Scientology Rich List

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by ENSLAVER, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. ENSLAVER Member

    Scientology Rich List

    I thought it would be interesting to see who were the richest scientologists, mostly because fame and money speak. Not only do they speak, they can also buy media companies. How many tv stations, newspapers, internet companies, magazines, superstores, etc. near you are owned by scientologists? :tinfoil:

    For now it's just a rich list, let me know who to add and how much, also let me know how many mistakes I've made :)

    List of Scientologist personal net wealth $US: V.0a

    David Miscavige ~$US Unknown

    1. James Packer: ~$US 5.7 billion
    2. Bryan Zwan ~$US 600 million
    3. Lisa Marie Presley ~$US 300 million
    4. Tom Cruise: ~$US 250 Million
    5. John Travolta ~$US 200 Million

    Nancy Cartwright ~$US Unknown
    Doug Dohring ~$US Unknown
    Sky Dayton ~$US Unknown

  2. Randomness Member

    Re: Scientology Rich List

    I've heard that nancy girl makes 5Mil a year, and probably got a massive pay packet for the Simpsons movie.

    I'd say about 50m+
  3. Anonabliss Member

    Re: Scientology Rich List

    Who is Bryan Zwan?
  4. Himbeertoni Member

    Re: Scientology Rich List

    yeahhh who the fuck is Bryan Zwan? And by the way i don´t think these people got rich by handing their money over to anyone who just comes around asking for it. Maybe one or two of them (i don´t think it will be tom though he´s totally brainwashed) will have doubts if DM is begging for more and more money without being able to deliver OT powers ... see jason. So my fellow anons don´t be afraid of those numbers ... some things cannot be bought even with 10 billion!
  5. Re: Scientology Rich List

    Sky Dayton is the founder of Earthlink.
  6. Robert S Member

    Re: Scientology Rich List

    Ha... DIGL is selling for ten cents a share. Mwa hahahahaha...
  7. Himbeertoni Member

    Re: Scientology Rich List

    This is why this anon is begging for a topic about the companies scientology has their hands on ... you guys can´t imagine how often we are asked by random people during the protests ... "do you know if company xy has connections to scientology?" "do you know if person xy deals with them?" we got one case were we know for sure, since we have a person who used to work for this company. This is what hurts scientology the most ... take away their money, i wish we had a list of all the companies working for them and not just rumours but facts. You have no idea how much damage would be dealt to a company in europe that has ties to scientology just by namefagging this company in the media.
  8. Re: Scientology Rich List

    ^^^ THIS

    A lot of Anons know about the major Front Groups (Religious Freedom Watch, CCHR, Criminon, Narconon) but not about $ci-favouring corporations.
  9. xenubarb Member

    Re: Scientology Rich List

    Seminar guru Grant Cardone got sucked into Scientology by his twin brother.
    He had a solid gig traveling the country giving seminars on successful sales practices, targeting the auto sales industry. Word is, his seminars now sound more like Dianetics infomercials.

    Grant Cardone has been bankrolling the San Diego org for several years now. If not for him and a couple of other rich suckers, the SD org would be closed by now.

    I don't know what he's worth, but he's somewhat rich. Probably not as rich as he was before he accepted L. Ron Hubbard as his personal savior.

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