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    Major highlights on ^^This one: Hubbard's early 60's "Road to Truth" spiel, regurgitated into the all-knowing propaganda spouting asshatery on the history of Christian Pilgrimages and "What is real TRUTH" woo.

    Major WIN! with securing this one on the mag comparison front - it's the exact same asshatery re-spun in Advance! AOSHUK #191 2006. And once again we see its crafted with a custom slant each time it's re-spun, to fit the current social norm hot topic buttons howev they see fit.
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    ^^Wow, Santa Zhent, you rock! Thank you!!! Mwah!
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    Was just browsing though Advance Issue 208, as posted in this thread.

    Look what I found on one page:



    Poor Australian clams are going to be suddenly very enturbulated reading this otherwise theta article.
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    Lawd, ^^This one has the mindfk of postulates laid out in a way I've never quite seen so explicitly-crazy before under the LRH Essay "A Thetan Creates by Postulates"

    Its simultaneosuly informative, surreal, and creepy. on top of being crazy!!

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    Anyone else notice how so much of the cover art on the older advance issues from the 70's (or whatever time frame the mags on page 10 are from) have a mainstream, Christian vibe to them? Almost like they wanted to lure people into reading the mags by associating themselves with the judeo-Christian imagery, at least on the covers. Trick people into thinking they were picking up a publication not by a crazy UFO cult. Hell, some of them bare a striking resemblance to the old Catholic club -"knights of Columbus" magazines my family members used to get in the 1980s.
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    Page 17
    From “It makes sense to donate in advance for your full OT package!” advertisement.

    1. Top Financial advisor Ken Gerbino (OTVII) says with all his clients he makes sure their Bridge is paid for before we do anything else
    2. Take a percentage of your income and pay it to the org (not into savings) take enough off the top so that you will have a problem….
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    Safeguarding Technology by L. Ron Hubbard

    “Scientology is a workable system. This does not mean it is the best possible system or a perfect system. Remember and use that definition. Scientology is a workable system.
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    some moar old but goodie Advance mags, to share a lil classic scilon lulz to get you thru this slow news week inbetween the holidays.

    Advance #41 LA Jul/Aug 1976


    Major highlights: Yet another stellar cover photo by LRH, Astrology, and your Responsibility as an OT

    Advance #50 LA Jan/Feb 1978


    Major highlights: The 50th issue / 10 anniversary edition of Advance mag. Another sampling of "The Soul: Good or Evil" Hubbard essay, and Native American Indian Medicine Men. Plus pics of Rev Heber and other celeb OTs.

    Advance #51 LA Mar / Apr 1978



    Major highlights: The spirit of play by LRH, Luck and Superstition, plus creepy OT Fiction.
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  11. AnonLover Delivers! <3
  12. Anonymous Member

    latest SFO Gateway magazine #401

    Note that the front cover has been horrendously shooped. 90% of the people shown are staff.
    Also the completions are for at least about 3 months worth of production, and this is an Ideal St Hill size org.
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    Bad link, not to mag.

    Good leak though, I think we are nearly up to 50% of Advance mags leaked.

    Is that you watermarking the front page with date?
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    (chuckles) i often think nobody looks at this shi- but mai mailbox, PMs, DMs, offline chats, and private convos are overflowing with peeps telling me i posted a bad link. Having too many social networks is such a bitch when you screw up :)

    and yes on the datestamps - i do that for my dox project and hit it pre-leaking when i have an actual hardcopy in my office to ease pain of keeping track of where stuff came from.

    bad link will be edited and fixed in a few minutes. sucking coffee down to see straight before the crack of dawn first.
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    Oh. My. Xenu! The woo in ^^This one, in the Astrology spiritual history feature, is so freaking thick they totally got lost in it from the start of the article until it's dreadful end.

    On pg8 of the PDF, &quot;Thus, we could call Astrology a philosophical machine. A philosophical machine is something that portrays most, if not all, of all of the elements of human experience or the physical aspects of such experience. ...woooo....&quot;

    But then on pg9, as usual - everything significant in religious history equates to psychology: &quot;Today, astrology has found a strange new alley in place of astronomy: psychology. In some quarters, astrology is viewed as a type of psychology or as a study 'correlated to modern psychology'&quot;

    LOLwut! /facepalms

    Oh but wait, the final zinger in the ending states &quot;anyone can have fun with Astrology but don't forget it is a study of other-determinisms. Any subject which concentrates on Man as an effect point can't help but make the trap more solid.&quot;

    Ummm, wow. Who knew - there was one other subject in these stinkin Advance! Mags that is just as equally crazy as the Hubbard=Maitreya genre of articles in the spiritual history series.

  17. AnonLover Member

    Another prime classic Advance Mag!

    Advance LA 28 1975 (OCR'd)


    Major Highlights: features &quot;Exteriorization&quot; in the spiritual history crazy bin, and &quot;Wisdom, Freedom &amp; Exteriorization&quot; by LRH. And PDF pg5 LULZ - head in hat? really?? heh. just like da mormons. And just wait, it gets even more lulzy on pg6! And bonus round - despite being a short one, we even got a serving of OLE DOC METHUSELAH on pg13.
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    I think maybe that's a wee bit high estimate. For my scilon religion dox project, I just re-did my Advance mag index of acquired & harvested publications, to combine the regional org listings into a single, easier to use, table. See pg19

    There's 37 rows in that table, and it's only missing 3 of the latest leaks. Plus I've only skipped a few issues (for spiritual history content falling under dragons/fairy-tales/fictional-heroes), as far as what's been leaked vs. what I've listed in that index & put to use for my project.

    And there's over 200 issue numbers, at best i think we got maybe close-to 25% leaked. so far.
  19. Zhent Member

    I have nearly 90 Advance mags, so 50% was high, but not far off.
  20. AnonLover Member

    agreed - and i got several inches worth too that are unleaked. methinks combined - we're easily past 50%. once they all come out.
  21. Zhent Member

    No, I have nearly 90 sitting on a HDD.
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  23. Zhent Member

    Been a little lax on the leak collecting have we? :)
  24. AnonLover Member

    No i didnt think so. However, i lost my first external drive full of 2008-09 leaks when my LOLcats played chase across my desk and sent it flying. So there was a lot stuff I didnt recover that I once had. And sounds like there was a lot more Advance mags that had trickled in early on that I didnt chase down last summer when I started gathering them for specific usage.
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  26. AnonLover Member

    Another old Advance Mag, because i can. Also - the Astrology issue was such fun that I wanted some moar of that same flavor of woo lulz. This one fit the bill plus has all kind of xtra juicy bits of interesting.

    Advance 53 LA 1978


    Major Highlights: Psychokinesis: &quot;Mind&quot; Over Matter. The Factors of Clearing + Scientology &amp; Reactive Mind by LRH. The First Clears (from 1966 - a where are they now piece!!). Plus the evar popular Ingo Swann did yet another interview. And a special insert on new digs for AOLA at &quot;The Complex&quot; along with Clear = The Road to Self Determinism.

    Hana Eltridge is even quoted on PDF pg20 in the &quot;First Clears&quot; nice lil bonanza of info along with David Ziff &amp; David Gaiman.

    Good stuff &amp; extra thick! Gotta love it when their thick.
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  27. Zhent Member

    Anonlover what software/workflow you using to produce the pdf's?

    I note each page of the page is split into 4 separate images layers instead of the one, which is a minor annoyance. I recommend doing away with the image overlay altogether and running the OCR which transfers the images to a background layer.

    Nice find!
  28. telomere Member

    out of context, that makes no sense...
    Let's try again.

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  29. Anonymous Member

    I'd say they rather have a cheesy LARP-feeling to them. They look like the fanzines produced in the 1980's and-90's
  30. AnonLover Member

    Heh. I was wondering if someone would notice that... figures it was you :)

    I am intentionally trying to avoid OCR'd Advance mag pages in my scilon dox project since I am pushing fair use for educational purposes to a new extreme. I was told an image of a page (that is occasionally modified with annotations) rather than full OCR scans was a better CYA approach cuz then I'm not blatantly reprinting content in its full blown entirety but just illustration of what the published content looked like. So even when an OCR'd version comes from elsewhere, in my own working copy of the file i convert it to all images after i relay the leak.

    So no - i dont OCR squat when i scan stuff myself. And no - i won't start OCR'ing mags i personally scan cuz the DMCA desk at scribd says I'm doinitrite as-is (OCR bad, Illustrations good). But other mag leakers/collectors who do prefer them to be OCR'd asked if I would keep the high res images in the files i share so they can OCR the useful bits themselves. Thus I recently stopped running the PDF optimizer on the versions i leak so nothing is flattened & compressed lately.

    Also - i uhhh, have gotten lazy :) Previously i was generating the PDFs via bullzip PDF print driver into my Foxit Phantom PDF software suite for the final save with embedded metadata & doc properties stripped clean. But thats a tiresome one-page-at-a-time hassle, so i wrote an MSOffice macro that takes a folder of images w/ consistent file names & loads the scans into a MSWord document template and ports it into Foxit PDF with a few simple mouse clicks (and time to fix myself a drink while it runs) rather than a monotonous process with lots of clicky clicks.

    ^^This is likely making even more layers that are in need of flattening, but Foxit's optimizer wont flatten images without decreasing the resolution as well. End result, yes I know I'm giving ya'all bulky shit and the cognitive dissonance of why a true blue computer geek like me would do that so sloppy liek when I obviously know better is probably running high.

    /r/ a little slack... keep in mind AFTER I leak a mag, the real work for me begins with slicing/dicing/polishing excerpts into a much larger documentation project. Slightly messy raw leaks means I'm not doing the same steps twice (before and after leakage).
  31. Zhent Member

    Well... thats an answer, carry on! :)
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  35. AnonLover Member

    brace for impact... this round of leak relays is ohhhh so juicy.

    Advance! #29 LA Feb 1975


    Major Highlights: Who knew - Magick, was a good thing and NOT a lost art like everyone thinks. Also the Power of Postulates by LRH and some historically intresting stuff on changes done to AOLA's offerings in general & the Class VIII course. Plus too, OT Poetry - it's not as gay as it seems in some issues.

    AND I am downright GIDDY over the "The Guide to Training Courses" piece.... if you can't feel the virtual love coming off this here post over that one alone - you need to adjust your hivemind sensory perceptics.

    /bows to sekrit leaker, for opting to slide me this one sooner rather than later. Pure win, ZOMG yes it is - and even tho I hadn't gotten around to asking for rain down leakage of all the magical-woo issues yet with all my pesty pest prompting for stuffers, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH ANYWAY!!! The really old Advance Mags, are unlike anything else!! Mwah!

    Advance! #103 LA 1989


    Major Highlights: This one is 2of2 of high-priority leak /r/ i was waiting on for finishing up christfag topics in my big dox project. It hits St. Theresa's paranormal experiences in "The Dark Night of Soul" in what looks to be lil creepy at a quickie glance.

    But I'm too busy drooling over #29 to pay this one much mind ATM, but it comes with "Trapped" and "The Rules of Games" by LRH along with a book review on Scientology 8-80 that's likely to score this leak xtra bonus points in my book in the long run... after my temporary euphoria over the magickal issue above wans.
  36. AnonLover Member

    Uhhh.... wow. We interrupt this transmission by the power of ceiling cat, and i hereby raise my rosary beads in an almighty RAWWWWRRRR! This issue is Pure. Fking. WIN!!

    ZOMG this one is cash. The best, was saved for last, in the christfag vein. Praise Xenu I got my grubby lil paws on it.

    Also - wow. Who knew! (gasp) St. Theresa's & St. John of the Cross had an inkling on how to get to exteriorization, but utterly failed at it and thats why they died martys.

    I need a Sasquatch-sized facepalm.jpg here.
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    for the n00bs out there
    delacruz achieved true exteriorization, but only managed to transport his heart, and only sent it to god.
    Not an hero, he died in bed surrounded by people who loved and appreciated him.
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  39. subrosa Member

    Is there any way to get some of these mags sent to a maildrop? I would love to have a couple of scifag mags just for conversation starters etc. I would expect that ANY of them exhibit the same fail in art, etc.
  40. AnonLover Member

    Another blast from the past, not my leak - just relaying

    Advance! 32 LA June 1975 (OCR'd)


    Major highlights: Norse gods, Making an OT, and more gay OT poetry.

    Also - LOL, shaggy rainbow needs moar leprechauns.
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