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    It is difficult to find any information on Saint Hill, Marianne Rowell last seen giving a £50,000 cheque to the lifeboat at the IAS event 2012
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    Stewart Lamont - Religion Inc 1986
    Russell Miller - Bare-faced Messiah 1987
    Jon Atack - A Piece of Blue Sky 1990
    Andrew Morton - Tom Cruise (unnofficial bio) 2008
    John Duignan - The Complex - Published in Ireland 2008
    John Sweeney - The Church of Fear 2013

    ITV - Twenty Twenty Television - Inside The Cult
    Channel 4 - Secret Lives
    BBC Panorama - John Sweeney 2007 + 10

    Every single book/author or tv programme was the subject of smear campaigns, harrasment, or legal threats
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    It's worth mentioning that "Bare faced Messiah" is available as a free PDF download- it's a cracking read covering the early years of Hubbard's life and his evolving ability to get people to believe anything he said.
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    On Saint Hill? On Marianne Rowell? Or on the donation?
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    On who the execs are at Saint Hill, is John Danilovich still in charge? The last mention of Marianne Rowell was at the IAS event giving out the cheque to the lifeboat station
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    Massimo Anguis = Legal Aide OSA UK at Saint Hill
    Richard Wilkins = UK Financial Director at Saint Hill
    Heather Muir = Executive Direction A.B.L.E. at Saint Hill

    All above posts are located within COSRECI.

    Posted in UK NarCONon thread
    Anonymous, Sep 26, 2012Report
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    Here's another TV programme which I've only recently come across:

    TVS (Television South, an ITV franchise)
    Series title: Facing South
    Title: The Cult Business
    Looks like 1987 from the fuzzy credits.
    Director: Rob Benfield
    Duration: 26:25

    Lots of personal testimony.
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    A South Australian company which apparently has no valid business address and hasn't filed any paperwork in decades.

    Why is that charade allowed to continue? (I mean, the IRS deal in spite of a US Supreme Court ruling is one thing, but this whole COSRECI thing between UK and Australia takes the cake for ludicrous.)
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    More about this programme's contents:

    Interview with Russell Miller (Bare Faced Messiah) about Hubbard's fake claims

    Interviews with John Fox (Scientology official) and briefly Sheila Chaleff (Scientology official)

    Interviews with:
    Morag Bellmaine (ex) re poor treatment of children at Stowlands near East Grinstead
    Steve Bisbey (ex) re poor staff welfare and pay
    Nicola Trudgian (ex) re money demands
    Mrs Ezekiel, re her daughter's tragic case (Rita Ezekiel committed suicide)
    Lilly family parents (2-3 daughters in the cult) on the impact of disconnection on their family
    Marcus Allen on his SP declare and his son being expelled from Greenfields School by then-head Margaret Hodkin

    Other issues covered or mentioned:
    Front organisation Candida Albicans Advice Centre, East Grinstead
    G & G vitamins cult company
    Photo of a UK PI working for the cult in East Grinstead
    Activities of Roger Kay, Brighton cult centre
    Sea Org
    Quite a few quotes from the 'tech'
    Some undercover recording

    Good programme.
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    Private Eye Magazine.
    8th March-21st March 2013.
    Page 30.

    Scientology in Schools
    Drug Abuse

    How do schools keep getting taken in by Scientologists sneaking nonsense "science" into their classroom under the guise of "drugs education"?

    The latest bulletin from Scientology's offshoot Narconon boasts that 33 schools in Cornwall have been given drug education presentations, two in recent tours by Peter Dwan - who appeared on Channel 4's 4thoughtseries last year talking about how Scientology had saved him from alcoholism.

    "The schools given Peter's presentations have been promoting Peter and Narconon to other schools and now a third tour is planned for early May," reports the newsletter. It claims one group of schools is seeking funding "from the local Navy Base" to bring Dwan to give his talks.

    Roseland Community College in Truro even put a news item on it's website praising Dwan's "exciting and entertaining facts about how taking drugs and alcohol can affect your life". It's just a pity they aren't, er, true facts.

    As reported in Eye 1321, Narconon's education booklets warn children against taking prescription medication and plug L. Ron Hubbard's barmy "science" about vitamins. Health experts around the world have warned against Narconon's rehab programmes, which entail long sessions in a sauna and high doses of vitamins.

    Last year the Church of England told it's London primary schools to stop accepting talks or activities from Narconon, but the organisation still managed to give talks to around 2,000 pupils in Newham and Islington.
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    Which are the exact assets and enterprises that come under COSRECI? Is it just Saint Hill, or is there other stuff too?

    Also, I'm wondering how Australia's current overhaul of the charity and NFP sector is going to affect COSRECI, if it is.
  16. DeathHamster Member

    As far as I know, which could be wrong, everything! They tried to get charity status for their UK corporation, but that failed in 1999. Since then, they're been riding on COSRECI's claim to be formed for charitable purposes (without actually being a charity at either end) to scam local governments.
    Since COSRECI isn't an Australian charity, they'll probably sail right through, no worries.

    The trouble seems to be that between the UK and Australia, each government thinks the other is keeping watch, inspecting the books, etc.

    My question is, there are usually requirements to keep an incorporation active: a yearly fee, paperwork, a valid business address. Last I heard, COSRECI hasn't done any of that in decades. So why hasn't South Australia automatically marked them as INACTIVE/CLOSED? (And is there any way that someone could start that process?)
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    The reason I ask that is that the Saint Hill website has a COSRECI footer, but the site for Scientology London does not. In fact, the Scientology London site seems to be composed of individual pages belonging to radically different websites/domains, with the footer on some being CSI.
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    Ah. Well... For many years, all of the Scientology Org sites were run on several servers in the LA complex. Basically they were cookie-cutter sites created by head office with no local input.

    That's changed a bit in recent years, but I'm sure that almost all the content is still created in LA and they use the same framework pages for all the org sites with CSI footers.
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    How about Church of Anonymous now calls itslef a charity registered with Cosreci?!
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    Religious Studies Visit the Church of Scientology

    By Mrs Tully on April 25, 2013 in Latest News
    Students at the Church of Scientology
    Being in a multi-cultural school with girls who come from different backgrounds and religions, Scientology was a new and interesting religion as we’ve never come across it or learnt about it. Year 11 went and visited the Church of Scientology. Once we arrived we were given a short presentation as an introduction to the religion, and then given a chance to ask questions and receive answers as it gave us a better understanding. Soon after that we were a short tour all around the Church of Scientology. Overall we recommend others to visit the Church of Scientology to experience what we have and a chance to learn something new, it was a fantastic day packed with fun new knowledge
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    As an ex-Saint Hill staffer, I can tell you that COSRECI covers all the UK orgs: AOSHUK, Saint Hill Foundation, HAPI, Birmingham, Manchester -- the whole lot. That means the SO Orgs and the Class V Orgs. COSRECI does not include the "sectors" (SMI, WISE, ABLE and IHELP) which are headed by their opposite numbers in LA. This information is true as of 2006. I can't speak to any changes that may have been made since then, although I doubt anything new has happened in the last few years.
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  28. Horseradish Member

  29. As a journalist in the eighties I had innumerable contacts with John Fox, the Saint Hill front man. I heard recently that he has left scientology, and wondered if that were true and what he is doing now.
  30. Rod Keller Member

    There are several "tutors" in England, like Basic Education and Supplementary Teaching Association (BEST) at 65 St Mary Street, Chippenham, Wiltshire. Also, of course, Walsh Manor.
    Not sure how I missed this but its from Oct 13

    ‘Hostile’ protest by Scientology group outside Brighton Dome
    Young people with mental health issues were allegedly subjected to a “hostile” demonstration by “extreme” Scientology-linked protesters.
    Youth delegates attending a mental health conference described how they were “upset and traumatised” by up to 60 shouting protesters.
    The group were from the East Grinstead-based Citizens’ Commission onHumanRights, which has ties with the Church of Scientology.
    The anti-psychiatry group who believe children are being over-medicated picketed the International Association of Youth Mental Health Conference 2013 outside Brighton Dome on Tuesday afternoon.

    In a letter to The Argus, a delegation of 17 to 26-year-olds from Norwich with mental health service experiences described being confronted.
    It said: “Their ignorance and refusal to engage in debate or discussionwas shocking.When we tried to explain our opinions, some protesters literally put their fingers in their ears and refused to listen.
    “The protesters denied our experiences and attempted to intimidate us. They asked intrusive questions such as ‘I’m looking at your scars, are they self-inflicted?’ and ‘What’s your diagnosis?’ “Their actions contributed to the very stigma that we are trying to challenge

    Dr Rick Fraser, consultant psychiatrist at Sussex Partnership Trust, said: “It’s a real shame that young people who have come to the conference have left upset and traumatised.
    “It was extremely ill-judged to protest at the doorway where one in five delegates were young people with experience of mental health problems......continued in above link

    From the comments section which is well worth a read and some brilliant responses to the obvious scn trolls

    "Grabbing name badges and writing down our names, taking photographs and filming young people (including one aged under 18) and continuing to do so when asked to stop, asking repeatedly "what's your diagnosis" (don't stigmatise me - what makes you think I have one just because I've had contact with mental health services), making repeated personal remarks about visible scars "are they self inflicted". Harassing behaviour designed to intimidate us. Protestors had no idea what the content of the conference programme was. Their description of psychiatry I can only imagine they got from one flew over the cuckoos nest. It isn't the 1950s. I'll trust robust, peer reviewed evidence. Not some warped ideas from people with no sense of the world outside their fixed and entrenched opinions

    I was there, and as an attendee and can say that what seems like a pleasent quiet protest can change very dramatically when you're 'enemy'.

    "I actively encourage anyone to protest, however no one has the right to verbally abuse anyone, especially young people with mental health problems who are brave enough to speak up about their experiences of stigmatising behaviour such as this. "

    I am not a psychiatrist, I have nothing to do with patients to do with ADHD, and I had never met Professor Patrick McGorrry before this week, and yet
    I was repeatedly verbally abused and harassed for just these things.

    At this point I should probably point out that the conference mainly focused on the need for talking therapy instead of medication, and ADHD was not the focus of any of the hundreds of talks, workshops, or poster presentations. I understand people's need to voice their opinion, but this wasn't the most appropriate place to do so.

    I would like to point out that not everyone attending the protest was abusive or hostile, I spoke with an incredibly well educated gentleman, who was willing to listen to my and take the time to put across his point of view in a rational and calm manner. I just wish all his fellow protestors had taken his lead, and I really hope those that took a more aggressive tact are proud of giving vulnerable young adults panic attacks.

    I would also like to point out that (to my knowledge) no attending the conference gave permission for the many photographs or videos aggressively taken by the protesters to be used for any purpose"

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  32. The CoS take on it:
    There's a mother lode of internal propaganda here:
  33. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm young recruits nearly raw
    I 'd like to have a purification rundown with thrre of them oh la la boner boner boner
    This message by CHRISTIAN PAS COTEN T has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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    I have heard from a member of the new kadampa tradition, a so called Buddhist group, that some members are in talks with certain Scientology members and that they have been floating ideas on how they can combine the two groups and teach a multitude of crap. I don't know if this is true or not. However if it is true, it is bad news. We all know a little about Scientology but for those that haven't heard of the NKT....They are in my opinion and in the opinion of UK cult watch groups..A cult.

    They threaten to sue anyone that plans to write about them and they have had books banned through court action. Gary Beesley is the most recent author I can recall that tried and failed to publish a book about the nkt teachings. I have personally been arrested, taken to court and issued with a restraining order which prevents me from contacting any Buddhist affiliated with this's a long story lol. At this point in time I'm just waiting for the one person I am in contact with to turn on me and get me in more trouble with the law.

    Put these two groups together and I can only imagine the crap they will teach the followers. Should the NKT member be wrong and the two groups remain separate, it can only be considered a good thing.

    sorry this is kinda off topic..I felt it worth posting just in case anyone else has heard these rumors?. plz move post or delete it if needs be.

    Anyways I am new here and have some reading to do

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  35. Anonymous Member

    Thank you for the report, cactus. I think you've chosen an appropriate thread for your post.

    If you could bolster your report with some valid documentation about this one cult arranging a liaison with the cult of scientology, such will be deeply appreciated.
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  36. cactus219 Member

    Cheers for your reply Night Owl. I'm unsure how to get any form of valid evidence, but I'll attempt to get an email sent from the NKT office, via the one NKT member I am able to contact. This may fail not happen. They may refuse. It's a long story, but effectively being banned from contacting any Buddhist makes life difficult at times like this.
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  37. fishypants Moderator

    Thank you cactus, you've chosen the right place.

    As Night Owl says, we're always interested in 'dox' (documentation, hard evidence) if you have any. But don't put yourself at risk to get it.
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    A general and cursory examination of search engine links for "New Kadampa Tradition" didn't produce much in the way of bad public relations reports about NKT. Generally, the linked sites had good ratings.

    Also, I could find no connections whatsoever to the cult of scientology, but that doesn't mean connections don't exist.

    Given your own experience, perhaps you should be doing some in depth research and due diligence about the subject on the Internet. If you find anything that supports your claims, either post here or into the thread you've started in the "Other Countries" Forum.

    Welcome to WWP!
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  39. fishypants Moderator

    Looks like more of a sect or splinter group from what I've read so far.
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  40. cactus219 Member

    If you add the words cult or survivors to NKT or new kadampa tradition the results may not be as positive. A few ex NKT members have setup a site where they can vent about the bad experiences they claim to have been through while studying this form of Buddhism. There are also numerous sites that discuss the cult like goings on at the NKT.

    I'll keep my eyes and ears open for anything concrete that links the two groups. It could just be a rumor, it could be BS, but I can't see why an NKT member would have mentioned anything if there wasn't some truth in these two trying to connect with each other..It wasn't even said in a serious kinda way. I can only guess to someone living in a commune its not a big issue

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