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    Yes. According to Hubbard, the Buddhist concept of Nirvana is just another Space Alien Implant thanks to Xenu the evil galactic overlord, implanted 75 million years ago.
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    No, according to Hubbard nirvana = the abyss (see posted verse above, the inference being blatant that he means the abyss of hell). So Buddha failed (cuz his tech was weak) and was leading people into the abyss straight2hell.

    EDIT: nao howdya like them apples Tiawan Scilons???
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    Not my leaks - just relaying... and bumping prior related links for new page (with note on coverart added) before adding...

    PART 2 OF THE DERANGED YET DELICIOUS YARN of L. Ron Hubbard being Maitreya reborn...

    ( drumroll )

    Partial Advance LA #24 1974 (13pgs - includes covers + 2 main articles)

    ^^Missing skulls on devil dance mask, and TOC description of cover is a LIE!

    This one not so gawd awful offensive & derogatory to the Buddhist beliefs. We see more of the usual Hubbard yarn in this one were he picks up a few sparse nuggets of factual history and extrapolates it wildly with bombastic propaganda aplomb.
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    ^^Crazy stuff... We learn in part 2 of the series what Hubbard's proclaimed Maitreya rebirth lineage history is & the specific type of buddism he must of had high ARC with (Wikipedia lazy faggot facts copypasta'd below for relevant background). Also - Tibetan Book of The Dead - The WOOOOOO!! edition is in here, with much lulz!

    The lineage claim background: How Hubbard = Maitreya....
    Padmasambhava (The Lotus Born) was a sage guru from O??iyana (modern Swat) who is said to have transmitted Vajrayana Buddhism to Bhutan and Tibet and neighbouring countries in the 8th century. Also widely held thru most (all?) of buddhist traditions that Padma was officially the 2nd coming of Buddha.

    So yep, that makes HubBuddah a Vajrayana practictioner, or Tantric Buddhist (described in the article as the most esoteric of traditions... i'll leave that nuclear footbullet be since I'm Christfag and likely jaded)

    And Hubbard's cited ancestry to the Maitreya Buddah's empty throne is specifically thru the 8th Manifestation of Padma, Guru Senge Dradog of Nalanda University, the Lion of Debate, promulgator of the Dharma throughout the six realms of sentient beings. He is shown in a very fierce form, dark blue and imitative of the powerful Bodhisattva Vajrapani, holding a thunderbolt scepter in one hand and a scorpion in the other. (See image)

    HubBuddha, The Lion Roaring! Guru

    ^^Traditional cultural image of Guru Senge Dradog as the 8th Padma Buddha

    ^^Tantic ritual image of Guru Senge Dradog as the 8th Padma Buddha, more here.

    perhaps we need shoops to celebrate these grand delusions?
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    Can you (or someone) make a new pdf with the complete edition? Would be most helpful years down the track when digging into archives and not having to locate missing page attachments.

    LOL nice LRH pic.
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    Scientology Freedom Magazine Vol18 No. 4, Dec 1974
    CIA, IRS, InterpoL & Nazi's, Medical Monopolies... ohhhh my!!!

    BUM Link EDIT:
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    Very good! You might also want to edit your posts so others don't fall for the incomplete leak.
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    can't, posts are too old - nazi mods are too damn stingy with the short edit window here in XF
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    Alas, spoke too soon, the archive appears to be corrupt?? I get CRC errors when trying to extract.
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    and speaking of mags, recent comments on marty's blog indicates they've changed shi- up in recent mailings.

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  18. WINNING............

    Sorry, Charlie........... LRH beat you to the punch on the WINNING campaign.
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    is she the noelle north kids harrassing in subway sandwich store ?
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    is this pigeon 's crap or rust ?
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    Smurfette was manufactured by Gargamel from a generic male smurf.

    tl;dr: She's a trap!
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    That's her alright. And you can see the recently blown Martyite, Michael Fairman's name clipped in the lower right hand corner.

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    Not my leaks, just relaying...

    Some more Advance mag oldies but goodies, from just prior to the 5 part 1970's series I'm gathering on the Hymn of Asia (HofA) pre-release propaganda cycle. There's one more installment of that series coming soon (Part3), but I'm patiently awaiting a chance at getting the full mag rather than just another partial one. If no full mag manifests itself within a week or so, I'll go ahead and post the partial version i got of #25 w/ just the imporatant HofA excerpts.

    Advance LA #17 1973
    no covers, but all the rest is here & has been OCR'd


    Advance LA #21 Dec 1973
    This one IS relevant to the HofA 5 part series, and provides the /b/ackup for the "Hope of Ages" article that gets carried forward and cited & expanded on in part 3 (Adv LA #25) of the series that I'll be posting soonly.


    Altho ^^This is not officially apart of the running narrative in the HofA pre-release 5part series - this is the last issue just prior to the series start & the spiritual history story is on the Vedic Hymns / eastern beliefs theme (which i havent studied closely & fact chk'd yet), so it almost feels like Part Zero of the series.

    Most interesting here is the "Coming in next issue" column near the end provides us w/ solid timeline evidence that for a full year (Dec 1973 thru Dec 1974) the Church propaganda machine was a broken record claiming LRH's HofA poem was written in 1950's therefore already done long ago & ready for release just around the bend... either coming next month, or the month after, and/or as soon as its explained in the 4 part no wait we meant 5 part series, plus just one more month once the series was finally done.

    Yet this issue above proves it took them over a full year to finally get it released in Jan 1975 (which should be confirmed once we get #28 that's supposedly been dug up & will float my way eventually)

    WANTED: Imma desperately searching for Part 4 of the series - Advance LA #26 1974. Plus #'s 31, 62, 95 [Origin & Year Unknown, but main articles are re: bastardized Buddhism stuff]

    so shoutout to all the former members lurking in our midst & enjoying our <3 of dox... plox be chking your old crap in storage, basement bins, junk room shelves & attic stashes.

    Surely someone has copies of old mags we dont have yet that can be dug out for the lulz. If so, possible leak donors can shoot me a PM here or elsewhere & i'll make it easy for ya to share you delicious dox with the hive. And TIA for just looking thru craptastic crap (hugs), but +100 giftwrapped internets is waiting for who ever finds me a copy of Advance LA #26 to complete the HofA series! :)
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    Not my leak, just relaying: Next installment (Part 3 of 5) in the Hymn of Asia pre-release series on promoting the HubBuddha spiel.

    Advance LA #25 October 1974 (OCR'd)


    Cover story in this one is on Zen Buddhism, which I know very little about.

    But a qck fact chking pass on just the basic terminology used seems amazingly accurate for Advance mags of this era. So unlike Part 0, Part 1 & Part 2 where I had familiarity w/ cover story topics - blatantly skewed factoids might not be jumping right off the page at me in this one since my basic buddhism knowledge is from the realm of a history-buff who was once fascinated with all-things India, for entirely too long.
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    My best friend is a psychiatrist who was born in Taxila, India (now Pakistan). Taxila is known for it's Buddhist (and Muslim) archeology sites. He lived in India until he was 17 when he left due to WWII.

    Yes, both he and Astra Zeneca pay me to oppose Scientology.
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    (not my leaks, just relaying)

    Freewinds Log, Issue 42, June 2011, includes new accomo rates.pd

    Freewinds FSM Newsletter, Issue 90, June 2011.pdf

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    I was about to ask who that was, but then I saw the name bar.
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    too late! (christfag happy dance to CDB)
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    Downloading now. I wonder if Randy Sly at would be interested?
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    I got a "filed could not be repaired" msg after downloading Advance #54. Anyone else have this problem?
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    drat, megaupload has done that to me before when i lump & dump a set of raw scans given too me into a big fatty PDF.

    brb - mirroring elsewhere
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    Yep. Mediafire works great.
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    Noticed in Advance Magazine LA #54: I wants a copy of the cover for The Creation of Human Ability that has a furry sitting in a chair, eating a drumstick.
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    yer wish is mai command...

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    Thanks. The one in Advance Magazine LA #54 is an earlier version that looks cruder and even more stupid.

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