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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by RightOn, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. RightOn Member

    Quite a while back, you may remember a video that was made by Stacy Brooks and Jesse Prince which demonstrated the TR's. (training routines, do birds fly?)
    I was thinking it may be time to make some new vids (with name fagged people who wouldn't mind being filmed) to show different Scientology courses, abuses, ceremonies, Narconon and the tech that is taught ect... to edcuate the general public.

    Surely there are many videos that educate about the abuses and dangers of Scientology..... But being able to actually see someone actually demontrate what it is like, would hold someone's attention more. IMO.

    Especially now with the NOI hopping on board, these videos can show EXACTLY what someone would be getting into when they join.
    I would love to be abel to do this myself, but I don't have a camera, I dont know people who can be in the vid and participate, and I have zero movie and upload skills. :(
    Besides and ex sci would be best in tellling someone exactly what to put in these vids when it comes to something instructiional.
    The beauty of this, is that it is all true, no embellishments are needed and it is what someone can expect. Keep the vids short. Or you can do several short skits per vid that pertain to each other.

    With these vids, you can put the actual name of the course (when demonstrating a course) and the cost of it, how long it would take, what is involved, ect..... These vids can be cheaply done with minimal props. Ask around and see what you can borrow or come uo with.
    Some ideas I have for vids are:
    The TR's- show exactly what you do during this course. Don't make it too long.
    The Stress Test- this may have been done already, but with a proper intro it may be more effective, and of course what can happen after once you take it
    Personality Test - questions involved
    The Purif - good to show the amount of niacin AND OIL you would be taking in a week's time. Show a huge pile of pills for the week and a large amount of oil. What exactly you would be taught.
    Mention it is the SAME as Narconon
    Knowledge Reports - self explanatory
    Narconon Program- have an ex who went throught the program demonstrate exactly what they went through. Also show the entire amount of stuff all together that someone has to take. Mention the lack of doctors and nurses. ect....Being taken off medications. THE COST
    Auditing- include that everything is written down in a PC folder, what you are asked
    OTIII - demonstrate the whole suitcase thing, and of course include the story of OTVIII and the cost to get there.
    The RPF and the Sea Org- there can be more than one of these. People can reanact people's stories like what Debbie Cook's went throug, overboarding, being yelled at, life of a Sea Orger, what they eat, ect.... the musical chairs episode. many possibilities.Saluting DM's dog! LOL
    Show what Holidays are like especially Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays. Show a billion year contract signing.
    The VM's and Touch Assists- the idea of this is to show a mock disaster scene, say Katrina for instance, and then show the first priority is to set up a board and take PR pictures. Incude Way To Happiness pamphlets. This can involve some acting. Like have a new VM question why they are taking pictures as a priority., handing out other people's stuff. Show a touch adn nerve assist, and calling someone back to life.
    Awards and Love Bombing - perhaps show the cost, then someone getting an award, being love bombed and may be show someone having a "is this all I get?" kind of look on their face"
    Scientology Wedding, and funeral show actual ceremonies and what is said
    All The Ways Scientology Sneaks In - show dentist, vets, doctor's office with pamphlets, Say No To Drugs campaign, Tutoring (Applied Scholastics), sponsoring events like marathons, fund raisers, poerty contests, art contests, distributing Way To Happiness pamplets in third world countries, handing out pamphelts at major sports events, the Olympics, Super Bowl ect...
    Regging - members get regged at IAS balls and when they go to Flag and on the Freewinds. you can show constant regging and the wat it is done. I remember Tory talking about a walll of people that wouldn't let people leave an event unless they gave money. Show the Org board with donations ect...
    Sec Checking - give details of what this would be like and the many ridiculous reasons why someone would go through this
    Family Disconnection- demonstrate how this comes about and why. Being first labeled PTS
    SP Declare - why someone would be decalred, show the goldenrod and expaling what it mean

    There are many more ideas for vids, this is just a handful. This thread is for those ideas and people can post the finished product here. And of course on youtube.
    I just thought there really isnt' too many vids out there like this that are short, consice to the point and demonstrated. I just thik it may be helpful to ward people away from the COS and for those who just started, maybe they will think twice about contiuing.

    If you think this idea sucks, well then this thread will die on it's own .I just think some new shiny informative vids need to be out there exposing what you get when you join!
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Love the idea. Linking it to proven clam dox & LRH crap would be essential.

    Why would anyone need facefagging?

  3. RightOn Member

    oh thanks! I thought I heard crickets for a while

    real people would be much more believable and not cartoony? People like to watch actual people. I think if it was anime, it might not reach that broad of an audience. And the people who watch anime already know alot of this crap. then again..... it might be good for the Taiwan audience.
    Hope that doesn't come across as too stereo-typical? (sp?)
    Also now that I think about it, other languages would be greatly needed too!
  4. RightOn Member

    well this went over like a fart in church! LOL!
    oh well they can't all be winners.
    I just thought this was a great idea and I wish I had the camera, people and know how, I would do it myself
  5. CarterUSP Member

    I think tis good idea.
    Cult so often claims that any 'scientology' on the internet is made up by suppressives etc, would be nice for those on the fence to see the same stuff and hear the same patter as they're seeing in the courseroom. And I'm a big believer in getting people away from scientology by showing them truthfully, exactly what it really is.
    Tory Magoo did a sample of an OTVII auditing sessions on YT once.
  6. RightOn Member

    and to show the actual cost of what they are seeing is great too
  7. CarterUSP Member

    Name of course, cost, and what it claims to achieve.
    No one can complain if a true reflection of scientology and Hubbard's wiritings is being shown, as long as it doesn't breach copyright or something.
  8. Anonymous Member

    This is a great idea. It's a mystery to most what goes on exactly behind the secretive walls of the Scientology corporation in how it treats its clients.

    Expose the heck out of their ridiculous "tech".
  9. Laugh at sums The three laughed when sums of money in the range of $50 to $500 an hour were mentioned as the fees for courses.
    The novice communications course costs about $15, according to Mr.
    McAiney. "That could be $15 a year, if it takes a year to complete,"
    he said.

    Mr. Phil McAiney was a Guardian's Office spokesperson in Canada during the 1970's and 1980's. Here is the link:

    "if it takes a year to complete,"

    That is the theory and that is what every new recruit is told about every Scientology course. They are told that you can study at your own speed. I don't know if you can call this a lie but you might as well . The reality is that everyone who works at an org is under pressure to produce -- IOW, stats. This includes the course room supervisors who have to graduate students in order to send them to the registrars so that they can sell them their "next step".

    A lot of pressure is put on students to get through their courses. Any slow students are "handled". This could mean anything from telling the student to hurry up, to finding any "out tech", to finding "out ethics", and God knows what else.

    Oh, it is a good idea. I just don't know how hard or easy it would be to make a video like that and all it entails, (story, script, set, props, people, time, etc). I also don't know if anyone on this forum will actually do something like this. But it is the "ideas" that have to come first before anything else so, great! I am all for it.

    But, for what it is worth; I have just given you and anyone else my idea for a vid. I know it is not as attention grabbing as a vid about "crush regging", or any one of the preventable accidental deaths of Scientologists, (Ed Brewer, for example) -- but there you have it.

    A video exposing Scientology's and Phil McAiney's lie would be nice. A video showing this aspect of the course room in Scientology would not only be informative but would also piss off the C of S. And when it pisses them off; that's when you know you are on to something.
  10. Anonymous Member

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