Scientology Religiosity? (Research Packets & Dox)

Discussion in 'Projects' started by AnonLover, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. AnonLover Member

    This is worth watching & relevant to my interests on this project - what looks like a well researched series on Scientology beliefs & practices has been started by a religious studies student blogger "WB Lawrence Student" at Thoughts Concerning Religions Studies blog:

    Thoughts Concerning Religions Studies: Scientology's Expanding Presence (Pt. 1)

    Thoughts Concerning Religions Studies: Scientology's Expanding Presence (Pt. 2)

    ^^Definitely worthy of the media forum (fellow newshounds - feel free to crosspost)

    but since those threads invite bashing & venting, and there's more to come in the Scientology vein on this blog, I'm sticking it ITT for future srs bizness reference.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Yup, looks like the start of a lovely new series.
  3. AnonLover Member

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  4. AnonLover Member

    Other delicious lings that came from digging into ^^This, that are well worth noting here for moar future reference

    Scientology Index - Apologetics Resource Center (ARC) - Craig Branch et al articles

    Archive for the 'Scientology' Category- Christian Research Network - misc 2007-2010 articles

    Cults Index w/ Scientology section - Ultimate Christian Apologetics WebSite - Martin, Eldon, Carter etc.

    EDIT: Also This... (ThkU Sponge!)

    ^^Needs transcript... on mai todo list for attention eventually, unless someone wants to lend me hand.
  5. Anonymous Member

    This article quotes the Professional Auditor’s Bulletin #31, a one page flyer:
    “You will find the cross as a symbol all over the universe, and the CHRIST LEGEND as an implant in preclears a million years ago.”

    Does a scan of that flyer exist?
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. AnonLover Member

    Hrrrmmms - good catch, i thought that was one i had but twas wrong.

    Chking my project stash, I hav PABs 13, 24 & 32 pulled for use in later volumes. Going off in search of 31 here shortly. (protip pointers on where i should be looking most welcome)
  8. AnonLover Member

    Loop 287 Church of Christ !!!!

    Haz not seen this site before, very much like what there iz to see on "About us" page:

    And oh my - they have this "Study of Scientology" paper listed under the "Doctrinal Discussions" section to boot!!!

    Document properties credit it as Kyle Campbell, Jan 8, 2007. And it appears this would be the same Kyle Campbell from current writers at Watchman Magazine:


    Ohhhh my lawdy what a dox reaper died-went-to-xenu-heaven this weekend, ALL ON SUNDAY, is for christfag nom nom CITES!!!!

    Thank you Anon, 100+ internet babies to you as well /hattip
  9. AnonLover Member

    ^^more notes EDIT'd in for details behind last juicy anony find.

    Also moar on this...

    Another juicy find i fetched out from investigating peeps quoting in ^^Christian Post article, Goedelman's past work and other stuff from PFO publications in days gone by.

    PFO Newsletters get published in their own quarterly journal, and there appears to have been a steady trickle of Scilon articles published in that venue over the years. They haz an CD archive for sale I might need to pick up if googlefu fails when i chk for them individual & nobody happens to come up with any of these

    See: and the CD index listing of "The complete 31-year collection of... Juicy PDFs"

    My notes on possible cites to search out and/or retrieve choice selections from:
    PFO Newsletters - Scientology
  10. AnonLover Member

    The search is on! Professional Auditor’s Bulletin No. 31, 23 July 1954 DUPLICATION

    Googlefu shows it's widely cited in all the classic "r" word academic works and elsewhere. Was not to be found with other related PABs of the same vintage in the Tech Vols 1976 edition. I highly suspect it was included in The Anderson Report, but have not confirmed that yet.

    Full search of my local leak library for files containing "Professional Auditor’s Bulletin No. 31" = zero hard hits

    Full search of my local leak library for files containing "DUPLICATION" = 690 soft hits

    Looking for protip on where to find it. Expertly leak sauces have been reached out too.

    /r/ leak if anyone here in the hive haz it (dear leak hoarders - plox search yer shi- for me? kthxbai)
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  12. telomere Member

    You sure that's a cheezburger?
    Looks suspiciously like a brainzburger to me...
  13. AnonLover Member

    The geek factor in yer gene pool must be lacking ;)
  14. Anonymous Member

    This bit is definitely saying Jesus Christ was an Operating Thetan:

    “A few operating thetans—scarcity—could lead to trouble. Witness the chaos resulting
    from the activities and other-determinism technology of one operating thetan 2,000
    years ago.
    It is despicable and utterly beneath contempt to tell a man he must repent, that
    he is evil. Those who talk most about peace on earth and good-will among men
    themselves carry forward the seeds of unrest, war and chaos.”
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  15. DeathHamster Member

  16. Anonymous Member

  17. AnonLover Member

    oh mai, it was a busy weekend. Major project updates nao documented...

    Scientology Religiosity? Materials Index

    Latest changelog comment:
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Not give you more work, but here's a book from 1966, a year before the Scilon book came out that triggered this project:
    What the Cults Believe
    Quoting a review:
    "This book provides concise information on each cult from a Christian perspective. I think it is crucial to know what others think and believe, especially when sharing the gospel message."

    A search for the word "Scientology" in the scanned text returns results on 5 pages (that for some reason won't show the samples of), but is it possible this is even the book that caused them to publish "Scientology and the Bible"?
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  19. AnonLover Member

    ^^Nice find! On my way to bed here shortly (peanutbutter snickers consuming my attention ATM), but i will definitely look into that more tmo. (Mwah!)
  20. Anonymous Member

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  21. AnonLover Member

    I planned to get around to finding places to mirror them eventually. And I'm actually hoping to get 'em on an apologetic or ministerial cult prevention type site where they'll be more likely to float past the type of audience their designed for (bible thumpers, deists & new age religionists w/ a universal type view)

    But for now - keep in mind I only got 2 volumes out of the series of 10 I've mapped out in the materials outline. And until I get the whole way done, the materials outline document will get updated frequently/perpetually (thus i dont squirt a fileshare up on mediafire/megaupload for the Vol0 index - it changes too often). Plus, i seem to have a tendency to go bak to previous volumes and doctor up a couple little things after i release a new one... therefore its very much a circular work effort at this stage.

    So it's probably a little early at this point to seek out a mirrored home. Let me get a little further along (Vol5 atleast - thats gonna be the best of the bunch albeit smack dab in the middle), so as to not wear out the host of a mirrored location with all my perpetual updates ;)
  22. Anonymous Member

    AnonLover, your archiving and collecting of dox is very valuable, and much appreciated. Ta.
  23. AnonLover Member

    Another major update to the project planning outline loaded late last night:

    Scientology Religiosity? Materials Index

    Latest changelog comment:
    Programming note: I regret to inform my little birdies who feed me leaks & mags for the big weekend pushes on this project, that I will be out of pocket this weekend, and wont be bugging ya on Friday to funnel me the next bits & pieces of busy work. So if you find yer way to this thread wondering why I don't answer offsite DMs / PMs / Chats at my usual speedy response rate - I'll be heading bak home by mid morning on Saturday, and should be chking bak in online by 8-9pm edt at the latest.

    Other project related stuff of interest - Hubbard's 1970's claim of being the Buddha reborn (Metteya / Maitreya) will play a big role in volumes 6-7 of my series. This thorny horndoggle was promoted heavily in a year long series of Advance! Magazine articles that culminated in the release of the Hymn of Asia poem. Up until recently, that whole series of articles was hard to come by except for an arrogant FZ'r over on ESMB (and before that, i believe ARS too) who always lorded it over everybody that he had the series and wouldnt share it for fear of LRH ridicule.

    I've been meaning to go dig ^^That thread up on ESMB and share the following - the whole series of mag articles (most from partial mag leaks gifted to me by benevolent leakers outside the hive) plus the Hymn of Asia leak, all in one place for handy access:

    Fileshare :: Hymn of Asia & Related Advance Mags

    Words cannot express the buddism twisted into lunacy in the first two of these articles (#23 & #24), and this really is the heart of Scientology's religious claims - it's what turned the pseudo-scientific theory of thetans into new age theology.

    And since pics are worth a thousand words... I present you with the 1974-75 unveiling of HubBuddha.

    View attachment 135e8bbecaa0315745e875d38a0aad1f9418f69ec4952343a6





    WANTED: A practicing or formerly practicing Buddhist, to review the above Mag Articles + HofA poem, and write an OpEd type summary I can use in my future publication about how far out in left field Hubbard was with his re-invention of Buddhism. Send me a PM or post ITT if your interested, relevant academic refs you might find useful are as follows:

    Scientology Relationship With Eastern Religious Traditions (Kent)

    Pseudo-Buddhism in the Form of Scientology (Meldgarrd)

    (DO WANT moar of the above if anybody knows of other relevants refs in this vein)

    And of course, more general purpose references in my bigger collection of support dox for this series, indexed here: Scientology Religiosity?
  24. AnonLover Member

    Oh hey, ^^Almost forgot. ALSO WANTED - I eventually needs a bigger/better scan of the Hymn of Asia cover plox.

    ^^Biggest one i got so far :(
  25. AnonLover Member

    ^^A full-sized Hymn of Asia cover art scan gotten, as well as lots of newly leaked Advanced mags and resurrected lectures.

    A special shout out of thanks going to Zhent, Carsondude, and my short list of sekrit leakers that have been going out of their way to halp me gather all the stuff I've been looking for.

    It's been 6months since I first started this project, and I'm finally getting close to the point where I'll be publishing alot more pages than I'm gathering.

    Latest greatest project status has been updated here, twice since I lasted posted this link:

    Scientology Religiosity? Materials Index

    Most recent changelog comments:

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  26. These pictures of LRH as Maitreya really get my attention, I wonder if LRH's long hair in his later years had anything to do with his scam/delusion of promoting that he was Maitreya reborn?
  27. Anonymous Member

    Possibly, but that green hanging bulge doesn't look healthy.
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  28. LOL, thanks for pointing that out, I guess when you have balls as big as Maitreya/LRH it's difficult to keep them from dragging on the ground even with a special green jock strap.
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  29. AnonLover Member

    ROFL... oh thank Xenu its NOT just my warped dirty mind that had a problem with that whacked out image.
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  30. DeathHamster Member

    After Hubbard died, he came back as the Fark squirrel.

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  31. carsondude Member

    Is this Bigger?



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  32. AnonLover Member

  33. AnonLover Member

    The mad dash to hurryup and catch up on my original project deliverable timeline to be half way thru my Scientology Religiosity? Series dox by the end-o-year is under way!

    Which would mean, I'd have finalized/polished/perfected versions of volumes 1-5 done by New Years. That's likely just a wee bit overly rambunctious, even for me. So instead, I'm shooting for the first 4 volumes done by Christmas and cranked out in pairs (2 volumes at a time).

    Here's the first two - updated editions of Volumes 1 & 2 (previously released but now more polished due to recent critique feedback & xtra stroking)

    Scientology Religiosity? Volume I
    God, Heaven, Hell & The Hope of Mankind :: 4th ed. v1.17Dec2011

    Alternate fileshare (4th ed.):

    Latest change log comment:
    Scientology Religiosity? Volume II
    Judeo-Christian, Semitic, Persian & Islamic Beliefs :: 2nd ed. v2.17Dec2011

    Alternate fileshare (2nd ed.):

    Latest change log comment:
    Related motivational tune for getting 'er done...

    brb... captain morgan's + myers!
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  34. The PDFs look superb, AL! Congratulations! Awesome project work! <3 <3 <3 !!!
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  35. Anonymous Member


    for awesome continuous work by AL.
    < 3

    a fan
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  37. Stila Liev Member

    a Freud fan

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  38. AnonLover Member

    awww, derp! who knew - i haz fans who love me!


    Question is: is it my awesome doxmeister dox, or the dirty mind &amp; perverted jokes all this heavy duty religion shi- tends to bring out in me when i work on it too long, the REAL reason why my fans love me? :p
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  39. Stila Liev Member


    We are fans because they pay us to
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