Scientology Leaks 228 : HCO Policy Letter Of 2 September 1982

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  2. ah oui etonante toute cette dicumentation un mode de fonctionnement ,quasi faciste de type stalinien ou nazi
    il parait qu'il existait une note interne sur comment tondre la pelouse a east saint hill
    ainsi que commenty faire des photocopie
    comment vider et nettoyer un cendrier la vieille buse etait obsedé par la propreté une note existe chaque org ( centre de scientologie ) qui possede toute un bureau identique au vieil escroc et que deux paquets de clopes( des kool) sont presents sur le bureau au cas ou il reviendrait ?
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    Thanks for the policy.

    What backs up money, Hubbard asks?

    He says "nothing" backs it up today.


    Economists, I believe, consider that a soverign country's "GDP" gross divisional product, a calculation of the country's produced products, is linked to the "money" in circulation, or liquid capital, in that country.

    The principles of just print money is what governments do, omits all the GDP growth and other economic factors that go into calculating the overall total "money" (and for sure there are lots of country by country factors of what their own country currency is manipulated by.

    But GDP, that's a country's products produced yearly, and of course that calculation of a country's GDP then gets into the major criticism of how that is calculated and whether it is even a good "statistic" to even use for then weighing against that country's currency (money, liquid capital) in circulation.

    Hubbard's views were non-stop, his whole life, utterly too simplistic, buffoonery simplistic.

    But for Scientologists, me included, who were woefully undereducated, and didn't know any better, we buy Hubbard's buffoonery simplistic ideas in the OEC and Management Series volumes, I for sure did, for all the 27 career Sea Org years I wasted in Scientology's con charade fake religion (religious tax exemption in the USA).

    I'm glad all the smart people don't waste too much time in Scientology, it's a pseudo-science-quackery therapy and exorcism fake counseling operation parading as a religion.

    Hubbard's dying months at the Creston Ranch in California are the most worthy writings to let sink in.

    He tells Sarge at the Creston Ranch in the end of his life that he failed, and he orders some truly squirrely suicidal electronic upgrades to the Emeter to Sarge, which Sarge wisely chooses not to follow Hubbard's orders to the letter.

  4. Don't post personal details anywhere on this site and that includes your personal profile.
  5. who cares anyway I am a very well known SP
    no more paranoia
    I used to be paranoid can't afford it anymore........
    et merde aux chiantos !

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