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Discussion in 'Finished Projects' started by Anonymous, Oct 25, 2013.

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    What is this?
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    Let me repeat the auditing question.

    What is this?
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    I'm not the OP but it appears to be a database of some kind. It is rather vast and would take considerable time to explore in any depth. But I'm not passing judgement of any kind with this statement.

    At the judgmental level, to me, it looks interesting, possibly useful, for certain kinds of project.
  6. Anonymous Member

    OP here , lets take 1965: febrary 7th

    07 Feb
    Ron writes the PL Keeping Scientology Working


    Please, spare me. Do you think the products of Scientology are LRH's products? They are not. They are the contributions of many great people who did the work, ran the processes. That he put his name to those products gives a total false picture of how the Tech developed.

    Jack Horner developed and piloted the repetitive processes. Nib's, Dick and Jan Halpern developed the TR's and CCH's. Charles and Ava Berner developed and brought the Study Tech to LRH. Gordon Bell defined By-passed charge. I developed the original BPC List corrections. Gordon Bell put the Grades together. John McMasters and I developed and piloted the S&D data. John McMasters developed Power. Pam Kemp originated the drug rundown. I originated the Good and Bad indicators.

    Could we have done this without LRH, probably not, but LRH could not have done this without us. It is ludicrous to keep harping on LRH....he is dead....he was a lame duck
    leader from 1965 onward.....the SO and GO and all the other weird solutions were to handle LRH's mounting legal problems. He did not have clean hands. He ran to England to escape the IRS and tax problems.

    Post by Alan Walters to COSinvestigations


    David Mayo wrote the NOTs material.
    Ray Mithoff wrote OT VIII after LRH died.
    Pat Broeker was working on writing OT 9 through 15 after LRH died.
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  7. Like correcting Wiki's were things are still falsly atributed to L Ron Hubbard. Study Tech was develloped by the Brenners I learned from Tony Ortega's Site in the comments and by a bit of Data mining I found this "timetrack"

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    Something about moonbats worrying which bit of guano came from which bat...
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    I am just intrested in getting Wiki updated, You don't want things atributed to Hubbard that he didn't came up with. And it is onley just to credit people

    DOX should be correct
  13. The Internet Member

    Well good on ya for getting the story straight, mate.
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    Sorry to be so whiney, Somebody with reporting skills please change the Study Tech Wiki

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  16. Awww que es etoo memanda a otra base de dato junM
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    "Word Clearing" was plagiarised from Elements of Composition and Rhetoric by Virginia Waddy, Chapter 8, Style.
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    Who? What?
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