Scientology for beginners - how to summarise it.

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Sometimes it's difficult to explain quickly to someone what scientology is.

    Scientology is an extremist group dedicated to gaining power and creating a 'scientology world' through non democratic means.

    Scientology is an extremist group that radicalises it's members.

    Scientology trains it's members to effectively become willing slaves.

    Scientologists always lie to non- scientologists. It's what they are trained to do.


    1984 - George Orwell
    The Truman Show
    The Matrix

    Most comprehensive history of the cult:
    A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

    Any other suggestions for concise descriptions of the scientology cult for the uninformed please post them in this thread.
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    I'd recommend taking one of the basics courses and popping by your local org for a free stress test.
  5. OTeleventy Member

    If scientology was a country, it would be North Korea.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Ah yes - that would be the Course in Effective Communication ('comms course'). The processes are called 'Training Routines' - because they train people to become obedient cult members.
  7. Big Expensive Adverts
    Big Expensive Buildings
    Big Expensive Billion Year Contracts

    That induce, recruit, befriend, lure, lovebomb people to buy-
    Books/dvds/courses/auditing/detox programmes because-
    They are THE ONLY ONES who can lead you to happiness/destroy psychiatry & big pharma/turn you into the next tom cruise/save the planet!
    To do this they lie, cheat, evade taxes, destroy lives through their narconon programme, use smear campaigns against critics, disconnect people from their friends and families, use child labour, force sea org members to have abortions, hold people against their will, call anyone who leaves a bitter defrocked apostate, and get you to give them lots of money and take out loans (if you do not have lots of money) to pay for-
    Big Expensive Adverts
    Big Expensive Buildings
    Billion Year Contracts
    Big Expensive Lawsuits
    And David Misgavige's retirement fund!
  8. Anonymous Member

    @ OP

    its - is possessive with no apostrophe, belonging or of "it"

    it's - a contraction of "it is;" the contraction is indicated by the apostrophe
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  9. WMAnon Member

    Scientology meets the criteria for the common meaning of the term "cult": it is a purportedly religious organization that exerts significant control over members' lives; separates members from non-member family and friends; aggressively recruits new members; pressures existing members to donate exorbitant amounts of time and money; claims to have special knowledge that can only be shared with dedicated members, and offers such insights at a steep price; and has a strong hierarchical structure with a chosen few controlling the whole organization. In short, it separates people from their family, friends, and money.

    For elevator-style talking points:
    - Scientology pressures members to get new credit cards which they then max out, sometimes without the member's knowledge or permission.
    - Scientology advises parents to avoid needed medical treatments for many serious physical and mental health problems, including depression, schizophrenia, and autism.
    - Scientology has a private navy whose members sign a billion year service contract. They are often provided inadequate housing and are paid criminally low wages (if any).
    - Scientology recruits celebrities like Tom Cruise and then use donations from other members to fund lavish parties for them. They intentionally hide the seedier aspects of the organization from celebrities.
    - Scientology has a habit of flip-flopping on whether or not it is a religion based on whatever is most convenient at the time
    - Scientology get special tax exemptions that no other religion does.
    - Scientology targets victims of natural disasters, addicts, convicted criminals, children, and other vulnerable populations for recruitment.
    - Anonymous' interest in Scientology largely centers around attempts to censor former members and critics. Most critics primary concerns are the ability for Scientologists to leave without fear of retribution, unethical recruitment practices, and the immense financial burden put on members.
    - Scientology hides core tenants of their beliefs from the public and new recruits. This would be like becoming Catholic and not learning about transubstantiation or the virgin birth of Christ until you'd put years of your life and thousands of dollars into the church.
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  10. fishypants Moderator

    A personality cult that exploits its members.

    This kind of thing is an exaggeration - it's hyperbole - they may lie consistently about Scientology, but all members obviously don't lie all the time about everything (otherwise they'd never get, for example, the right number of sugars in their tea). There's no need to exaggerate when the facts are so damning.

    Best to stick to provably-true factual assertions, it helps credibility.

    For example: "Jenna Miscavige, niece of Scientology head honcho David who spent her childhood in Scientology, has recounted in her recent book how at the age of 6 she was forced to do tough physical labour, and at the age of 17 she attempted suicide".

    Then from there you could talk about why she wasn't living with her parents, then go on to why Sea Org kids in general don't live with their parents, and the type of work they do, with some more concrete examples (such as the teenager in the US suing for industrial injury sustained in the Scientology printing business).

    That's one possible structure for explaining this kind of thing, which goes:

    1) Specific concrete factual example to get attention (JM)

    leading to

    2) Explanation of the general rule which led to the thing in (1) happening (Sea Org members have no family life)

    leading to

    3) More concrete examples to show that (1) wasn't a one-off or an unusual occurrence.

    It can be good to do it that way because they actual facts of the Scientology cult are so unusual that one of our (critics') problems is that our claims can be disbelieved simply because they sound so way-out and implausible. That's why it's best to avoid any exaggeration or hyperbole.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Follow the money.
  12. Anonymous Member

    A perspective that I am fond of:

    In France, Catherine Picard has been president of UNADFI, a counter-cult association since 2004. She is a former member of the French parliament and co-author of the 2001 About-Picard law which defines the abuse of weakness as an offense.


    In describing the cult of scientology, Catherine identified "three stages" used to establish "moral control" over a person:

    1. "seduction,"

    2. "deconstruction of personality," and

    3. "reconstruction," where a person "is given the tools to become an actual proselytizer.

    She has testified in the French courts about "the crushing debt, the breaking of family ties" and, more generally, about the "state of subjection" that can result from the "sectarian methods" used by movements such as Scientology to indoctrinate "vulnerable persons".


    Another brave and courageous woman, like Ursula Caberta. <3

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  13. Cult of money and greed. - Plain and simple.
  14. I disagree that "it's difficult to explain quickly to someone what scientology is". - Just say "it's a cult". Problem solved.
    People generally don't want to deal with cults, whether it's a "good cult" or a "bad cult". It's generally accepted that any cult is something to better stay away from.
    That's your answer. Clear enough?
  15. WMAnon Member

    I think it's really important to be able to explain WHY it's a cult (disconnection, regging, aggressive recruitment, etc.) before your audience comes to the conclusion that you are unfairly biased against Scientology. College towns in particular have a lot of people who will not accept "it's a cult" without further explanation, and may resent you for attempting that tactic.
  16. genoramix Member

    Pretty comprehensive list, as for what the consequences are from belonging to scn. For a beginner you would need to explain how it happens though

    To this i would add a lesser known book, Dianetics in Limbo(i heard PTA used it a great deal for "the master") because it gives the look of an enthusiastic "member"(scn wasn't called scn yet) and gives a broader understanding on how one would get sucked into it, before the abuses start.

    Any other suggestions for concise descriptions of the scientology cult for the uninformed please post them in this thread.[/quote]
  17. Doesn't that audience have an access to the Internet?
    If they ask *me* "What is Scientology?" and I tell them "it's a cult", they are FREE to believe me or disbelieve me and look up all the info on the Net. *I* don't try to be their "opinion leader". I'd rather those college students found out for themselves. :)
  18. Anonymous Member

    The best summary is to target your audience. "Cult" is a Christian thing. Established churches and elders regard the identification of and warning against cults are their responsibilities. In some non-Christian countries, it was the churches who first criticizes the Org and translated critical materials. Though the Org shut them up in no time. To Christians, if you get some respectable clergies to say the cult word, that's more than enough. But the problem is, the Org aren't targeting to recruit faithful Christians.

    For those that believe in Science, you just need to point to the title of Dianetics, and that it is registered as a religion scripture. But those people won't ever be interested in scn.

    In the land of Gurus, the word scam won't probably work because many people have since dropped their bodies and still consider it is a religion. For them scam means you pay a lot with nothing in return. Or you loose all your money, property, wife and kids in 10 years.
  19. The Org??
  20. WMAnon Member

    College students are one of the target groups for recruitment. Google may be right there, but I am *right here* and it would frankly be a dick move for me not to do everything I can to help them quickly get the information and context needed to avoid what could be decades of misery. The nice thing about having internet access is that they can choose to follow up on my statements to verify for themselves, or they can take it at face value. Either way, inoculated against the bullshit. Hell, I even accept people who hear me say the word "Scientology" and think I work for them and run away because that means they won't listen to the cult either. I am not a teacher or a mentor: I am a protester. My only goal while out demonstrating against Scientology is to keep as many people as possible the hell away from Scientology.
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  21. 1. Let me remind you that this OP is "Scientology for the BEGINNERS blah-blah-blah...

    2. Being a freak is not popular. It's not a good move. Wearing or showing everywhere GF mask or making the point of being Anonymous does not prove the point that Scientology is bad.

    3. No need to clean what's clean. - College students are clean. They Can figure out what's right and what's wrong. You don't have to do it FOR them. They are smart and clever enough to do it themselves. Without your help. Yes!
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  22. Test.
  23. Mr. Magoo Member

    Here's a scientology 101 summary of what I tell people:

    "It is a cult that only wants money and power. They do not worship anything, but they use a cross as their symbol to seem friendly and familiar, and to dupe Christians into joining. They call themselves a religion so they don't have to pay taxes on all the money they rake in from the people they brainwash. They enslave little kids, deny them an education and won't let them see their parents. They have a secret dungeon-like prison where they send people who they decide have messed up, even if they've made just a little mistake. They harass, stalk, threaten and physically harm people who speak out against scientology. The people who run it are criminals and the organization is comparable to the mafia. But they don't let you see that right away. They start out all warm and fuzzy in order to dig their claws into your life."
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  26. WMAnon Member

    Thus sayeth the fag that don't get it.
  27. Simple answers suffice. They usually do.
  28. Anonymous Member

    "Scientologists lie - to non- scientologists, other scientologists, themselves. It's what they are trained to do from the very first course TR's."
  29. If Scientology were a kitchen fridge, it would look and smell like this:

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  30. Sgin Member


    From what I can grasp, Scientology makes books that make black people smile and raise one of their hands every 24 hours.
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  31. Try this:
    Scientology is what makes one feel he's all-powerful, God-like "thetan" who hasn't had his God-like power for eons. And Scientology is "the only thing in this Universe" that can give him that power back. After OT3. Then 4. Then 5. Then 6...7...8... And nothing happened. One still is Homo Sapiens just as the rest of us. But now, after OT____, he has this feeling that he's better than before (obviously, only subjectively). Objectively, he's worse than ever before.
    Scientology is what makes people dissociate themselves from the real world and live in some weird dream world of L.Ron Hubbard. Along with being really hard to get back into the real world.
  32. And here's moar:
    Scientology makes one address any and all his physical or psychological problems by addressing [nonexistent and existing only in Hubbard's mind] "thetan". Got cold? - PTS. Backaches? - PTS. Cancer? - whole track engram. Shy? - PTS/Engram.
    "One size fits all", i.e. every problem is [supposed to be] solved the same way as any other problem. That is Scientology.
  33. Another "cool" thing about Scientology:
    If you kill someone who's against it, you're Ok. It's not a sin. [Rex Fowler comes to mind]
    "They'll reincarnate and realize that Scientology is the bestest thing I can do. Forever!"
  34. Anonymous Member

    Scientology hurts people.

    Scientology is an extremist group dedicated to gaining power and creating a 'scientology world' through non democratic means.

    Scientology is an extremist group that radicalises it's members.

    Scientology trains it's members to effectively become willing slaves.

    Scientologists lie to non- scientologists, other scientologists, themselves; It's what they are trained to do.


    1984 - George Orwell
    The Truman Show
    The Matrix

    Most comprehensive history of the cult:
    A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack
  35. Anonymous Member

    Mad copypasta skills.
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  36. moarxenu Member

    For five years of Chanology I have been working on my 30-second elevator speech about What is wrong with Scientology? for peeps who stop by to ask questions. I still haven't got it right so I appreciate this thread. Here's my latest attempt:

    Q: What is wrong with Scientology?


    First they take your money.
    Then they take your mind.
    Then they destroy your family.
    And then they kill you.
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  38. Boris Korczak Member

    Blind obedience, subserviance, to belive in thetans or Marx, Fuhrer or Engels or Mao Tse Tung or Lenin are the signs of a mental emptiness and becoming a "robo-cop" for a sect that stops you from progressing and being a part of a normal society at large. Confessions or self critisism are well known as the tools of systems like in nazi Germany or USSR and its allied countries. In all the teachings of Scientology a word - Freedom - does not appear.
    Stay safe.
  39. Fixed it for you as if it was true:

  40. Anonymous Member

    Pretty sure this is the troll VaD folks. Please don't feed it.

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