wives.
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