Scientology Religiosity? (Research Packets & Dox)

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    I hope it's going to be explained that TWTH booklet was written by co-conspirator Hubbard, while he was in hiding from the feds for the commission of felonies, and his wife was headed to federal prison, after the court ordered release of spying and covert dirty tricks (Fair Game) instructions by Hubbard, and their subsequent applications.

    In other words, Hubbard was covering his ass.
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    By the way, TWTH, in the fine print, notes that it's a "NON RELIGIOUS moral code... it was written by L. Ron Hubbard as an individual work and is not part of any religious doctrine... it is therfore admissible for goverment departments and emplyees to distribute it."
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    At this time its only listed in my materials index as possible sauce I'd like to hit. It's NOT in the topical index under a designated volume, so as I explained - its not slated to be included at this time. I also dont see anyplace it fits in cuz its a non-religious front group entity and NOT church doctrine.

    So sorry but your hoping up the wrong tree. Altho you make valid points why somebody should be targeting TWTH and all the more reason it should have its own dedicated project.
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    old project is not the one in this thread, and its dated now since the SES legislation that Applied Scholastics was exploiting is on its way out.

    I have no filesharing links whatsoever in the publications related to the project ITT, so its not an issue. The leaks & legal subforum is where that hurts us.

    Nope, i see no need to revisit the applied scholastics project - my days of pooning states who approved Applied Scholastics are over since the legislation is falling by the wayside.
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    Remember this is Scientology. It's primary tactic is deception. It's amoral. Anything goes, if it can be "gotten away with."

    'TWTH', also, is sometimes presented by Scientology as part of Scientology, when it is seen as being useful to Scientology to do so.

    This pattern of dishonesty is woven throughout Scientology.
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  9. AnonLover Member

    No, its represented to the outside world as a secular moral code. It lacks any branding of "Church" and falls under a secular business entity. And it's been defended as non-religous ad naseum.

    So although I would like to find a way to squarely include it under the "r" word cloak, its only in my material index as wishful thinking at this point. And I see no logical tie-in at this time. Sorry.
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    Getting back on track... I'm still hoping to get actual suggestions I can use & work with on improving presentation. I am not an artfag, but a tech writer. Fonts, colors schemes, graphics - not my thing. And I'm used to working under a comprehensive style guide that eliminates the need to even think about that stuff.

    So any pointers on what I can do on this front would be greatly appreciated since I'm working waaaay outside my comfort zone in that respect on this project.
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    bump for re-posting relevant linkage on current page ITT
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    Not always. Scientology PRs have - depending on the person or public or circumstances, when dealing with the outside world (wogs) - at times, presented it as part of Scientology. Also, Scientology Volunteer Ministers hand out copies of TWTH.

    Usually, it's used as a front group "particle," but can be used as a PR "particle." Scientology Volunteer Ministers are a PR program.

    Very slippery.
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    ^^Slippery indeed. And is why I (currently) dont see a way to ultimately fit it into this project.

    So VMs are likely the only frontgroup I'll hit, and that's because their hugely interwined with common "r" themes in multiple ways: historically - the creation of the VM course timing-wise, symbolically - the collar, mockery factor - everybody & anybody was encouraged to do the VM course once upon an era when that was the huge image push & to be a scientologist = being a scientology "minister" cuz you did the VM course.

    ^^Thats not only conducive with my theme & goals, its ohhh so exploitable. Where as TWTH isn't that much conducive in those senses here, nor a good fit in general, albeit exploitable.
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    These days, since Volunteer Ministers usually wear t-shirts that say SCIENTOLOGY VOLUNTEER MINISTERS, they would be a PR group, not a front group, although, when dressed in street clothes, they might sometimes function as a front group. Years ago, it wasn't unusal for a Scientologist dressed as a minister - with clerical collar - to pose as a Christian minister, or create that impression while saying nothing to correct that impression (to achieve some objective), and that's still done, but today's Volunteer Misnisters usually advertise their being Scientologists, thus they serve a Scientology PR function, and not so much a front group function.

    But it varies, depending on what's useful.

    TWTH has a similar multiple (PR and also front group) function. Sometimes one, sometimes the other.

    Scientology's trickery is tricky.
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    People Magazine, August 14, 1978


    Henning Heldt, later convicted for his part in Operation Snow White.
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    (swoons) ^^This is why i <3 me sum DH! Thank you!!
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    I found a stockpile of really good east meets west infos here:

    Thought Reform Goes To Church: Studies On Propaganda Techniques & Spiritual Abuse

    Posted on January 12, 2012 by thereformedtraveler


    From "Discernment Ministries International" which is interesting.., i never heard of this outfit, but they claim its a "Member of the International Order of Heresy Hunters"

    Bible thumper skeptics? who knew. But I like the above link because it draws almost entirely on theories from Lifton, Miligram, Singer etc. era of APA endorsed cultic studies that makes proactive cult classifications (it IS a cult, cuz of this that and other things),

    rather than drawing from the usual Walter Martin bible thumper "dis it as wrong" approach (it is NOT a church cuz of this that and other things).
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    To be your self ?
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    Where's Ron's map of the Galaxy?
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    Your wish, is my command! Along with a couple other feedback suggestions this discussion kicked off that I got via PM convos from other chanologists looking to use these dox as harpoon ammo for their own local cell initiatives.

    Compare and contrast my original front & back matter template on the following link. Note my weak introductory outline was on a sidebar layout page shown on pg7 here:

    ^^Space for text was limited and placement was AFTER the Table of Contents.

    Now check out the reworked version on a full width page layout shown on pg3 here:

    ^^Now has better "outline" of what was hammered out ITT & elswhere, as well as being a lot closer to front. Latest changelog on proposed template change:
    Is this better?
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    Some great new sauces harpooning medical sciences approach to cultic studies into the Religion & Spirituality section of has been going on for awhile now.

    Charisse Van Horn
    Cults Examiner

    ^^Reminds me of a cultic studies keyboard warrior akin to our very own David Love. Her latest piece is especially great, as is several of her past articles. Lady is worthy of subs in yer newsreader & social network socks.

    Cults, coercive persuasion, and changing belief systems
    Religion & Spirituality | January 27, 2012

    Moar from Ms. Van Horn here:
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    Inline text version of new pg3 for ease of reference & lazyfags.

    Project Purpose

    The meaning of the word “religion” is entirely subjective, and strictly personalized, opinion of what it means to any given individual. Therefore, no one can define the answer to “Is Scientology a Religion?” for another person.

    This series of publications and related works is intended to serve as a public domain archive of source materials for further research to aid those who seek out such answers for themselves. The fair usage content included spans examples of the following documentation:

    • Propaganda the Church of Scientology promotes to the outside world for encouraging a wider acceptance of their beliefs and practices, while reinforcing their legitimacy as a New Religious Movement (NRM).
    • Propaganda the Church of Scientology promotes internally to their own members that slanders many other major religions and contradicts their claims of being compatible with other belief systems.
    • Additional documentation outlining the actual teachings and alternative medicine practices of the Church of Scientology that underscores why their system of beliefs is so controversial.
    • Academic analysis summaries from proponent, critical, and comparative sources that reflect a comprehensive look at all sides of many disputes surrounding the common of questions of Scientology’s religiosity.
    • Related media coverage that further examines the finer points of the “applied religious philosophy” that the Church of Scientology claims is at the heart of its campaign to “clear the planet”
    With the release and ongoing maintenance of this documentation archive of educational booklets and related works, Project Chanology Anonymous activists from aims to provide a virtual library of reference materials for all those seeking answers to the entirely subjective questions that arise when evaluating the nature of Scientology as a religion.

    Series Abstract

    The Scientology Religiosity? series of custom booklets and related works is a collection of source materials for supporting further research in the vein of comparative religion studies on the subject of Scientology and the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard. These fair use publications focus on cataloging Scientology beliefs in relation to other religions, traditional tenets of faith, ancient mythology, and major religious leaders.

    The materials included in each volume represent a small sampling of excerpts from the written works by L. Ron Hubbard in the form of books, essays, and lecture transcripts. Other materials range from official scriptures of the Church of Scientology in the form of policies and organizational publications, in addition to promotional materials. This documentation represents the core Scientology teachings and doctrines that is often referred to as “technology.”

    Another central aspect of this series of publications focuses on an assortment of privately distributed Advance! Magazine feature articles from a long running Spiritual History of Man series that L. Ron Hubbard personally mandated [1]. These articles and related Hubbard essays offer a unique view into how the Scientology dogma is promoted internally to adherents that are on an advanced stage of the “The Bridge to Total Freedom” (aka “The Bridge”), and pursuing the Operating Thetan (“OT”) levels of study.

    [1] Jeff Hawkins, former Church of Scientology Sea Org executive and Advance! Magazine Editor in his 2010 book Counterfeit Dreams.
  27. AnonLover Member

    Thx! ^^Afterthought, maybe that title s/b "Mission Statement" nao that the text under it has been fattened up?
  28. Anonymous Member

    Looks great!
  29. AnonLover Member

    Thx! One last PITA question to finalize those changes...

    "Project Purpose" label vs. "Mission Statement" label. Which one do you think fits better?

    Currently tied at 2 opinions/votes each from PM feedback givers. I need at least one moar tie breaker opinion? (and/or - the more the merrier)
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    With the release and ongoing maintenance of this documentation archive of educational booklets and related works, Project Chanology Anonymous activists from aims to provide a virtual library of reference materials for all those seeking answers to the entirely subjective questions that arise when evaluating the nature of Scientology as a religion.

    ^ you right
  31. AnonLover Member

    Oh how I <3 presents!!! Thank you!! I dont recognize this at first glance (need to chk my leak library tho)
    ^^Scientology: CLEAR PROCEDURE Issue One 1957

    Anything with a 1950-1970 date, always gets me all hot & bothered!! Mwah!
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    AL, we <3 you when copyed everybody else's crap. But as usual - you suck at being your own copy editor.

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    &quot;370 WAY TO HAPPINESS CHAPTERS&quot;

    With &quot;chapter&quot; they've picked the perfect word that to most sounds religious, but can be claimed as non-religious when questioned.
  34. Sponge Member

    Thanks for the update, AL:

    Scientology Religiosity? Materials Index

    Latest change log:
    Full collection of publications & related dox here:
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    Some random books I encountered that mention Scientology: 1998 by Svante Lundgren 2006 by J.C. Hallman 2009 by Chris Mikul, publisher: Millers Point, N.S.W. : Pier 9 2009 by by Margaret O. Hyde and Emily G. Hyde
    has a chapter called "Scientology, New Age spirituality, and more". It'd be interesting to know how accurate this one is since it's pitched as "an overview for teens", though back in 1977 Margaret O. Hyde published with Chapter 9 titled "Mind Control and the Religious Cults".
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  36. AnonLover Member

    Thanks! Some interesting stuff there, I'll be looking to see which of those I can find either at a local library or online cheaply.

    Although I've been scarce on the forums as of recent days, I've been busy. Here's the latest greatest dox & links on this project from the past couple months.

    (cuz religious faggotry done this fine, likely only i can do, deserves a theme song!)

    Scientology Religiosity? Series
    Description: An Independent Research Series of Publications by Project Chanology Anonymous ( Scientology: Theology or Mysticism? Although we strictly protest the abusive practices of the Corporate Scientology empire, we cordially invite you to explore the truth & decide for yourself. This series of publications is a fair usage catalog of excerpts & articles from primary & secondary source materials for educational purposes only. Published for supporting comparative analysis on how the Church of Scientology views its doctrines and L. Ron Hubbard in relation to major religions, ancient mythology, and other religious leaders. (The extended collection of 60+ documents comprised of research materials from various sources) (Latest greatest editions of my custom research catalog publications listed below) (Promotional graphics)


    Scientology Religiosity? Materials Index (UPDATED)
    Description: The ongoing project overview and outline for the entire series of custom publications.

    Scientology Religiosity? Volume I (UPDATED)
    Description: An introductory level comparative analysis catalog of research materials on Scientology vs. God, Heaven, Hell & The Hope of Mankind.

    Scientology Religiosity? Volume II (UPDATED)
    Description: An introductory level comparative analysis catalog of research materials on Scientology vs. Judeo-Christian, Semitic, Persian & Islamic Beliefs.

    Scientology Religiosity? Volume III (UPDATED)
    Description: An introductory level comparative analysis catalog of research materials on Scientology vs. The History of Christianity & Gospel of Jesus.

    Scientology Religiosity? Volume IV (NEW)
    Description: An intermediate level comparative analysis catalog of research materials on Scientology vs. The Soul, Past Lives & Other Philosophy Nuances.
    Mwah!!! <3 U guise!
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    Keep up the good work!

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