Scientology now and then

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    Scientology now and then

    A created a new page which integrate all the recent news (and old). It draws data from the newsfeed page (last 24-hour), but displays them along two other panes: the "on this date" pane, and the "on this day" pane:

    Scientology now and then

    The page auto update every hour for the time being, I plan to add a selector to choose how often it updates. So normally you can keep the page open and it will refresh whenever there is something new in any of the pane.

    I thought it could be useful to keep current while providing easy access to all the library items (unless you want to search for a particular term, in which case the old way is best: Scientology library)

    The "on this date" pane default to the current month, but one can select any month of any year.

    The "on this day" pane default to the current day of the current month, but there again one can select any day of any month. Useful if you are looking for a specific period or for an item for which you know the exact date.

    These items from these two panes can be sent to your cart where you collate items for later read of to collect reference items for some particular use.

    I plan to fine-tune as usual, I will drop notes here for any significant addition (I was thinking to add a pane for some blogs, but need a bit of thinking design-wise.)
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    Re: Scientology now and then

    Lower down on the same page as the Angle article on Salon is a blurb about the St.Pete Times article on coerced abortions in the Sea Org. I found this comment in the comments section to be particularly clever and LOL:

    "Tuesday, June 15, 2010 09:39 PM ET

    Don't Believe the Critics

    Lies about coerced abortions from disgruntled former members shouldn't distract from the real news. Earth now has a philosophy for the 21st century. Namely that if you give me 300,000 dollars I'll rid your body of spirits flown to the earth in aeroplanes that were exactly like DC-8s but without propellers since they were space age aeroplanes, and then exploded in volcanoes in Hawaii, stuck onto magnetic tape as they tried to float up from the volcanoes like casper the friendly ghost, made to watch misleading movies and then attached to your organs. The good news is this! If you give me 300,000 dollars I can give you two metal soup cans attached to a low current battery to hold in each hand and teach you to talk to these aliens in your elbows, legs, neck, weewee and other organs and convince the aliens to pop our of your body so you can be free totally free and go up the bridge to giving me your life savings. It's a real godsend. People who criticize my right to take your money are criminals. But don't worry, we'll investigate the childhood criminal records of these ill-willed critics' and publicize them to their neighbours and workplace so they'll get fired from their jobs and hopefully be financially ruined for life. After you give me the 300,000 dollars, if you change your mind some day and tell people on the internet that the exorcism doesn't work, we'll declare you a suppressive person and require your children and family to disconnect with you. You can never talk with your son or daughter for the rest of your life. You deserve it. You don't believe the aliens that inhabit your body were flown to Hawaii in DC-8s. Damm you. You're fair game now and Ron, who is Source, said we should ruin you completely. Say bye to your son and daughter too. You're disconnected. Damm you. You see, Earth now has a philosophy for the 21st century.

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    Re: Scientology now and then

    Maybe nobody is using it he he, but anyway, just in case, a new version is available, which requires a reload of the page. Items newly added/changed (relative to what was previously shown) will be displayed in green at the top of their respective list (useful for feeds, but also for older items since I often revisit items of the day, fix urls etc.) Also, information is downloaded *only* if items are added/changed, to minimize bandwidth (useful for mobile I figured), and because of this I've made the page requesting an update every 20mins. Also, all available languages for feeds are supported,selectable.
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    Re: Scientology now and then

    LRH's Xenu & DC-8's story reminds me of late 40's & 50's biblical movies like "Samson & Delilah", "Ben-Hur" to 60's "Cleopatra", where the women are wearing pointy bras & false eyelashes! No wonder LRH was such a lousy fiction writer! He had no imagination & could never be a Gene Rondenberry or George Lukas!

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    Re: Scientology now and then

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    Re: Scientology now and then

    Fucking sweet
    Just read a letter to the Times from 1950 to which Hubbard replied personally , this will be extremely valuable . thanks for the heads up .
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    Re: Scientology now and then

    This one was up too yesterday, where Hubbard replied to a critical article on his person:

    Borderline special // L. Ron Hubbard // Scientology---The sound and the fury | Borderline | 1 July 1965

    tl;dr: Hubbard got owned.

    Also, there was a brainfart bug on that page, causing items marked as "recently added/changed" to unduly keep this "recently/changed status" (green), plus other stuff. Hopefully there is no other issues, force a reload of the page to get the changes.
  10. Re: Scientology now and then

    Hubbard's letter is a joke. He writes like he's talking to just another one of his culties. What a fuckin blowhard! You aren't writing a policy letter Ron. Then again it is just the same old shit that the GO/OSA later did and still does. It would be entertaining if only I hadn't seen this stuff too many times. I'm surprised he didn't look for spelling mistakes in the article so he could use them as "proof" that the article was all wrong.
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    Re: Scientology now and then

    elRong got royally pwned.

    I recommend that article/rebuttal/counter-rebuttal to anyone wanting to see what sort of character Hubbard had. Very revealing. I should think even a Scientologist would find it troubling -- although of course they might just choose to thinkstop it in their brainwashed way.
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    Re: Scientology now and then

    sorry, fixes available, force a reload of the page.

    The date display and language filter in the "On the wire" pane were naively managed, resulting in the pane not being properly updated and all items improperly marked as "recent". I'm pretty sure I got it all fixed now.

    I don't think I will fiddle much with this anymore, although I suppose I will feel like adding the filtering of terms next time the feeds are bloated with john travolta's speedo or suri cruise's high heels.
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    Re: Scientology now and then

    A small kink fixed (I think), the "On This Date" pane would rollover to the next day too early, the farther west from England the earlier it would switch to next day. I wasn't taking into account offset from GMT. A forced reload is necessary to get the fix.
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    Re: Scientology now and then

    I must say I love this site . Soooooooooooo convenient for research . Thanks again and all my internets to you .

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