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    IAS Event 2016 protest at Scientology's UK HQ, Saint Hill

    pedrofcuk, October 10, 2016

    Protesting the International Association of Scientologists 32nd Anniversary Event at Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, West Sussex - the "Church" of Scientology's head office in the UK.
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  3. Daphne Miltenburg in Heathfield, East Sussex.September 2015 · ·

    Drug Rehabilitation Centre

    • It is reassuring to know that the Deputy Executive Director of Narconon Uk was formally a teaching assistant (not a teacher) and a Waitress...........
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    Sorry I can't mention who said this today or where:

    Today I spoke with a gentleman ... He rented out his second home. However the debt he was left in due to the renter not paying rent and the cost to try and recuperate the 1,000s of pounds lost left him in debt and unable to pay his mortgage.

    It turned out that the renter was Vicky Boyce, the ED of the church of Scientology in Plymouth. The house was rented and used by members of the local org. The owner was so disillusioned he has put the house up for sale to cover the debt left.

    The most ethical group on the planet.
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    1. Cross Posted from Narconon thread
    2. Revealed: How thousands of London children are exposed to Scientology group in schools | London Evening Standard

      Tens of thousands of schoolchildren have been exposed to a Scientology organisation through drugs education presentations, the Standard has learned.


      An investigation found increasing numbers of pupils, some as young as 10, at primary and secondary schools have sat through lectures inspired by Scientology and its leader L Ron Hubbard.

      In the past year alone 35,000 children have taken part in the Narconon anti-drugs programme, including more than 16,000 in London.

      Recently it emerged two schools in Camden hosted Narconon talks.

      Narconon, which does not employ doctors, is funded and run by the Church of Scientology.


      Professor David Nutt, who chaired the government’s Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs until 2009, said: “We have known for years that Scientologists have been targeting schools through drugs education packages. They are the main provider of teaching aids to schools, as neither government nor local authorities put any money into this topic. It’s an outrage.”

      Professor David Touretzky of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, who has written extensively about Scientology and Narconon, said the organisation targets pupils “any chance they get”.

      He called Narconon “a money-making scam and a source of potential new Scientologists” adding: “The first step is to get people to see L Ron Hubbard as a benevolent authority figure instead of a sociopathic cult leader. The drug education programme is just about taking that first step.”

      Many schools are seemingly oblivious to the link between Narconon’s programme and Scientology.

      More here:
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  6. DeathHamster Member

    How many stories before the schools wise up or someone does something at the national level?

    Anti-drugs charity linked to Scientology gives talks to thousands of children in Cornwall April 4, 2013, Miles Davis, This is Cornwall

    Charity with Scientology links gives anti-drugs talk in Camden schools November 10, 2016, Ella Jessel, Camden New Journal

    Group linked to Scientology visit Newington Green school August 2, 2012, Jon Dean, London24

    Parent's horror as 'Scientologist' group Narconon teaches London primary school children about drugs August 2, 2012, Michael Howie, Evening Standard

    I could probably dig lots more out without trying too hard.
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    I found these online. The text accompanying them says:

    "Scientology Ltd" - was registered in the UK 2 months ago. The company number in the Articles of Incorporation is 10458711 and the Proposed Registered Office Address is 32-33 Cartwright Gardens, London, WC1H 9EH. Director/Officer is registered as Stefano Rossini.

    Only paperwork they've filed is their Articles of Incorporation with no mention of what the business will do or their connection to other UK entities like COSRECI.
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    Scientology's UK HQ angers residents by felling trees in conservation area | The Guardian

    People in St Hill Green, West Sussex brand church ‘selfish and arrogant’ after 22 trees were cut down, but spokesman says more trees have been planted


    The church of Scientology has angered neighbours at its UK headquarters by expanding its facilities without planning consent and felling trees in a designated area of outstanding natural beauty.

    Residents close to the sprawling HQ near East Grinstead in West Sussex have accused the church of “selfishly and arrogantly” carrying out “destructive development plans before authorisation” by building a coach and minibus park before securing planning permission.

    People in the hamlet of St Hill Green are objecting to noise and light pollution and what they say is the destruction of wildlife habitats, including the cutting down of 22 trees. A planning application has now been lodged for retrospective consent.

    Locals have also raised concerns that some councillors have declared gifts or hospitality from the church, including gala dinners at its St Hill Green HQ attended by Tom Cruise, Scientology’s most famous adherent, and its California-based leader David Miscavige.

    The politicians who were entertained by the church include four members of East Grinstead town council’s planning committee, the council’s mayor and two district councillors who represent the ward. The council’s planning committee is to give its view on the planning application on Monday before Mid Sussex district council makes the final decision.


    A spokesman for the church of Scientology said the works were “a significant improvement” and that more trees have been planted than have been removed.

    Asked why it went ahead with works prior to planning consent, he said it was “an administrative mistake and we are now rectifying the matter with the planning application”.

    He added that the church has “a very professional relationship with local councillors” and invited thousands of non-Scientologists to its events.

    Among the events attended by councillors was last October’s gala celebration of Scientology’s achievements at St Hill where Miscavige addressed a crowd about “the majesty of the International Association of Scientologists” and celebrated a year of “expansion and accomplishment”.

    The weekend-long event featured a patrons ball “in recognition of the newest patrons and their commitment to supporting the humanitarian activities and organisations that are the hallmark of the International Association of Scientologists.”

    Scientology was founded by Hubbard in 1954. At its simplest level, it encourages followers to engage in counselling sessions known as auditing with a view to “going clear” of supposedly harmful patterns of the mind. Above that level followers aspire to become “operating thetans”.

    Teachings at this level are said to involve Hubbard’s accounts of cosmic events that took place millions of years ago. Former members have claimed the church operates a “disconnection” policy, which requires Scientologists to leave behind friends and families who are considered “suppressive persons”.

    Scientology has denied this. At the 2011 census 2,418 people in England and Wales said they were Scientologists, fewer than the number of people who said their religion was “heavy metal”.

    Full article:
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    Holy crap they suck
  12. RightOn Member

    "Scientology has denied this. At the 2011 census 2,418 people in England and Wales said they were Scientologists,
    fewer than the number of people who said their religion was “heavy metal”.

    BWA HA HA!!!!!
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    Why has this Church of Scientology building in Old Trafford been empty for 10 years? | Manchester Evening News

    Plans were initially put forward in 2007 for a ‘change of use’, to turn the former mill into an 'Ideal Org'


    The Church of Scientology plans to go ahead with the proposed renovation of Duckworth’s Essence Distillery, despite a ten-year delay.

    The Grade II-listed building, on Chester Road in Trafford, was bought by the church in 2006 for a reported price of £3m, but has since remained empty.

    Plans were initially put forward in 2007 for a ‘change of use’, to turn the former mill into an ‘Ideal Org’, only for these to be withdrawn. The church now hopes to ‘move forward’ with the Trafford development by next year.

    Spokesman for the Church of Scientology, Graeme Wilson, said: “In 2007, we submitted an application for change of use, and the council advised that it was best to make that submission along with the full planning, hence the retraction.

  14. In the UK a listed building may not be demolished , extended or altered without special planning permission from the local planning authority which typically consults the relevant government agency, particularly for significant alterations to more notable listed buildings.

    Owners of listed buildings are in some circumstances compelled to repair and maintain them and can face criminal prosecution if they fail to do so or if they perform unauthorised alterations.

    When alterations are permitted , or when listed buildings are repaired or maintained the owners are compelled to use specific materials or techniques.
  15. A Grade 11 listed building is " of particular importance and of more than special interest".

    Just as a matter of interest to anyone looking after the best interest of the building there's this bit of vital information .
    With. Regards to Certificates of Immunity ; if planning permission has been sought or has been obtained in England anyone can ask the Secretary of State to issue a CERTIFICATE OF IMMUNITY in respect of a particular building.

    There's also the Emergency Listing where the local authority can serve a temporary listed " building preservation notice" if the building is in danger of demolition or alteration in a way that might affect its historical character.
    This remains in force for 6 months until the Secretary of State decides whether or not to formally list the building.

    There's numerous ways to thwart the cult out of acquiring a listed building if necessary and costs nothing but a small effort to the Secretary of State or local authority.
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    Scientology in hot water again for cutting down trees without permission

    By Tony Ortega, January 19, 2017


    What is it with David Miscavige and trees? He seems to be in such a hurry to pave over the world in the name of Scientology, the church leader is in hot water again for cutting down trees without permission.

    The Guardian reports that Scientology is applying for consent after it already mowed down 22 trees in order to put in a new parking lot for passenger buses at its UK headquarters, Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead, England.

    And odds appear to be that they’ll get that permission, even after such a brazen act: The Guardian notes that Miscavige and his sidekick, Tom Cruise, have been softening up local officials with posh parties and gifts.

    We won’t be surprised if East Grinstead rolls over and plays nice for Miscavige and his chainsaw crew. After all, we’ve seen it before.

    Continued at
  17. from The Guardian article above:

    "A spokesman for the church of Scientology said the works were “a significant improvement” and that more trees have been planted than have been removed.

    Asked why it went ahead with works prior to planning consent, he said it was “an administrative mistake and we are now rectifying the matter with the planning application”."

    Not an admin mistake - scientology does not obey wog laws as per policy

    Somebody some day will say "this is illegal." By then be sure the orgs [Scientology organizations] say what is legal or not.
    - L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 4 January 1966, "LRH Relationship to Orgs"
  18. How is this any different to being a "tin hat"?

    You guys are literally neo tin hat crazies. Just look up "Tin Hat" on google images, that's how the world sees this, and that's how you act, as they too are obsessed over government / corporation conspiracies hiding information, literally no difference. They use dirty radio broadcasts to block out the government and crappy tin hats to protect their locations. Anonymous use dirty internet to block out other internet traffic, and use crappy proxies to protect their location which doesn't work at all.

    Next you guys will start talking about aliens using the government to sell technology with mind control devices in them.
  19. Zak McKracken Member

    Aliens sold ME the technology I need, to implant government agents with mind control devices,
    and also the technology to prevent them from being used against me.
    And you too can have these amazing abilities and more! Salvation is now even cheaper than Scientology,
    and guaranteed or TRIPLE your money back!
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  21. sceptical Member

    They are definitely doing something at the Manchester building as there is a bit of noise about it opening up again within Scientology circles!!
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  22. Just adding this
    About volunteer vultures in London


    ‘I tweeted it because I was appalled,’ recalls The Guardian columnist, Dawn Foster, whose photograph of the scene went viral. ‘They had a lot of leaflets and were offering personality tests. People were shouting, “Why are you here? You’re parasites.” And, “Get out — pack up your tent”. I was there for about 10 minutes and saw about 20 people come up, all of whom told them to leave or shouted at them to f*** off. They were trying to defend themselves saying there are lots of Christians and people from the mosque, why shouldn’t we be here?’‘I tweeted it because I was appalled,’ recalls The Guardian columnist, Dawn Foster, whose photograph of the scene went viral. ‘They had a lot of leaflets and were offering personality tests. People were shouting, “Why are you here? You’re parasites.” And, “Get out — pack up your tent”. I was there for about 10 minutes and saw about 20 people come up, all of whom told them to leave or shouted at them to f*** off. They were trying to defend themselves saying there are lots of Christians and people from the mosque, why shouldn’t we be here?’
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    Place North West

    Church of Scientology resurrects plans for Duckworth Distillery

    25 Apr 2018, 08:00
    The Church of Scientology has restarted proposals to convert the Duckworth’s Essence Distillery on Chester Road in Old Trafford into a place of worship by submitting a planning application to restore the grade two-listed building’s exterior.
    The application, lodged by architect NJSR, said that although planning applications and listed building consent would ordinarily be submitted at the same time, external repair works were needed urgently ahead of any other application.
    A full application for refurbishment of the interior is expected at a later date.
  25. The Wrong Guy Member

    'You'll hardly see anyone there': Trafford Scientology Church plans resurrected

    By Helen Parkinson, Mancunian Matters. June 16, 2018


    The Church of Scientology has finally submitted a planning application to Trafford Council to restore the former Duckworth’s Essence Distillery, over a decade after originally purchasing the property.

    The striking Grade II-listed building has laid empty since 2006, when it was bought for a reported £3.6m.

    In 2007, a ‘change of use’ application was submitted to the council to transform the Church Road landmark into an Ideal Org: a super-church described by the organisation as providing “the full services of Scientology religion to its parishioners, while also serving the community with social betterment and outreach programs.”

    However, these were later withdrawn, and no further plans were put forward until this year.

    Minor renovation work began in February, when workers were spotted repairing the boundary fence. The new plans include extensive exterior work such as re-roofing and the replacement of brickwork and windows.

    The opening of the new church may result in the closure of Scientology’s current Mancunian base on Deansgate, according to Rod Keller, senior reporter at Scientology blog The Underground Bunker.

    He told MM: “If they follow the pattern, they will vacate the old Org location.

    “Many Orgs are moved from central locations to the outskirts is because an Ideal Org has to be 50,000 square feet of space – that is expensive in city centres, but more affordable further out.”

    Scientology has come under fire in the UK for its property purchasing habits in recent years.

    In 2016, the International Business Times (IBT) published a report highlighting how the Church had bought four listed buildings across the country which were now all languishing.

    As well as the Trafford Essence Distillery, the IBT pointed out that the organisation had also snapped up: Plymouth’s Royal Fleet Club, bought for £1m; Windmill Hills Nursing Home in Gateshead, costing a tasty £1.5m; and Birmingham’s Pitmaston House, purchased for an unknown sum.

    Since then, only the Birmingham site has opened as a functioning centre - but work did start on the Gatehead site earlier this year.


    Although there are no official statistics on the number of Scientologists worldwide, it is often dismissed as a uniquely American fad.

    Indeed, for many people, it is an image of Tom Cruise jumping up and down on a sofa that springs to mind when they hear of the religion.

    But few know that the United Kingdom was once the organisation’s world headquarters for around seven years while Scientology’s founder, author L. Ron Hubbard, lived in West Sussex. His former home, Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead, remains the British headquarters, and the majority of British followers live in the area.

    Estimating how many Scientologists there are in the UK is tricky, as there are no official statistics. MM spoke to John Sweeney, a BBC Panorama reporter with a number of documentaries and books on the religion under his journalistic belt, to find out more.

    “The church has an estimated 30,000 members worldwide then of those I would say it’s got 20,000 in the States. There are a good number of people in East Grinstead, a small number at the Queen Victoria Street church in London, and hardly anyone elsewhere.

    “What you’ve got is a very rich organisation which can afford buildings but has very few parishioners. You’ll hardly see anyone in them.

    “There’s normally a tiny handful of staff, maybe two or three people, who are there every day, and that’s it, and that situation replicates itself across Britain.”

    MM contacted the Church of Scientology for a comment but are yet to receive a response.

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    The Church of Scientology will have to pay almost £400k for a new sewage system Kent Live

    The current system in place at their UK headquarters in East Grinstead isn't big enough


    The Church of Scientology will have to pay almost £400,000 for a new sewage system at its UK headquarters in East Grinstead after the existing one was deemed inadequate.

    The current sewage treatment plant at Saint Hill Manor has failed to meet the discharge standards required on numerous occasions.

    When it was inspected by the Environment Agency following its installation in September 2015, it was operating correctly.

    But by October 2015, inspectors were told of pollution in a tributary of the nearby River Medway.

    Investigators discovered 200 metres of raw sewage that was coming from the Grade II listed building’s toilets and the Environment Agency explained how “dead invertebrates were found for over 350 metres downstream of the discharge”.

    Samples taken from the treatment plant found that the wastewater was being discharged at more than 10 times the permitted limit.

    The Church of Scientology Religious Education College – a subsidiary of the religious organisation – was fined £14,000 and ordered to pay costs of £2,566 for the pollution following a court hearing in April 2018.

    The church pleaded guilty to one offence and asked for ten others to be taken into consideration at Worthing Magistrates' Court.

    Dave Willis, Environment Agency manager for the area, said at the time: "We are pleased the court decided to impose a significant financial penalty on the organisation.

    “The incident had a serious and avoidable impact on a local watercourse, caused by failing to ensure that the new treatment plant operated correctly.

    "We take these types of incidents very seriously and will do everything within our powers to safeguard the environment and people affected, and that includes bringing those who harm the environment to account for their actions."

    Continued at
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  27. The Wrong Guy Member

    Dave’s shrinkage: Help us determine turnout for Scientology’s IAS 2018 gala

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, October 12, 2018


    Pete Griffiths brought our attention to something interesting yesterday. He noted that Scientology, as usual, posted numerous pretty photos from its most recent big event at its various websites. In this case, we’re talking about the annual gala for the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) held in a giant tent at Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead, England over the weekend.

    Pete has been watching these events very closely for many years, and he remarked that the crowd seemed distinctly smaller than in past years. We noted that even Scientology’s own (always bogus) estimate had gone down. This year, they’re claiming an attendance of 5,500 members under the big tent, but just a couple of years ago they claimed 7,500.

    And looking at images of the event, we have to agree with Pete that those figures do seem pretty high for the actual number of people in the snapshots.

    So, here’s the thing. Scientology actually posts GIGANTIC photos of these events, and we thought some of our more meticulous readers might have some fun with them. We’re asking for your help on three of them.

    Continued at
  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    Daily Mail has fun with Scientology propaganda in England

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, October 27, 2018


    Fun piece today by Chris White at the Daily Mail, taking Scientology to task for its usual ham-handed effort at self-promotion, in this case about its upcoming Ideal Org in Manchester, England.

    It’s the usual situation — a building purchased a decade or more ago, sitting idle since that time, will suddenly get gussied up for David Miscavige to come in for a grand opening ceremony closed to the public and press, and then the new Ideal Org will go right back to being all but moribund.

    Nothing to panic about, Mancunians!


    EXCLUSIVE: Scientology are using Manchester United to promote their own 'Theatre of Dreams' being built in the city | Daily Mail Online
    • Permission granted to convert Duckworth's Essence Distillery, Trafford in 2007
    • The Church claim the renovations are starting and building will rival Old Trafford
    • Scientology's new 'Ideal Org' Church is situated just 'a free kick' from stadium
    Continued at
  29. Wrong Guy , in the United Kingdom planning permission for work to be done on any building is a matter of public record and can be viewed online by any member of the public without any form of registration.
    Planning applications are by law made public in the event that any citizen can place an objection if they consider there is a valid reason for it.

    Any the more objections the more likely that permission will not go ahead if there are sufficient grounds.

    Manchester city council will have its own website and should any curious local anons decide to object to any works planned by the COS their objections are treated in confidence too.

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